Monday, August 31, 2009


It seems that before Ella was born she has always been surrounded with butterflies. Her bedding has embroidered butterflies on it, there are butterflies on her walls, on her backpack and now on her clothes. When I originally saw this Timeless Treasures Butterfly fabric, I knew I had to get it for Ella.

Yesterday, after a busy weekend, I wanted to cut out a few simple things that I could sew together today when Ella was having her nap. Ella had a great nap today (3 hours) so I got both items sewn together.

Firstly, the top, you will recognise as the Ottobre top that I made last week. This time I tried to make it slightly longer, but I don't think I actually managed to make it any longer. Again I added the elastic to the bottom.

The shorts - they are my favourit shorts pattern, Oliver+S puppet show shorts. I have made this pattern 3 times now, so they come together pretty quickly. The fabric is left of pink camo from a skirt and pair of pants.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ella overload

** Warning ** this post is an image overload of Ella ** Warning**

I am saying sorry in advance as this post is Ella image heavy. I couldn't help it though as I found a new function on my camera and I got a lot of nice pictures of Ella and her new little summer dress.

Today I went shopping to find Ella some little white t-shirts. I didnt come back with anything (mind you I only looked in BigW and Best and Less) I must say that their summer ranges are pretty poor and I came home and thought that I would make something myself. It would be cheaper and a lot nicer.

I made the Oliver+S Popover Dress again, this time I did take a bit of the width of the dress out. I have left it a little long though - so debating whether to take it up again.

The fabric is from my last Etsy purchase - and it is the Erin McMorris Wildwood collection. I love this fabric. The only thing that I am a little dissappointed with, the yoke and the straps dont really stand out.

If you think that you have seen this combination before, this is because I was inspired by Anna from Tillytom Designs. Her dress is beautiful. Thanks Anna for the inspiration.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

More summer goodness

Two posts in one day! All this warm weather has inspired me to sew some little summer creations.

I bought some Amy Butler material in my first Etsy Order back in May (it could actually be earlier than that) and I quickly cut out an Ottobre top from it. Since that time the top has sat on my desk waiting to be sewn together.

Today, I got a spare 20 mins while Ella had a cat nap and so I thought it best to sew it together (plus I had nothing else cut out)

I am really happy with how it turned out. It is the Japanese influenced top Issue #1 2008 - item 1, the only thing that I did do differently is I have added elastic to the bottom. Ella has another little top, that I love that detail. I will make it again, but I think next time I need to add a bit more length to the top.

I also made another pair of O+S Puppet Show shorts - from the left over denim from Ella's Sunday Brunch Jacket . I love this pattern, the shorts are so easy to make and they fit so well. They are going to be a firm favourite this summer.

Hopefully the warm weather hangs around and I can get making some more summer things.

Another Oliver+S pattern.

With it going to reach 29 degrees in Port Stephens today, I thought I would celebrate the sunshine with a summer dress.

As you know, I am a great fan of Oliver+S patterns, and from the first time that I saw this pattern (thanks Novy) I knew that it would have to be added to my list. I went as far as buying Issue 6 of Sewhip magazine two weeks ago and having it sent from the UK - I should have procrastinated a little bit longer as Oliver+S released the pattern on their website free a few days after I purchased it!

I used some of the fabric that I got from my last Etsy Order - Zinnia Path in Ocean and bought some Max New polka dot fabric for the yoke and straps. I overcame my fear of ricrac and followed the suggestion of the pattern to use it to add extra detail (even though the seam ripper came out more than once)

All in all it is an quick and easy pattern to make. The only problem that I do have with it, is I think that the dress is too wide. Ella is small - she is only a size 1 and the smallest this pattern came in was a size 2 (so that might be part of the problem) but I think for next time, I will make it not as a-line. Plus, I think that this pattern would make a lovely summer top. So there will have to be another version, but shorter.

Watch this space!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wordless Weekend

Maybe Ella has a small head

The general consensus from people that have made the Make It Perfect Lazy Day Hat is that it is quite small sizing.

Maybe it is just me and my dodgy sewing, or maybe it is Ella having a small head, but I made the medium size (second smallest) and it is too big.

I am glad that I made the hat first time around in my Op Shop material, as next time I am hoping to get the sizing better so that Ella can actually wear it. At least this one has a lot of growing room.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Its not only me that loves shoes

I love shoes! BE (Before Ella) I used to buy shoes all the time. I actually had a shoe rack made for me by my dad that has three tiers and is 1.5 metres long. I have outgrown this rack and so the remaining shoes are lined up infront of my shoe rack - anyway, getting back to the point of my post.

This morning I was having a shower. I have been pretty careful to leave doors shut since we have gotten Lily as I dont want any accidents on the carpet. This morning, I didnt close the door completely, and Paris and Lily walked into the bathroom. They stayed for a bit and left. I was hoping that when I got out of the shower I would not find any little presents from Lily, but this is what I found when I did get out.

Lily has been obsessed with my ugg boots since we got her and it seems that they are pretty snuggly to cuddle up with for a little nap.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

No its not a present.

Today I received the most beautiful packages in the post. They were not presents, but with how they were wrapped you would think that they were. What I received in the post today were two out of my three recent orders from Bella and Vintage

What were in those packages????? Full of fabric and pattern goodness.

Thanks to Kerry from Bella and Vintage for her help and fantastic service as she has been a little in-undated of late with all of the girls from EB buying fabric and patterns.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

What can you get for 10 cents?

A pair of of O+S Puppet Show Shorts - that is what you can get for 10 cents. OK OK, I know you could not buy them for that, but this is what these little shorts cost.

I am never afraid of a bargain, and last week I found some fabric in an Op Shop that I thought would be perfect for these shorts. The fabric cost me $1.00 for 4 metres of fabric - $0.25 a metre, now you cant beat that. Ella is pretty small, so these shorts do not take much fabric at all.

I love O+S patterns, and I have been known to make a few. This pattern does not dissappoint. They are easy and quick to make.

I love the pocket detail and the pattern is well designed so the shorts fit well. I have a few ideas up my sleeve to change this pattern so that Ella can have lots of pairs of shorts for summer with them all not looking the same.

Now, where is the warm weather? We just need it to heat up a bit more for Ella to try these little shorts out.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Introducing Miss Lily

I have posted a couple of times about the new puppy that we were getting. We had 'ordered' our dog when she was only 1 week old - which was in June, but feels like a long time ago. We have been patiently waiting for her to grow. She is now 8 weeks and this morning Ella and I took the 2 hour drive to Taree to the home of Cedarrose Ridgebacks to pick up Miss Lily.

Isnt she the cutest little thing! She is actually quite big, but she was the smallest of her litter, but the breeder said that she is full of character.

Paris - she has not left Lily alone since we got her home. I have to keep wiping Lily off as Paris keeps covering her in drool. Ella does not know what to make of the new puppy - as Lily tries to follow Ella (as she is a familiar face) but she ends up getting stepped on by two dogs.

So there you have it. Little Miss Lily - with the size of those paws, she is not going to stay small for very long!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fabric fabric everywhere!

To say that I love fabric is an understatement. I can spend quite a few hours trailing through Etsy fabric stores. However, I dont usually stop at just window shopping and usually things end up in my shopping basket.

This week has been no exception and I have been buying lovely summery fabrics ready for the warmer weather that is trying to break through.

My first purchase was 9 yards from Fabriccloset. The reason behind my purchase, was I was inspired by the clothes that Anna from Tillytom Designs made using the Erin McMorris Wildwood fabric. I could not pass up buying this beautiful fabric and I knew that if I did not buy it, it would sell out.

I could not pass up some more Sandi Henderson. I love love love Petal Party in Pink, so I am not sure if I will cut this fabric up, maybe I will just keep it and look at it!

To finish off my Fabriccloset order, I couldn't miss out on some Paula Prass Zinnia Path in Spring and Zinnia Path in Ocean.

I thought all of my buying was finished, however, we made a flying visit to Sydney on Saturday and I stopped in at my old local quilting store - which has amazing fabric and they are cheap cheap cheap and I was pretty good and only bought 2 metres of fabric.

The next fabric is what I thought was going to be my final fabric purchase for a bit, but I have gone and blown that and bought some more fabric - which is currently winging its way to me. However, this fabric is what I bought from the Op Shop during my trip to get the mail at work yesterday.

I am not sure how many metres there are there, but there is quite a few. I got one full shopping bag of fabric for $7.00 - bargain.

Now what to sew with all of these new things.......

Monday, August 3, 2009

Starting to feel like it fits.

It is coming up to 6 months from when we made the move from Sydney to Port Stephens. It seemed like a whirlwind move. Things happened before I was really ready. I stupidly made the comment to Mat last year, on the October long weekend after seeing a lovely house in the paper, that I would move if we could get a house like that! Mat had wanted to move to Port Stephens from his first visit, I was more apprehensive. I was happy where we were.

I have lived in Sydney all of my life (except for 2 years in the UK) so it was home to me. It was a big step moving - even though it was only 2 hours away. Mat, he made the move from the UK with me and so he had no ties to Sydney and for him it was only a small move, plus his mum had recently moved from the UK with her new husband and was living in Port Stephens, so his pull was to be closer to his only family in Australia

The house was put on the market and sold and we moved all in the blink of an eye. I did not think the house would sell so fast. I have not felt homesick, but I have wanted to be back in the convenience of Sydney. Having everything on your door step.

It was not until yesterday, when we went down to Fingal Bay for a walk along the beach, that it dawned on me, that I am truely blessed to be living where we do.

I finally feel like Port Stephens fits!