Friday, December 19, 2008

I started an entry on Wednesday, but I did not think that I had anything to write, so I deleted it, it was only when I got home that I realised that I had plenty to update, so I will update, quickly today as it is my last day for TWO WEEKS! I finish up today for Christmas/New Years and I cant wait!

Last Sunday (14th) I was out shopping for Ella's formula etc and I realised that I wanted her to get a Santa photo at Domayne. She had had one last year and I really wanted her to get one again - as it is a nice timeline to show how much she had grown as she was soooo tiny last year. It was 11:30am when I remembered about the Santa photo and they only went from 10am - 1pm. So I raced back from Kellyville to home to get an outfit for Ella, then raced to Castle Hill. When I got there, there was a big line, but i thought that we would wait. Ella had had a nap in the car on the way there, so I thought she would be OK. She was having a great time in the line, the Wiggles were on and she was busy looking at all the kids. We get to our place in the front of the line and I walk up to give her to Santa, I put her on his knee - she took one look at him and lost it. She sat there and cried her eyes out and started hyperventilating. I took her off his knee and Santa went away and I sat her down on the chair, to no avail - she still cried and she had tears streaming down her face. I told them to do the next photo and we would try again. She calmed down and was happy again until I took her again for the photo and the tears started straight away. So we gave up.

I still had hopes that she could have her photo - there was always Tuesday or the following weekend at Kotara, however on Tuesday i was out shopping with mum and the Myer Santa came up to Ella - she started crying hysterically again straight away. So i have come to the realisation that a Santa photo this year is not going to happen and I need to give it up.

Paris - she went in for her operation on Friday last week. I dropped her off in the early morning and told them of 4 lumps that I knew of, and they shaved the hair in those spots in order to know where they were when they came to operate. They rung me at 4pm to say that they had also found another 2 on her which they had also cut off. They asked whether I wanted all of the lumps sent away for testing. I said that I didnt, because if they were cancer, there was not alot that we could do anyway. So they told me to come and pick Paris up at 6:30pm. She was the last dog to be operated on - nice one. I could have taken her up a long time after I did, and then she would not have had to be sitting in a cage all day. I went to get her at 6:30pm and she had not even woken up yet. She had only been taken off the table at 5:30pm. She tried to wake up, but looked so groggy, she didnt even look at me. She tried to sit up, and her paws kept buckling under her. I asked if it was best to leave her over night - which they agreed. So we went to pick her up the next day, and she was a little sorry for her self. She has 6 different stitches - totalling 39 stitches overall. She has one on her tail, one on either side of her chest and then 2 on one of her back legs (about 10cm long in total) and one on her other back leg. Plus she is shaved on both her front legs for the IV. So for all that we got a bill of $805.00! Thank you Mr Mastercard - that now totals about $2,100 that we have spent on our dogs in a fortnight. Ouch! i am going to dread the next bill coming in.

I have to go as I have heaps of work to do before I leave in an hour - I will fill in next time on the people that love the house and are supposed to be making an offer - even though that was supposed to come on Tuesday and it is Friday now and nothing................ until then.....

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ella's Party

OK, I am back, and I will update about Ella's party. Still no photos as I cannot get the pics off the camera. I am going to have to go and get a new lead. Once I do that, I will upload some photos.

Ella woke up on Sunday - lets say a GRUMP. She has never been grumpy like that, but I think that she was still tired from her fit the night before. She had a screaming fit for over an hour and finally fell asleep about 9pm from exhaustion. So she woke up not very happy. I left her with Jan and Mat and I went to Woolworths to do the shopping, then to get bread and after that to the party shop to pick up the last of the supplies and to get the balloons. All have been put on CC, so I will be scared when the bill comes in.

When I got back home - about 10:00am - with only 2 hours to go, Ella was asleep, however she did not stay that way for long - and when she woke up she was not happier than when she went to sleep. About 11:30am I tried to put her birthday outfit on and the tears started. Lets say that they continued for the majority of the day on and off, and she would only let Mat or Michael hold her. I tried to put her down for a sleep a couple of times, but she would not go to sleep.

11:30am we get a phone call from Paul and Di, saying that they had put Ellena down for a nap and they would come after that.................. You have got to be joking. Guess what time they arrived 3pm! As the food was coming out. They stayed until about 4:30pm. What a joke and how rude. I wonder what they would say if we turned up to Ellena's birthday party 3 hours late! Not that she had a birthday party.

That was not the only sleep related drama - Pete left to go up to the coast to paint the house - fair enough. Leoni left just after the food and before the cake was even out so that Taj could go and have a nap - what a joke. Ella needed a bloody nap too, but I would not miss the cake at a 1st birthday party. The cake was the centre piece of the whole bloody party.

The jumping castle - it is pretty cool. I am really glad that I bought it. It is good quality and tough (except for the couple of holes in the netting), we put some balls in there as well. I was hoping that Natalija would jump on it and she would bounce Ella around. I did not plan for Ella to be in a bad mood, so any time we put her near the jumping castle she cried and so she did not go on it the whole day. Maybe she will go on it in a couple of months when she is a little bit bigger.

The cake - I will post photos - just got to get the lead for the camera. It was a big success. Everyone was really impressed with it and could not believe that I made it. A little dissappointed that people did not stay around for it though - naming my dad and Tim and Ben - thanks guys really appreciated that - plus they did not say goodbye. Back to the cake - it tasted really nice, however, it did need more icing - I asked the ladies at the shop would I need more mock cream - they assured me that I had enough. Next time I will go with my gut instinct and get more. Better to have more than less.

Ella managed to go to sleep about 6:00pm - but woke up at about 7 or so even more grumpy than before. We were playing the Wii and Evan was about to bowl, Ella goes to crawl at the same time and he must have kicked her over in the process. A lot of tears later and hyperventalating, Ella managed to calm down before going back to bed at 9:30pm.

Our last lot of guests left at 9:30pm - thank god for that. So the party went for 9 1/2 hours. Ella got some nice presents - which she is still having fun with. I am glad that it is over for another year.

Robbie - spoke to her on Tuesday 9th December. She had her 12 week scan and all is good with that. So really excited for her. Looks like I am going to be an aunt in June 2009. Very excited. Thinking about that has made me really think about TTC #2 - I really want to have a baby in 2009 - so I better get started then. I am waiting for AF to arrive and then we will be back into it. I have made an appointment at Hornsby Hospital for Feb 09 (first one they had) and I will go back on the clomid if nothing has happened by then.

Well I better go and finish doing some work before I go home today. One more week at work and then it is Christmas - cant wait. I am really over work at the moment.

Monday, December 8, 2008

The party is over. Thank goodness for that. I am really looking forward to not doing anything for a while and just chilling out and playing with Ella. The party has been run, and a good time was had by all, except for Ella, who woke up in a bad mood and really stayed that way for the majority of the day.

Before I get to the party, it is best to update with the other events that happened before the big party yesterday.

Wednesday night - this seems such a long time ago now. We had a viewer for the house at 6pm. We went out for a walk and let the viewers have a look around. Karen (the agent) called me the next morning to tell me that the people did not have the $$$$$'s. They told her that they liked the house, but they did not think that it was worth the $575,000 that it was on the market for. They thought it was worth maybe $520,000 - $530,000. Karen asked what their budget was, which they replied that it was $520,000 - $530,000. Karen said sorry that $520 - $530K was too low. She said not to worry about people like that, as they dont have the money and they try and tell you that it is not worth what you are asking. Mat has a feeling that they are trying it on, and may come back. If I was Karen, I would have asked him why he believed that it was only worth $520,000 seeing that there is another house around the corner that does not have a pool, no garage, does not have the extra front room and the 3rd bedroom is so small that you can only fit a cot in it and that is on for offers over $520,000 - so what makes our house only worth what they are asking.

Thursday was cake making day. I had decided to make the cakes on Thursday and then I could decorate them on Friday. I got the house clean and put Ella down for a nap...... 3 hours later she woke up and we could go out to the shops and get what we needed to make the cake. We went to French Kitchen, and spent way more than intended, then to the Cake Decorating Shop - I got a little over ambitious and bought a butterfly cookie cutter as I thought that I would make butterfly gingerbread cookies - yeah that didnt happen - maybe another time. Then it was off to Spotlight to get some gingham fabric. Ella decided that she had had enough and started whinging. I gave her the keys to keep her quiet for 5 mins. I ended up leaving with nothing, and when I got back to the car, I got the keys from Ella and tried the remote and it did not work! There was a good amount of drool on it. I shit myself. I could not believe it. I have never had a remote not work before. I paniced for a minute thinking that Ella's bottles were in the car and I may not be able to get in. I tried the lock, I could get in, but then I worried that the car may not start. I tried to start it, praying the whole time. Thank god it started. I was really feeling the pressure of making the cake and that was the last thing that I needed.

I went home and started making the cakes. In the end I had to make 4 cakes. 2 of each of the 9" and 7". The first 7" collapsed as I didnt cook it long enough. All up, I think it took about 4 hours to make all of the cakes. I felt exhausted. Mum said that she would come over the next day to babysite Ella whilst I decorated the cake.

On Friday, luckily Penny had said that she could not make lunch, I started decorating at 9am when mum arrived and did not stop until 2pm! I was exhausted. I was so sick of the cake. I had not finished it, but it was so fiddly. It was not hard, the only thing that I found hard, was the smaller top layer, the fondant did not sit right on one of the sides, it sort of folded a bit on itself and did not look nice and flat, however, the majority was covered up by the balls and spots, plus no one noticed apart from myself. The stripes took a long time, and I thought the best thing to do was to cut them all out and then lay them on the cake, I dont know if this is the best idea, as they dried out too much, and so they crack a bit at the top of the cake. Oh well, you learn. I was so exhausted, plus I had to clean up as Dave (Karen the agents husband) was coming over to look at the place before open home. I swore that next year, Ella can get a store bought cake, but now that I have had a couple of days to think about it, I love the cake, and was very proud of it on Sunday, so I will be aiming higher next year.

Saturday - Ella went to swimming lessons, she has not been in 2 weeks and I think that this weekend will be her last. The instructor asked how old Ella was, which Mat said that she was now 1 - she said that Ella was still too little for a bubble and arm band floaties and so he had to keep doing all of the same crap that we have been doing for two terms. Ella is small and not going to go through a growth spurt in the near future, and there is no point in holding her back. So we will go this week, go around chasing after a rubber toy and we will leave it at that. I dont think that we will bother with lessons next term and we will get a bubble and floaties and get her going at home. Maybe Cathy may take her in the pool a couple of times.

Again we cleaned up for the open home. This time we drove around in the car for 40 mins while we waited for the open home. We came back into the street (however Mat would not drive past the house) a couple of times and we were sure that no one had come to the open home. We decided to go back early and drop Paris back so that we could go to Castle Towers, and when we drove back, there was a car there. Thank goodness for that, with everything that we had to do, I would have been really pissed off if no one had come. I have spoken to the agent today and two people came, not just one, so that is a little better. They both like the house, one of the parties *(the one we saw) they stayed for the whole open home and talked about what plants they would take out etc. The other party had two kids, said it was a little small, and needed to have another living area. They also talked about changing the front room into the main bedroom as they have a big master furniture suite that they want to keep, and they would then change the master bedroom into a lounge room - that I find is really weird, why would you have an ensuite off your lounge room, plus have build in wardrobes. Oh well, each to their own.

I have had enough typing for one day - will come back and update later with more on Ella's party

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ellas 1st Birthday!!

Today is a happier day than the last couple of days. Really, I never invisaged that this day would come. Silly I know to say that, but I thought about a baby, but I never thought about anything beyond a baby. So her being 1 is a big step and unchartered territory. I guess every stage is unchartered territory for me.

I was driving to work this morning and I was thinking back to this day one year ago and realised how much has changed in our lives, and what I was doing on this day one year ago. Last night I had a bloody better night than what I had a a year ago. My contractions started on 2/12/07 about 8pm at night and they were every 7 minutes and they were sooooo painful from the beginning. It was about 6am when I could not stand them anymore and I went and had a bath to try and see if they would subside - no relief from the bath at all. About 6:30am we called the hospital again saying that the contractions were still 7 mins apart and I was in agony and tired. One of the midwives (who ended up with us when Ella delivered) yelled out to the doctor that I had been contracting all night and it was stupid and I needed to be brought in. So we were told to come in to the hospital for 8am.

So this morning on the way to work I was thinking that I would have been at the hospital by then and they would have just told me that I was going to have a normal birth and not a c/section as I was booked in for, and they probably were about to tell me that i was onyl 1cm dialated after being in pain for 12 hours!

Now at 11am I am trying to think what was happening. I know that I would have had my epidural and I think that Mat had gone off to his old work to say hello to some mates whilst I tried to have a rest while I was not feeling contractions.

So, back to Ella's birthday. What is she doing at the moment. She is crawling and pulling herself up on everything, even if it is not steady enough to take her weight. She does not have any teeth yet. That is everyones big question is whether she has any teeth. She is very cheeky and knows what she should not do, but she laughs and does it anyway. She loves Dora the Explorer and Yo Gabba Gabba and this morning was mesmerized by Hi-5. She says Dadda all the time, has only said Mub once (I took that as a mum) she says Da all the time and points to the dogs. She says Dye (meaning bye) as she waves. She usually waves after we have left somewhere and says "Dye". She points at everything. When I go into her room or pick her up from daycare or mums, she looks at me and points to me and smiles. She is clappping. She has worked out that by clapping a bit harder she can make noises. She likes to hit things together to make noises, everything she picks up gets hit against something to see what noise it will make.

She is a pain in the bum to change both her nappy and clothes. She will lie down only for a second and with squirm and cry if I take more than a second. She loves the bath and is obsessed with water. She will make a bee-line for the back door and she will put her hands in the fish pond and splash in the water. She will also put her hands in and splash in the dogs was bowl. She has also taken to picking dry dog food from a bowl and dropping it into the water bowl. She has put a couple of bits of dog food in her mouth. Yesterday was so cute. She got a piece of dog food from where ever and she offered it to Paris, Paris did not take it, but stayed there looking at Ella, and then she went to put it in her own mouth. Luckily I got it before it went in, but I thought that that was adorable.

Ella is such a happy, easy going baby. I technically cant say baby anymore as she is a toddler now, but she is very happy. She is always smiling and does not cry much. She has a few more tears these days than she used to, but I think that these are more her having a tantrum than being upset. She has the best coloured eyes, so blue, I wish that I had eyes like hers. So many people comment on them. Strangers walk up to us all the time and comment on Ella, it is weird and still quite creepy.

We have another viewer for the house this afternoon - 6pm to be exact, not a good time for a viewer, but we will take Paris out for a walk and we will be out for 1/2 an hour so that will be OK. So when I leave work today I have to go back, clean the house ready for them to come. It is pretty good, I would just like to mop the floors and polish the coffee table, and maybe hoover the bedrooms.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Stella 29/10/01 - 29/11/08

RIP dear Stella. We will miss you.

On Friday afternoon, Mat called me as I was leaving work. He had heard from the vet and the news was not good. They had found on the Xray that Stella lungs were full of blood. They thought that there could be three possibilities for the blood. She could have been poisoned by rat bait, trauma to the chest - a kick from a horse or cow or a tumour on her heart that had ruptured. Mat assured the vet that Stella had not had access to rat bait and she had not been near horses etc and had not suffered trauma like that. They had put a needle in her chest and had drained off some of the blood. They said that if it was a tumour then there was nothing to do for her and she would have to be put down. I went home (crying all the way) and rung the vet.

He gave me three options - taking her home and doing nothing and waiting for her to get worse and then bring her back and put her to sleep. Take her to the Specialist Vet Centre and have an ultrasound done or put her straight to sleep. I was not prepared to do nothing and putting her down straight away was not an option either as I would not put Stella down on a guess. The vet explained that on an xray they could not see the heart and they were only guessing that it was a tumour on her heart.

We took her home on Friday night and Stella was not right. Stella and Paris slept in our room and I lay awake for a couple of hours. I felt physically sick. The thought of having to put Stella down was more than I could cope with. A couple of times in the night I got up and sat with her. A couple of times in the night her breathing was really laboured and I thought about taking her to the vet and putting her down without the ultrasound, but I needed to hang onto a glimmer of hope that she would be OK.

On Saturday afternoon with took her to the Specialist Vet Centre and they did the ultrasound, they rung us to say that there was not a tumour on her heart, however there was a mass in her chest and they would try to put a needle in it under sedation to see what it was. They told us that it would take 45 mins. We went back to the vet 15 mins before they were due to finish the procedure, however, they were another hour before we were called in. We were told that they could not stick a needle in the mass as Stella's pain threshold was not enough and she would keep jumping. They said that the only other alternative was to put her under a general aneasetic and get a needle biopsy. I asked the vet if it was his dog what would he do? He said that he would put her under a general and see what it was. If it was a blood clot they could drain it, and if it was cancer they would be able to give her chemo. I asked how much it was (we had already spend over $600.00 on the ultrasound) and it was another $1,150.00 on top, which the money does not matter, but we may put Stella through all this pain and the outcome is the same. The vets assistant told me that both her and the vet thought that 99% that it was cancer and if it wasnt cancer and wasnt a blood clot, she would need an operation and being in her chest it was a major operation and she probably would not survive. If it was cancer, then the chemo would only bide her a bit more time. They said that if we did not do anything then we would need to put her down as she was really sick.

It was 5pm by this time and Ella was really crying. Mat kept walking in an out with her, and I made the decision that it was kinder to let her go. Mat did not want to say goodbye to Stella as he could not cope and he went down and sat in the car. They brought Stella out - who was her mad usual self, which makes it ten times worse. It is so hard to fathom that she was a sick as she was when she seems pretty normal. We went into a room and Stella would not listen to me, all I wanted was to hug her and tell her that we all loved her and that we were sorry. All Stella did was keep pulling to get out of the room so that we could go. The vets came back in and by this time I had gotten Stella to lay down with her head in my lap and I just stroked her while they put the stuff into her. She was gone so quickly. I buried my head in her face and just cried. I sat with her for a few minutes while the vets went to get a body bag. I went down to the car and Ella thankfully had gone to sleep and Mat was crying his eyes out.

We took Stella to my parents house and buried her under the tree in the front paddock. I helped Mat dig the hole and I am suffering for it today. Every inch of my body aches.

Yesterday I felt OK. Unless someone talked about it I felt OK. I felt a small amount of relief that it had been done and I did not have to worry about it anymore, however, today I feel like it has hit me like a tonne of bricks. I am in tears ( I am writing this at work and that has not stopped the tears flowing) I feel like I am close to tears all of the time and that my body has crashed. I am run down. My glands are swollen, my throat is sore. I have a temperature today and every inch of my body aches. I feel like curling up into a ball. I know you probably should not get this upset over a dog, but as I tried to explain to the vet, this dog meant everything to us. We have worked out that she cost us about $14,000 in her life time in vet expenses only. I would pay double and I would have paid anything to keep her alive.

We love you Stella, Mat loves you, Paris loves you more than you will ever know and Ella loves you too.

The house - well the open home was a bit of a waste of time. We were told to expect a big turn out and we cleaned the house from 8am to 12:45pm. It looked great. It was nice weather (it was crappy in the morning but was sunny for the open home) and how many people showed up. BLOODY ONE PERSON! How shit was that. I suppose it is better than none, but one is pretty crappy.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Everything than can go wrong........

As the title suggests, nothing seems to go right for very long. Last night when Mat got home from work he said that he did not think that Stella looked right. I looked at her and she seemed to be a bit down. She kept coughing and it looked like she was trying to vomit but nothing came up. She was not as nuts as she usually was and seemed quite subdued. We rang the vet and they told us to take her down. We ended up waiting nearly an hour to be seen and Stella if she was OK would be going nuts at the vet with all the other dogs, but she just lay there.

The vet (who is a new vet) looked over her and gave her throat a squeeze in which she coughed a honking cough and tried to vomit. He asked if they had been around other dogs. We said that they hated other dogs and are kept on our property and Paris was fine. He seemed to think by the sound of the cough that Stella had kennel cough and gave her an anti-inflammatory injection plus gave us kennel cough anti-biotics. Both Mat and I did not think that it was that, but we trusted the vet and it was quite a relief and the bill of $90.00 was cheaper than we have had in a long time. We took Stella home last night and she was still not right. I tried to give her a piece of pizza with her tablets in it and she would not take it. She wouldnt take a piece of ham with or without the tablets, so I ended up having to push the tablets down her throat. I got up in the night and so did Mat and Stella was lying in the bathroom and her breathing was laboured. This morning, Mats mum also said that Stella was not right. When we got Ella up this morning, usually she is so excited to see Ella, but even when Ella patted her, she turned away, usually she would have tried to lick her face.

So Mat is off work today, and we rung the vet, which they said to bring Stella back down and they would do a chest x-ray. Stella had cancer last year and I am really worried that it has come back again. Stella is just 7 years old and I am not ready to lose her yet. The vet finishes the consultations at 11:00am and I have just had this real panic feeling come over me in the last 15 mins or so. I just feel really nervous and that something bad is going to happen. When we took her in this morning, both Mat and I were in tears in the car on the way there and the vet said with the cancer last year, they will have to check it out - hopefully it has not come back. I looked at Mat, he had tears in his eyes and that set me off. What the vet must have thought. I am hoping that it is nothing serious, or that they can do an operation on her and she will be OK. We will have to put it on credit card, we have no other way of paying and just have to pay it off when we sell the house. We love you Stella and have everything crossed that you are OK.

On a brighter note, I got a phone call yesterday to say that someone was going to view the house at 12:30pm. It is always the way that when you expect them to come - Monday through to Wednesday no one comes, but when you hope no one comes they always do. Anway got the phone call form the agent, she had already spoken to Jan and she was going to clean up for us. I rang and she assured me it would be immaculate. So I got home and the first thing that Jan said "well that was a waste of time" The lady was about 60 and an old fart and I dont know why she even came to look. A bit later on the agent phoned to say that the lady really liked the property and she is coming back on Saturday at the open home for another look so that she can bring her husband. She also said that the house was immaculate as always :-) Jan was blown away and was sure that the woman did not like it.

So for the open home tomorrow the agent says that we should have quite a big turn out. We have so far (that I know of) 4 people booked in to look at it for the first time, 2 people that are coming back for a second look. We shall see tomorrow, but as there are so many people coming, I think a super effort in cleaning the house is appropriate. Better get the rubber gloves out.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I am still sick. Everyone else seems to have gotten over their illness except for Ella who still has a runny nose, but me, I think that I am getting worse. I have totally lost my voice now, except for a little sqeek and it is wearing me out. I need to talk, however, it is such an effort to do so, and I keep having to repeat myself as no one can understand what I am saying. I am glad Ella's party is not this weekend or I would not be impressed.

I finally heard from the agent about the people that viewed the house on Saturday. They really like it and think that it is presented beautifully and all of the colours that we have in the house is just what they would have wanted in their house. The only thing that is a downer on the house is that they eventually want 4 bedrooms. We want 4 bedrooms too, but in Galston, all we could afford was 3 bedrooms. Karen, the agent has suggested to them that they convert the garage, which we were going to do if we had the money. So they wanted to come back today for another viewing, but the agent has put them off until Saturday for the open home. So that is positive that we have someone coming back for a second look.

The older couple that liked the house, they have decided that it is a little bit too small for them. That is a bummer, but I know what they are saying, the house is a little bit too small - we think that too.

So we have the open home on Saturday and it is supposed to be raining, which is a bummer as the garden looks really good and needs a sunny day to show if off to its full potential. There is 4 parties booked in to come and view it on Saturday plus the people that are coming back for a second look, so hopefully we get some interest there.

I am off to the cake decorating shop today to get them to give me some advice on doing the second layer of the cake and how to put them all together and what is the best cake to have so that it will stay up, and finally how long can I make it in advance. I will also ask about having another icing underneath the fondant so that the cake icing is more moist. Mat thinks that the icing tastes like crap at the moment.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Sick again!

Bloody daycare. We are all sick again! Ella went to daycare last Monday as usual. She was well, on Wednesday last week she started getting a runny nose, Thursday it was a worse, Friday worse again. I sent her to daycare on Friday. She usually does not go on Friday, but Mum and Dad were supposed to be away (they haven't gone as yet) and me not wanting to talk to them, I sent her anyway.

Saturday we all woke up with a cold! Ella missed swimming lessons again. This is the second time this term that she has missed due to being sick. We have been giving her Nurofen all weekend to try and keep her a bit happier as she has been teary and grumpy. I have been feeling like crap and Mat only gets a runny nose, but that seems to bother him more than anything else.

This morning I had to wake Ella up for daycare. I had no other choice but to send her today, so I gave her Nurofen again, and picked all the dry boogers from her nose (with a lot of trouble and fighting from Ella) so that she could breathe and I took her. I told them that she is a little snotty (that is an understatement) and said if she gets worse to call me and I will come and pick her up. Hopefully she will pass back all of her germs to the kids that gave it to her in the first place.

We had another viewer on Saturday afternoon for the house. I have not heard anything from the agent about how it went or whether they actually came. I am sure that if she had anything to tell us she would have, so I am sure that there was nothing and they did not really like the house. Mat is determined that the house will not sell and we will be stuck with it and we will have to lower the price. I am trying to be optomisitc about it and hoping that it will sell. Both of us are sick at looking for houses at the moment. I am thinking about going back to our original plan of building a house. I love modern new houses and all of the houses that are up for sale are older (even a couple of years old) and are not really filling me with a lot of excitement. We will see - we have to buy something when ours sells so that we dont get caught with this massive payout and I dont want to end up buying something as we are rushed. I will have to speak to the bank and see what they will do about building a place - whether we can use our existing loan for that. I am sure they will say no.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Got a call from the agent yesterday afternoon. The people that came to look at the house were an older couple - not sure if they were the drive by ones. They apparently really liked the house and they have shortlisted two houses that they like, one being ours and they are going to make their mind up within a week. They have nothing to sell, so they are able to move forward.

There have also been a lot of hits on the internet listings, however, I am sure they have been from neighbours and friends.

We dont have an open for inspection this weekend - they are going to start next weekend.

Friday, November 21, 2008

We are the subject of gossip!

The house went on the net yesterday. I am quite impressed by the add for it. There are 17 photos and the house looks really big. One of our neighbours mentioned that he will not bother looking at the listing on the net as he knows what the house looks like already. I said to look at it as the house looks really nice. Our neighbour Jim replied that the house is really nice. I had a think about that later and realised that we do have a really nice house and we have worked hard over 3 years to make it like that, but when it is your own house, you can see all of the flaws and the other things that need to be done. We have to keep telling ourselves that people are not going to see a lot of the flaws that we see, and it is the overall package that they are looking at, and whether they can picture themselves living in the house.

The For Sale board went up yesterday. It was quite a big event for me, it is like telling the whole world that the house is now up for sale. Our nosey neighbours down the back, they dont have the internet, so they would not have known should a board have not gone up. They have barely spoken to us in the last year, where before we could not get rid of them, however, when I walked back into the house after the board had been put up, John ran out of his house and had a good chat to the agent. John is the gossip of the street and knows everyone's comings and goings (he can tell you what time you go to work everyday and what time you come home - helpful info for someone that wants to rob the house!)

Today is one of our other neighbours funeral for their disabled son Malcolm. He finally passed away last weekend. We only ran into them on a couple of occassions, but our thoughts are with you at this time. However, the reason that I brought up the funeral, was our other ARSEHOLE neighbour Peter, he will be going to the funeral and we have been told that now the For Sale board is up, we will be the main subject of conversation and gossip at the funeral.

Going back to the house - we have a viewer today to look at the house. We dont know who it is, but I am hoping that they like it and want to buy it. It is really funny at the moment, as we sit in the front lounge now watching TV at night and we have started to get the drive-bys with people checking out the house. Last night a white Volvo with an older couple drove slowly into the street, our house is on the corner and the Volvo stopped outside the house opposite us (but in the other street - sorry bad explanation). The car sat there for a bit and then drove and parked outside the front of the house. It sat there for a bit, drove to the end of the street and then turned around, drove back down and sat outside the house again, before driving off. Mat is convinced that they are the people that are looking at the house today.

Our plans have changed regarding purchasing another property. We have a fixed rate mortgage, and we have under 2 years left for the fixed period to run. However, when we took out the mortgage we did not think that we would be moving in the next 5 years and so we didnt pay too much attention to the 'exit fees'. On Wednesday arvo, I got a feeling that we would have to pay considerable exit fees - so I got out our loan contract and there were exit penalities with a big long formula of how it is calculated. I rang the bank and was told that they would have to be calculated. I asked for an estimate and the guy said that with our large amount it would be a lot, but dues to our interest rate then it would be reduced, we were lucky that we were not locked in at 8% - so he said a couple of thousand dollars - OK I can handle that. I asked it would be as high as $20,000 - "no way!" I was told, no where near that much, however, he would call me back within an hour with the figure. No phone call, so I called the next day. Only to be told that the guy that I spoke to should not have given me an estimate and someone would call me back with the correct figure. A couple of hours later I get the phone call. The early exit penalites are...... $20,662! You are having a F****ing laugh. I am not losing $20,000 to a bloody bank. It has taken us a long time to build up the money that we have to lose $20,000 to a bloody bank.

We have had to change our strategy. We are going to sell the house, but we are going to buy something straight away. This way we can get them to do the settlements on the same day, we can keep our loan and we can keep our rate (would have loved to lose it and get a lower one) and we can save ourselves $20,000. We want to lower our mortgage, so we will have to pay the bank a couple of hundred dollars for them to vary to morgage amount and our repayments. So we are going to sit on the house to get a good price and start looking around...... Bloody hell, things are never easy are they!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We are on the market!!!

The house is officially on the market! I dropped the signed paperwork to the agent yesterday on my way home from work. I was told that they had also received the contracts from the conveyancer, so we will be on the internet. So the house should be on the internet today or tomorrow. I have my fingers crossed that the house will sell.

Mat and I originally decided that we didnt want a For Sale sign outside the house because we have two of the nosiest neighbours in the world. However, once we start having open homes they are going to find out anyway, so we might as well. I have not told the agent yet, but I will do in the next couple of days. Still trying to process it myself before the whole street and the whole world knows.

So I have the next two days off, and my job is to clean and to try and keep this house clean with a 11.5 month old that is like a little tornado and two slobbery boxer dogs (Paris and Stella) that drop hair like it is going out of fashion. Sometimes, I feel like I can follow them around with the vacuum cleaner to pick up their hair. Don't get me started on the dribble.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Work and me

I thought that I should set something up, as I am constantly bored at work, with little or no work to do to keep me occupied, so I will start blogging.

A little bit about me. I am 30.....arghh!! In a couple of weeks I will be 31. I think that I will remain 29 for a while, as I really cant deal with the big 3-0. I am married, I have been married to Mat for 5 1/2 years. We have one daughter Ella, she is nearly 12 months old.... dont get me started on that, as it is already bad enough, that my little baby is growing up so fast.

The reason that I have started blogging - well we are about to go through a big change in our lives and I wanted to capture the moment. Another reason, is I swear that I have a tumor! No really, I usually have an elephant memory, but since I had Ella, I think she has taken half of it and I cannot remember much anymore. If it turns out to be a tumor - then I can say I told you so to everyone that just thinks that I have baby brain!

Now - for the big change - well our house in UP FOR SALE! I never thought that I would sell my house - I love my house, but I have come to the realisation that I do not like being poor and my house is making me poor. We have a BIG mortgage and it did not bother me when we took it out. It was Mat and I, and we were both working full time, earning OK money and it was fine, however, then Ella came along and the payments that have always been big, seem to be a lot bigger now, and I am only working part-time and so we are really cutting it fine with the money. I know that everyone goes through the same thing, but I dont want to feel like this. Plus we want to have another baby soon, and there is no way that I will be able to go on maternity leave for any amount of time, as with the money that I earn, we cant save anything!

I have battled with this decision to put the house up for sale, and it was really hard to ring the agent, but I did it, and I am now relieved that I have. Mat and I have been working our arses off for the last couple of weeks to get it ready, and now the photos have been taken and we are just waiting for the contracts to be completed and it is on the market.

Where are we going to move??? Well at the moment we are living in Sydney. My parents live up the road (my parents are a sore point at the moment - that is a whole other entry on its own) and my mum looks after Ella two days a week and she goes into daycare 1 day a week. We cant afford to put Ella into daycare 3 days per week, so we need to move closer to another grandparent - so we are moving out of Sydney and moving to Port Stephens.

This is a huge step for me. I have only ever lived in Sydney ( I am not counting when I lived in the UK for 2 years) so moving 2 hours north of Sydney is a big deal for me. Mat loves Port Stephens and has wanted to move there since he first went there (Jim this is your fault and I hold you totally to blame) I could take or leave the place - it is nice, but I was not blown away by the place. Mats mum moved out from England last year and they have moved up there, they love it and they want us to move there, plus she works part time and she will be able to look after Ella, so we are going to go. I am nervous and dont know if we are doing the right thing, but you never know until you do it! With the supposed 'financial crisis' at the moment, we are going to stay in Sydney for the time being and try and rent a place and get some savings behind us until we move north-wards. This is all dependant on our house selling. Our agent says that we have a very photogenic house - so I have my fingers crossed for a quick sale.

Another big change - is that we are going to start trying to have another baby. This scares the hell out of me. I am really excited about it, but really nervous. Mat wants to start trying at Christmas, but I worry. I am worried that it will happen straight away and I worry that it wont. it took 13 months to get pregnant with Ella and 4 cycles of clomid and a lot of fights and tears and I am worried that I will have to go through that again. I was really sick with morning sickness last time and I am worried that I will have that again, but this time I will also have a toddler to look after. However, with all my fears, I am really looking forward to another baby. I dont really mind what we have, but I would love another girl. Ella is the best baby, and I would love another one just like her. So here goes - I am starting temping again (as of this morning) and I am going to jump into the deep end.