Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Feeling low

I am feeling a bit down in the dumps today. It is weird. I should be happy as we got $5,000 off the price of the house for the dodgy deck, but I dont really feel excited.

My problem at the moment is the care of Ella. I feel that she is 'my child' and it is me alone that is responsible for her care, when Mat gets away with being a part-time fun parent.

These are my examples over the last couple of days.

On Sunday we were having lunch with Jan's boss and his wife. I am having a good chat to Pauline who is pregnant. Mat, who only had Ella when I passed him to her, interupted me, to tell me that Ella stunk and that I needed to go and change her. Could he not do it. The tone of his voice was derogetory and it was like I was stupid and neglectful. So I had to take her back to the car. Mat offered to come with me, but made no intention to get up, so I went on my own and let everyone else keep on talking. We got to the car and I went to change Ella, and she had not pooped herself, she had barely even wet her nappy. When I got back - Mat said that they had worked it out that it was the mud that was making the horrible smell and not Ella. Sorry for making you look like an idiot.

On Monday when we got back to Sydney we were invited to Cathy and Ian's for a BBQ. Ella was getting tired about 6:30pm - mind you, we had been there since 2pm. I said that I was going to leave and take Ella home to have a bath and then put her to bed. Mat said he was going to stay for one more beer and then come home. I gave Ella a bath and put her to bed and went and watched tv. I got bored about 9pm and went to bed. Mat staggers in at 9:30pm and said that he was having a good chat over there, telling them that he really appreciated what I did etc..... i told him that I would have appreciated him coming home. "Would it have made any difference if I came home?" Well since I put Ella to bed at 7pm, I would not have had to sit on my own for 2 hours"

I have tried to tell Mat that it really annoys me that he does not do anything for Ella. I sort all her bottles, change nappies, feed etc. He does nothing like that. He does not give her a bath, does not change her clothes - nothing! He will feed her if I get all of the food ready and put her in her high-chair. The feeding is the easy part. I said that if there was something that I did, that I knew really upset/annoyed him, I would not do it. He knows that this annoys and upsets me, and makes me feel isolated and he does it anyway.

I have tried to make comments the last couple of days, asking Mat if he wants to give Ella a bath, put her to bed - oh that gets me to my next example.

Tonight Ella is playing. She starts to cry and rub her eyes - Mat looks at me and says "Jen - Ella is tired" I can see that, I have perfectly good vision. I said, rather than telling me she is tired, which means I can put her to bed, why dont you put her to bed with a bottle. Mat said that smartarse does not suit me and he is sick of the snidey comments and I dont do anything in the yard and I dont cut hedges and he is tired. I AM FUCKING TIRED TOO - THERE IS NO ONE ELSE TO PALM IT OFF TO.

There is no point asking him to do anything. There is no point. I am better off to continue like the last 14 months and do it all myself. It saves the headaches and the excuses from Mat why he cant do things. It pisses me off and annoys me to no-end, but nothing is going to change.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ella Update

So cute - when she was watching Dora yesterday - when the 'Back Pack' song came on, she started to say 'backpack' - of course she cant say it, but it sounds like it and she says it at the right time.

She is so cute - I am really missing her today.

Today is my last day at work until next Wednesday - thank goodness for that!

Things are never simple

I should not have written anything on Monday about the house sale/purchase being fine. Everything seemed to all come un-ravelled on Monday afternoon and yesterday morning.

Firstly on Monday, I got a call from the building inspector. He said that the deck was really bad and all he had done was prop the joists up on one brick and packed it with some old scraps of timber. It was sitting on the clay soil and as soon as there was heavy rain the deck would slip. He said that the deck would have to all be taken off and the decking boards would be ruined - the cost to have it done by tradesmen - $10,000! I was also told that under the deck, there was a load of builders rubbish and tree branches that had been decked over rather than cleaning it up. A termite trap.

I rung our solicitors yesterday morning, to say that we wanted it in the contract that the deck had to be fixed or we wanted money off the house, however, the solicitor said that she had just received a fax from the solicitors of the girl that is buying our house and they want an extra 5 days cooling off. WTF - they have already had 2 weeks and now they want an extra week. The girls parents place was not being valued until Friday and so they needed the extra week. Apparently her parents farm is in Bathurst and as it is considered country - it takes longer for the inspection to be done.

So now we have to go back and try and get an extended cooling off on the house that we are buying. The vendor is an arsehole and so Mat and Jan are convinced (and stressing) that he is not going to fix the deck and he is not going to give us the extra cooling off. He also seems to think that he can fix the deck for $1,500. If he thinks that he can do it for that - then good luck to him, but I am not excepting $1,500 off the price for us to fix it.

So it is a waiting game at the moment. We have not heard back from the vendors solicitor regarding the cooling off period. I have called a couple of times, but no word. I have spoken to Jane which she knew all about the extension to the cooling off and apparently the vendor is fine with it, however his solicitor does not know this, so nothing is definite. We have not gotten back to our purchaser yet as to whether we will extend the cooling off.

Karen rung yesterday and said that she was told by the girl (that is purchasing the house) that the valuation is Thursday - hopefully if we stall a bit more, they may have enough time to get everything done without us having to give them the extra time - but that would be hoping for miracles and I really dont think that that will happen. her solicitor has not come back at this stage and chased, so we will see what happens.

I still believe that everything will go through OK. I have faith. I can remember what we went through last time when we bought our house - it was terrible. The bank were a bunch of morons and they are following suit this time around (I will get to that in a minute) and it was the worst 3 weeks of my life. This sale and purchase have not been close to that stress level yet, but I am sure there is more someone can throw at me to make me more stressed over the situation. My philosophy is not to get stressed about something that you dont know will happen - start worrying about it when it happens and you have something to worry about. Worrying and stressing now is a waste of emotions.

The Bank - they are a bunch of morons! I rung them last week to get a substitution of security form. They said that they would email it straight over - 3 hours later nothing had arrived. I called back and they said that they would have to check with the girl - the new person couldnt just email it) anyway 5 mins later it came through. I faxed and posted it the next day. I called on Monday to check that it had been received. I was told that it was received on Thursday and it had been directed to the right department. I told them of the urgency that we needed to have an answer from them by Friday because of the cooling off period. I was told that a msg would be sent to the relative person and someone would call me back as a matter of urgency. Do you think I got a call back? NOTHING! So I called again today. After finally getting intouch with the right person, I said that I needed an answer asap as the cooling off period finished on Friday..... Excuse, the CUA person asked - "what is a cooling off period?" - OH MY GOD! DID I HEAR YOU PROPERLY??? I said - what? He said " can you tell me what a cooling off period is. After picking myself off the floor - i told him that when someone buys a house, they sign a contract and they have 5 working days as a cooling off period and after that time the contract becomes legal and binding - so in that 5 days I need all my inspections and my finance approved. "that does not seem very fair" the CUA person replied. OH MY GOD - AM I SPEAKING TO A LOANS PERSON. "Must be a NSW thing" - I said that it was and it was different to QLD where he was, but since CUA had branches all over AUS, they should be familiar with how purchases are completed in NSW.

I was told that we were in a queue and down for settlement on 20th Feb - but he would now change it for the "cooling off factor" i asked when he would get back to me, he said that he would call Friday morning - as cooling off was 5pm on Friday. I dont think so! I told him that I wanted an answer tomorrow afternoon and I will call him myself if I have not heard anything by then.

This is what this girl buying our place should have done. Push the banks, be difficult and you will get things done faster and on time!

Monday, January 19, 2009

I just thought that I would update what is happening at the moment.

Our Sale - Everything seems to be on-track at the moment. Fingers crossed it all goes through OK. Only 4 more days until the cooling off finished. Karen (the agent) said that she has heard from the buyer and that her finance has been approved and the pest and building are OK - well Karen said that they were fine, but nothing further communicated on that one. The buyer wants the fish and is going to look after them. That is OK - I did want to take them, but we would have to put a pond in and buy another pump straight away which would have been $$$$, so it is really best that she has taken them. I will have to add that to my list of all the things that I have to tell her about the house.

Our Purchase - well the SOLD sign has gone up on the house and it is marked as sold on the net. So that is good. I wanted Jan to take a pic of the sold sign, but Mat said I was stupid for asking. We are going up on the weekend, so hopefully it will still be there and I can take a pic myself of it. I think we did it for our current house. I arranged on Thursday to have the building and pest inspections done - they were not done on Friday and I have managed to get intouch with the pest people and it is being done today, and hopefully the building inspection is too. I am eager for that one - as if things come up as wrong I will be going back to McDonald Jones to get them rectified.

I have started to pack. With us going up on the weekend, we are going to hire a truck (I think) and we are going to start taking up all of the smaller items that we do not need for the next month. We are also going to clear out the garage and take all of that stuff too. So I packed up the office and all of the paperwork. I have about 6 boxes of a few different sizes and Ella has worked out the art of climbing. She orginally climbed on one of the boxes and then climbed onto the lounge. Then a bit later she worked out that she could climb even higher.

She has been pulling everything out of the TV cabinet for weeks now and it is driving me nuts, so I thought I would pack up all of the DVD's and problem solved. I left the CD's and DVD's in the cabinet that were in normal CD cases and were loose, but I pushed them to the back. That lasted all of 30 seconds and they were out again. So i packed them all up in a tupperware container and i put the container on top of all of the boxes. So there was 1 large box - two nappy boxes ontop of the large box (they were side by side) and then the tupperware on top of that. Ella doing her usual, went off exploring and she had been gone for a bit and she was very quiet - she is always in trouble when she is quiet. So I went looking for her. She was in the office and she had climbed up all of the boxes and had taken the lid off the tupperware container and was pulling all of the CD's out. So it is now on the desk, and the boxes have been moved to save any further destruction.

Now that Ella has the new found ability to climb, she has put this to further use. Last weekend we went over to Ian and Cathy's place and Ella was getting a bit restless, we put her on the grass to see what she would do. She did not last there long and crawled up the ramp to the decking and then up the stairs to the main deck. she had never seen stairs, so she did really well. So when we went there on Saturday night, we were all talking in the kitchen and Ella had gone off for a crawl. After a few mins, she was quiet and certainly up to no-good, so I went looking. There she was half way up the first flight of stairs - looking very proud of herself. So I took her down and put her at the bottom and she turned around and started to go straight back up. So I followed her and we made it all the way to the top. I picked her up again and took her down, and we repeated the whole thing again and again and again and about 20 more times. Cathy tried to teach her how to come down again, but that did not really work. So now we have a well seasoned climber on our hands. I am now waiting to see where she gets into next.

Until next time..........................

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The saga continued

Well from my last entry, I thought that the saga had finished with the house and that we had secured it. I dont think that I had finished typing for too long when I got a call from Jane (the real estate agent) she asked if I could give her a landline number as she could not hear me properly.

So she called me back.... there was a big silence and she said - "Jen, I am sorry that I have to do this, but......" She went onto explain that when she called the other party that had put in an offer on the house, she said that she had followed their instructions and because the owner would not accept theirl ower offer they were putting it back on the market. The other party said that that was fine and they would sit back and wait and they would come back in a month or so when it was still on the market and the owner would have to take their lower offer. She left it at that. Then she got a phone call on Sunday night from the father of the other party. She knew it was him from his phone number, but he did not say who it was. He asked if he could view the property the next day. She said that they could not as the property was now under offer and a deposit had been given. He was dumb founded and hung up.

Jane got a phone call from the other parties solicitor saying that she could not sell the property to us - she said that she could seeing that we had made a higher offer than them and we had paid a holding deposit for it, and we did not muck around like their party did. The solicitor said that we had not exchanged yet and so that Jane was legally obligated to put in an offer to the vendor. They were going to raise their offer to $460,000 which was the full asking price. Jane went to the vendor thinking that he would stick to his word with us (and the deposit that we had put down) and tell the other party to 'go jump'. However, he said that he would take the higher offer. Jane could not believe it, and he said that nothing he was doing was illegal and $5,000 was $5,000. She said that it was not illegal, but it was immoral. She said that she was so sorry and she was so upset with what was happening. she said that she was wishing herself to go into labour so that she did not have to deal with the situation, and the owner of Tony Cant Real Estate was so pissed off at the owner that he was ready to tell him to go jump. I said that if we met the offer of the other party, then I wanted that to be it and for us to sign the contracts. I wanted to sign them on Saturday, but the agents do not hold the contracts and I couldnt do it and now we were being guzumped.

So the vendors decided to issue two contracts and whoever got them signed and back to the vendors solicitor in Raymond Terrace then they would get the house. They first said that both Mat and I would have to go up to Raymond Terrace and sign the original contract and then after our solicitor spoke to them, they faxed the contract to the solicitor, we signed it and i would have to go up and deliver it.

So after a lot of swearing and Jane apologising so many times. It is not her fault, it is the fault of how they work up there, and it is the fault of the bloody vendor who was greedy. He kept on about how he was straight down the line and he did not want to muck around, and said to jane that if she had any problems with the people to tell them to speak to him, however as soon as a little bit more money was dangled in front of him he took it and went against his word and our deposit.

So on Monday, I went and got the contracts, went an picked Ella up from daycare and she was filthy, so before we could go, I had to give her a bath, then some dinner and I packed up her and the dog and left for Medowie. I was going to leave early the next morning, but I thought it was too risky just in case there was an accident on the freeway. Jane spoke to the vendor's solicitor and said that she would be there for me at 8am and she had also found out that the other people would be at their solicitor at 8am as well, so I would get there first. She told me that the person that got there first would get the house. So I went up, not too bad, even though I yawned most of the way - I was so tired because of all the goings on and this did not help. I went to bed about 10pm and woke up feeling so sick from nerves at 4:45am. i lay there for a long time, but couldnt sleep, I was too nervous. I had visions of them turning up and it being a fight to see who got there first. So I had planned to get there for 7:30am, but we did not leave home until then. I thought I was going to have to pull over on the way to throw up, I was so nervous. We got there and thank goodness there was no-one else there. Jan said that she would wait at the door so that she was there first. She got talking to a butcher who said that the solicitor (Kylie) would not be in until 9am. She better not be as we were told 8am.

When Jan was waiting, this skivvy couple drove past really slowly and they turned around and came past and looked to park outside the solicitors office. I said to Jan that that might be the other party as Jane said that the woman was brunette. Jan went and stood infront of the door and the woman walked into the burger shop next door. Jan said "thank goodness for that - as that woman was pretty big and I think that we would have lost a fight against her" So anyway the solicitor showed up at 7:55am and took the contract off us. It was not as simple as Jane said, even though we were in first, did not mean that we would get the property, the owner still had to decide, but the solicitor and Jane would put our best case forward to the owner.

So I dropped Jan off and went home. When I got home they were in the middle of the building inspection. Dave (the agent) said everything seemed to be OK and there was nothing to worry about. I still had not heard anything from Jane regarding whether we had got the house or not. So I called her at 12pm - to find out that we had the house. Thank fuck for that.

So we have the house, we are signed - we have an extended cooling off period to co-incide with the one that is on our place. Our moving day is still (if everything is fine on our place) 20th Feb.

Fingers crossed the next couple of weeks go smoothly and they are boring as I really need a rest after all this.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Ella photo

Here is the photo of Ella at her birthday party with her cake that I promised for ages. Also another one of her swimming. I will have to update about that too.

House Craziness!

I did not think that there was anyway that selling the house could get an crazier, but it has. Can't remember if I have written anything about the offers etc, but I will start from the beginning.

Friday 19th December. I had a viewer just after I finished work. I raced home before getting Ella as I wanted to mop the floors. I get a call from Karen the agent saying that the person was cancelling - great. We went on holidays the next day and so the following Monday 22nd we had a viewer and then another one the following day. We had not heard anything from Karen and she called on 24th (Xmas Eve) to say that we had an offer on the house. It was $530,000 which was $20,000 less than we wanted. She said that she had already knocked it back for us and had told the girl to go and speak to her partner and come back. We did not hear anything more from Karen. We thought that the person must be making us sweat and hoping that we would accept the offer. On 2nd Jan Karen called regarding an open home and she said that the girl was really interested in the house, but her mortgage agent was away until 5th Jan and she was waiting until then to raise the offer.

Forward to 6th Jan (last Tuesday) we were told that the girls agent had said that house prices would come down and not to raise their offer. So she said that she was happy to leave her offer as it was and to see what happened. Nothing was heard for tweo days. Forward to 8th Jan - Karen called while I was at work to say that I had a viewer. I had not cleaned up to my liking, so I left work early to clean up. She called again to say that there was a second viewing. So on my way home from work, I was driving, I get a phone call from Karen again to say that the girl has come back with an offer for $540,000 as she has a new mortgage broker now. WHATEVER! She was bluffing, thought that we would take the bait and accept the lower offer. I told Karen that it was still too low, but not to call her back, let her wait a few hours as she had made us sweat for a couple of days. I was out shopping an hour or so later and Karen calls again to tell me that the girl had called her back again (we didnt even reject the offer) and she has raised it for a final time to $545,000. Karen advised us to take the offer as we did not want to lose the sale for $5,000. I told her that it would be a couple of hours before I could speak to Mat and we would speak and get back to her.

Mat said to take the offer. I rung Karen about 5pm to tell her to ring the first people that were interested and to see if she could get any more money out of her and if she couldnt accept the $545,000. Karen calls back 10 mins later - $548,000! So she said to the girl that we wanted $550,000 and if she would agree at $548,000 we would sell it - and she agreed. So deal done.

Karen said that unless the girl was going to exchange contracts and pay a deposit, then she was going to keep the open home. Friday she went and signed the contracts and we signed them and so now we are in the 10 day cooling off period. Moving day (if all goes smoothly) 20th Feb. The girl needs a 10 day because her parents are going guarantor for her and the banks need to value her house too. The house is going to remain on the market until the cooling off period finishes, just incase she pulls out and so we dont lose any advertising time. So from this weekend we dont have anymore open homes - thank god for that.

Now this is where the craziness really begins.


This is where things get really crazy. I am going to try and keep them separate as I think it will be really confusing, but buying and selling will cross over.

OK. We went up to Medowie on 20th December. We had appointments to view 4 properties. The first one, I loved from the pics and I love the builder of the house, so I had really high hopes on this one before I even saw it. The add for the house had said that there was finishing touches that needed to be completed. The whole lot wasnt grassed and not fully fenced, gravel d/way, but that is all that I could see. We went inside - first thing, the floor was laminate. I HATE laminate floors. The exact house design we had seen as a show home and I loved it from the first time I walked in and it had dark WOODEN floors - not laminate. Anway, plus the floors were not finished. You could see the edges of the flooring had not been finished and you could see the foam sticking out..... Then there was no carpet either. I think that that lost it for me. I did not take in anything more of the house I was so dissappointed.

The next house was opposite Jan's house. Mat wanted to see this for ages - I was not so keen. The house needed some work - the colours were awful, but I thought we could do something with it. Then we looked at the house next door to Jans - what a dump! It stunk and it was gross. The last house, I was really looking forward to seeing. It had gone to auction - passed in under the reserve of $390,000. Bargain! I thought we may be able to get it for $350,000. We went to see it and I am telling you that the agent needed a medal for the photos that they took. They are pretty good. The agent warned me before we saw it that it was not very nice. That was an understatement. The house had been repo'd by the bank and there were warning signs on the front of the house. It needed gutting. The photos taken were of the only relatively nice parts - however even those were crap. There was a hole in the master bedroom floor with carpet over that. I still liked the feel of the house and the land, however, it would have been too much work.

We saw a couple more houses over the time that we were up there, but nothing really interested us. Roll on to 2nd January. I had just gotten off the phone to Karen regarding the person interested in our house - I get a phone call from the realestate agent about the McDonald Jones House (the one with the missing carpets) and she asked what I thought etc. I said I was dissappointed and I would not pay more than $450,000. She said that the owner was negotiable and she would pass my comments on. I get a sms 5 mins later saying that the owner would consider an offer at that level. OH MY GOD! We had dismissed the house as it was not worth what they were wanting and we thought we would not get it for close to that much. So that got us interested again.

The next morning, I am looking on the internet and the house was gone. It had been up for $480,000. I thought I would check the houses on the page before it and they had put the price down to $460,000! I couldnt believe it. Mat was sure that it would go and I said that if it was meant to be ours it would still be there. When the offer was not raised on Tuesday, I called Jane and asked what was the go - was going to put in a $430,000 offer. She said that an offer had been put in at $440 something - which had been knocked back. We waiting, knowing that the house was too good and it would be gone as our house seemed to have stalled. On the Thursday I called back and was told that an offer had been accepted and they were filling out the paperwork - and so the house was gone. She said that the offer was over $450,000. I said that we would not have paid that - so the house was gone. I couldnt believe it. If the bloody girl had gotten back to us a couple of hours earlier, we may have gotten the house.

So it was back to building. We got out all of our pamplets again and were talking about what houses to build and the prospect of living in a caravan for 7 or so months. Not fun especially since Mat said that it had pop out beds on the side and Port Stephens rains more than Sydney. So after the open home on Saturday we left to go up to the Central Coast to look at the show homes. There was McDonald Jones plus Eden Brae. I had a missed call from an agent - which I thought was Dowlings - and I called it back on the way out. Only to find out that it was Jane and she needed me to call her regarding Sassin. Shit! I called her back and she said that the people that had made the offer on Sassin were starting to muck around and so if we went in with an offer of $455,000 they would tell the other people where to go. SHIT! Mat said that we could not afford it and he kept driving through the gorge and up to Berowra. Then he phones his mum, who tells him that it is worth that. Thanks a bloody lot - I told him that it was fine - he wont go along with it until his mum tells him it is..... anyway getting back to the story. I said to Jane that we would turn around and go home and get the dog and we would come up. So we turned around and went home. I also told her that we could not pay more than $450,00 for it and we would sign contracts straight away if the owner agreed. Anyway, we did not hear from Jane until after we got to Gosford and she said to come and have a look, but the owner would not take less than $455,000 and at that price he was losing money.

That drive up was the quickest it has ever been. We looked at the house and this time I could forget about all of the things that needed doing. It looked a lot bigger than it originally did and the owners went out this time. So we gave a holding deposit of $1,000 and now the house is ours...... we hope.

Jane - the agent has told the other people to go jump - that is a whole other entry as this one is too long already and we are currently waiting to see that ours goes through. Fingers crossed for the next 10 days that all is OK. i will be gutted if we miss out on this house.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Not pregnant.

Well as the title suggests, I am not pregnant this month. I am really gutted actually. I really thought that we had got it this month. I know it is our first month TTC #2, but I thought that we had it. I have been feeling sick on and off since 2dpo. I knew that I should not obsess about the signs and symptoms, but I do every time and I am sure that I am back into my old habits again.

This morning I felt like AF was coming. It felt like it was before I went on the pill, however I have not felt like that since I came off the pill when I got AF, and nothing came every time I went to the toilet, so I thought that that may be another symptom, but then when we got home I went and did a pregnancy test and as I wiped..... it was red. Great!

I thought this month was it. Cycle day 1 - my birthday and ovulation on NYE - what could be more perfect. I thought things were falling into place. Maybe not as perfect as I thought that they were.

Onto next month.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Again it is late in the afternoon and I am going home in 25 mins, but I thought that I would update about Christmas Day. That was a fun day.....not! I am really glad that it is over.

Lets begin a couple of weeks before Christmas. We were having it at Jan's place and mum and dad and the boys were coming up for the day. I had asked mum if she and dad wanted to come up on Christmas Eve so that I could show them around a bit. Mum said that she would love to come up, but she would have to ask dad. A couple of days later I was told that dad was going to work that day, so they would only come up on Christmas Day.... whatever.

I spoke to mum on 22nd, something like that, and I said that I would speak to her Christmas Eve to find out what time that they were coming. I rung her on Christmas Eve, and I asked what time she was coming up - she said that they would leave at 10am, which meant that they would get there at 12pm. She asked if lunch was still at 2pm - I said that it was. There was an awkward silence, which there usually is with mum.. she said was there any possibility that lunch could be put to 1:30pm instead. I asked why???? She said that they were going out to dinner, which was at 6pm (and it was 20 mins from home) and if lunch was at 2pm they would have to leave straight after it. I couldnt believe it! They were going to stay for 3 hours on Christmas Day! They would have to leave by 3pm. She wouldnt tell me who they were going out to dinner with. So she said to make me feel better they would leave at 8am and come at 10am. I asked her to call me when they left home the next morning.

Then she asked me could I show her around - I asked when did she expect that I was going to do that. I was so annoyed, I did not know what to say. She also proceeded to tell me that Ben's girlfriend was coming too - nice for them to ask. Anyway I was so pissed off. Mike who was also staying, rung mum back - which she proceded to tell Mike that he was always mean to her.

The next day 8am came and went, 9am as well and nothing heard. Michael called at 10am to find out where they were, only to be told by dad to fuck off and they would get there when they got there. They arrived 12:15pm.

They did not bring anything for Jan. They told everyone about 4 times how much their contribution of 2 kgs of prawns cost and how long they waited in the line to get them. $35.00 a kg on Christmas Eve after standing in the line for 40 mins. They brought up a bottle of grape juice and apple cider. Throughout the day Tim and Dad were drinking Coke - however, they did not share it with anyone else, they kept it in the car fridge and went there every time they wanted another one. Ben did not come. He had decided to stay with his girlfriend for the day. Nice to be told that one too. Jan gave everyone presents, they had nothing!

The worst thing that they did.........THEY DID NOT BRING ELLA ANYTHING! Mum made a comment that Ella would have more presents to open when she got back to mum's place. The truth is, she did not have anything. She went and bought it in the January Sales. I know this, because she looked after Ella on 30th December, and she had them in the back of her car.

Tim and Ben - they got nothing for Ella. I cant believe it. She is one - you think that they could have spent $10 on her. No too selfish.

To add insult to injury they left at 4pm.

So..... I am really dissappointed in my own family. I cannot believe that they have treated Jan like they did. They have eaten and run - on Christmas Day. Jan has said that she will not invite them back again. They dont think that they have done anything wrong. There is no point bringing it up with them, they will think I am having a go. Just you wait until mum goes on about people not staying when they go around to hers. I will be reminding her for quite a few years to come about how they acted on Christmas Day.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Just a quickie as I am due to leave work in 10 mins. I have been really busy today - I have had two weeks off, so catching up. Should be back to normal next week!

I have so much to tell - I will have to update either tomorrow or Wednesday. Christmas - I really can't get started on that at the moment - that will take an age to explain and I think that I have had enough stress for one day chasing money and that will only get my back up more.

The house - it is still for sale. The person that was interested, well they still are, however, they are putting their house on the market and seeing what the interest is before they make an offer. I heard from the agent today that the offer that they are going to make is in the region of $550,000 - which would be perfect, as we would take it and run - but then again there is the long settlement. We had an offer on the house on Christmas Eve. It was $530,000 - so $45,000 under the asking price. The agent knocked it back before she told us, telling the person that it is too low. We did not hear back from them, and thought that maybe they were making us sweat, however, I spoke to her on Friday and she said that the person was speaking to their mortgage broker on Monday (today) and she was finding out if they could borrow more - and then they could increase the offer. Karen said that she is going to call them tomorrow to see what the go is. I have my fingers crossed that it is good news as I am really over this, and I want to know one way or the other.

We had a look at 6 properties whilst up at Medowie - I update tomorrow about that. Good and bad ones.

We are now offically TTC - I am hoping that we get it this month - should find out in the next week if we have been successful as I would really love not to have to have clomid this time. I have been feeling sick since Saturday - I am in two minds - one that I am pregnant and the other one that it is my head playing tricks on me.

Anyway I better go - I am off to the shops before I collect Ella from Mum.