Monday, February 23, 2009

What day is it?

So much has happened since I last updated.

On Thursday morning we had the final inspection on the house that we were buying. I was really nervous, and now I know why. We got to the house, and as I thought, the owners had moved out. The agent opened the door and Mat and I walked in ahead of him. The smell hit you in the face. It was terrible - ciggarette smoke - it was so thick. It was like they had had a smoking party in the house. We walked in further and it got worse. We walked around looking at the place. It was filthy! There was dirt everywhere. The floor was filthy, the walls had marks all over them. The agent being a big drip, walked down near the back door and said that it did not smell down there and made a little chuckle.

In the main open area, there were three plates stuck to the wall and they had tried to remove one and it had ripped the wall. They had put the plate on the floor and left the other two on the wall. Everywhere was so dirty. We walked out into the backyard and they had dumped a wheelbarrow in the backyard without a wheel and there was rubbish everywhere. There were pallets stacked up against the house.

I was so dissappointed, the agent said to get onto our solicitor and they would fix it up. When I told Jan what had happened, she stopped in at the agents on the way home and told them off and said that she wanted to get a cleaner in to clean the house, which they would not let her do. The agent told her that the people had left things behind and they would be coming back.

So I got onto the solicitor and they sent a letter requesting for everything to be done and for the lawns to be mowed. We were told that it is the law that they have to leave the lawns mowed, however, they dont have to clean the house, but they do have to leave the house vacant. The owner came back and said that the wood was decking material and he was leaving it behind. I said that we did not come down in the last shower and it was rubbish and to take it, along with all of the other junk that he had left. We got a call back later from the solicitor to say that he had taken all of the junk, and that the plates on the wall were part of the house and they were staying there, and he had gone into the agent and had given them all of the keys back and he had said that he was not doing another thing on the house and we could take it as it was. So back and forwards we went with the solicitors and nothing was done. Just before 5pm our solicitor sent a fax to theirs saying that they wanted $2,000 held by the agent at settlement so that we could get the place professionally cleaned and the wall repaired. We did not hear anything back that night - so we were told that it would all start again the next day, which meant that it would go down to the wire with settlement being at 12pm.

The next morning it went backwards and forwards again. The vendors said that they would not agree to the $2,000 being held and if we delayed settlement they would sue us for liquidated damages. We were told by our solicitor that there was nothing more that they could really do, and some people dont do the right thing. We could not hold up settlement because of our bank and so we had to take it as it was. So at 11:56am we got our final call to say that we were not going to do anything and that settlement was going to go through.

We got the call at 12:40pm to say that the house had settled and an hour or so after that I got a call back from the solicitor saying that they had received a fax from the vendors solicitor saying that they would agree to the $2,000 being held at settlement and that they would have the agent arrange for a handyman to come around and patch the wall and re-paint it.

Yesterday I got a call again from the solicitor saying that apparently $2,000 was being held and she was going to call the agent to confirm that that was correct and that we were going to try and get it so that we could submit a quote for the wall, plus a skip-bin for all of the rubbish that he left behind. So it is not all over yet and I am sure that I will hear more today.


OK, so now that I have updated on the state of the house and the dramas associated with that, I should update about moving. So I drove back home (Sydney) on Thursday. Mike came with me (after I paid for the truck at Gosford). We got back at 1pm and that gave me enough time to repair the wall in Ella's room. Mike was shocked by the state of it, but a bit of scraping with a blade to take off the superglue and some filler, a hairdryer and a bit of touch up paint - looks as good as new. I was extremely proud of what we had achieved and then it was back to the packing.

At 3pm the new owner came around for the final inspection. She walked into the house and said that she knew me from somewhere. I said that I recognised her too - and she said that she had worked at Charltons for 8 years - so I am sure I have seen her in there. She is loaded - it is so funny, Peter is going to hate her..... She drives a new BMW and is in her mid 20's. She said that she was having professional packers come and pack up her old house and cleaners to clean her old house and I am sure our house and then she was having her packers unpack for her. Nice - that service is probably worth about $4,000 atleast. I wish I could afford that. We probably looked like a bunch of paupers to her with all of our boxes moving ourselves. So she said that she had sold her horse recently and the person that bought it off her had taken it down to Adelaide where a Swiss judge had seen it and paid $300,000 for it, not that she had gotten that much for it. I thought I was pretty good getting $4,500 for Mitsy. She had also sold all of her horse gear (incl the float) for $42,000! Holy shit! For all of my gear and horsefloat I got about $6,500!

Mat explained about the pool to her and she said not to worry as she would get a poolman to do it. She also flashed her diamond ring and said that she was getting married in Greece. I am so ecstatic - she is perfect - Peter is going to really hate her. I hope that the boyfriend is really flashy too and then they couldnt be better than a family with heaps of kids that fight a lot.

So on Thursday night we packed up - you dont realise how much crap you have. The more I packed the more it came out. The kitchen was a bomb site and then in the morning to get the last of it in, we just chucked everything in a large box. I had run out of boxes, garbage bags and even shopping bags. With a quick clean of the house we were off.

I thought I would be really upset leaving the house. I had quite a few tears on and off on Thursday as we were packing the house and as we were talking with Jim and Lyn and Cathy, i will miss them. Once we drove off from the house, I thought that there would be tears, but there was none of that. I will not miss the house, but I think with knowing what state of a house that we were moving into, the thought was harder than the actual.

i thought I would miss my house - I dont. I thought I would want to drive past it on the way from work to mum's, but it doesnt bother me. I will see it when we go to see Jim and Lyn.

I love our new house. There is mess everywhere. It is dirty, but we will get there in the next couple of days. The carpet is coming in on Friday so we will be able to have things nice on the weekend.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

1 day to go

There is only 1 day to go and I am starting to feel nervous. I can feel it in my tummy. This morning I woke up to Mat turning the light on to go to the toilet at 5am and I lay awake until 7ish when I got up.

This morning I am going to have to drive to Gosford to pay for the truck and then I will go home and do all of the fixes to the house before the inspection this afternoon.

I have the inspection for the house that we are buying first thing this morning, I have driven past and I think that they have already moved out - which is nice as I really did not want to see them at all.

Well take a deep breath it is going to be a long 24 hours.

1 day to go

There is only 1 day to go and I am starting to feel nervous. I can feel it in my tummy. This morning I woke up to Mat turning the light on to go to the toilet at 5am and I lay awake until 7ish when I got up.

This morning I am going to have to drive to Gosford to pay for the truck and then I will go home and do all of the fixes to the house before the inspection this afternoon.

I have the inspection for the house that we are buying first thing this morning, I have driven past and I think that they have already moved out - which is nice as I really did not want to see them at all.

Well take a deep breath it is going to be a long 24 hours.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ella update some more

I forgot to write that Ella has started to say "cheers" It is so funny. Lyn taught her to clink her bottle and say "cheers", so now Ella says "cheers" all the time. Last night she was sitting on the table at the pub and Jim was passing beer mats to her and she was putting them in the holder and every time she took one off him she said "cheers"

She has started to try and copy what you are doing. In the morning when I am getting her dressed I put my fac through the neck of her t-shirt and blow rasberries at her. Yesterday she picked up a t-shirt and tried to do the same thing with it.

Ella update

Ella is so close to walking. She is taking more and more steps at a time and now she has more control when she is walking. She is able to walk, stop and stand for a bit and then keep walking again. So we are going to make it with Ella waiting to walk until we moved into the new place, so that is one less thing we have to worry about.

2 days to go!

There is only now two days - well actually about 42 hours until the move. I am really over it at this point and I am finding that my stress levels are really high at the moment and I am feeling that I am not coping too well. My fuse is shorter than usual.

Last night we went and met Mat's aunt that is out from England. We met her and her husband down at Manly. It was not the greatest day to be meeting them as we really had more than enough things to do at home, but it was still a good night. Ella was restless as usual, and it would probably been easier to have mum look after her, but she still had a good time and ate pizza for the first - no make that the second time (as she was fed pizza at daycare once)

Yesterday when I got home from work, Paris was covered in lumps. She has never been like that before and it was always Stella that came out in lumps. She was not better when we got home at night and this morning after a restless night, Mat wanted me to take her to the vet. I ended up not taking her as I dont know how to do it with a restless toddler and a dog who is scared of other dogs. The lumps are still there, but she is OK, if she does not get better in the next couple of days I will take her to the vet up here for a steriod injection.

I had to drop off the transfer documents at the solicitor this morning and when I got there, i was asked whether we were going to do a final inspection. I said that we were probably not going to as time was not on our side. She recommended that we do one as if the owners had stripped out the house we would not have any come back after settlement. That got me thinking about our place and probably the girl buying it would want one too. Our house looks like a bomb has gone off in it and so I made sure that i cleaned the house before I left and made the beds, but there is a sticking point.

Ella has her name on 6 little canvases in her room. They kept falling off and so Mat superglued them to the wall. So when I pulled them off this morning they have left a horrible sticky and goopy mess. The wall looks terrible. It was 24 marks on it. I tried gumption, nail polish remover even sanding the wall to try and get it off, to no avail. I had no touch up paint at home as Mat had already packed it and brought it up here. So i was hoping that she would not bother with the inspection and that would give me 2 days to fix the wall. i was at Berwora filling up and I had a missed call from Karen the agent saying that Clare wanted an inspection for tomorrow morning or midday OH SHIT! I was on my way up. What am I supposed to do? So now I have set the appointment for 3pm tomorrow afternoon. I am to be there as Clare needs to know how to look after the pool etc. So I am going to leave here at 11am and that will get me back home for 1pm and i will fix the wall and make sure that the kitchen drawer (another story) is all fixed and I will make the house all clean for the inspection. Mat is going to come down too from Newcastle after his induction and he will meet me there. I will get Michael to pick up the truck and drive that down to home. This is really tiring. I will be glad when it is over.

I am getting a little sad as it gets closer to us moving. When I put Ella and Paris in the car today, i told them that this was the last time that they were going to see the house. It is silly, they will not remember it, but it is still sad that it will no longer be our house.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Why can't things just stay the same

Things are changing too quickly and I need for them to slow down so that I can catch my breath. At work today, Julie pulls me aside and asks what my plans are. I told her that I would continue to come down. She said that she did not think that I would want to come down for too long, and asked what hours I envisaged doing. I told her the Monday and Tuesday hours which total 17 per week, which is 2.5hours less than what I do at the moment. She said that she would really like some assurance from me that I will stay until they come back from holidays which will be the 23rd May.

I had not planned on staying that long ( I was really hoping that I would be out in a month!) anyway she said that if I would stay, she would pay me the same amount that I am being paid now, for the lower amount of hours! That is a $4.20 an hour pay rise. That puts me up to $32.52 per hour. I was shocked. I don't do alot of work at the moment for $28.35 an hour, so to now be paid $32.52 an hour - shit that is amazing. So I agreed to stay. This now puts me in a predicament. I have taken Ella out of daycare and today was going to be her last day.

At work I was thinking about daycare and mum was not that happy when I told her that she was going to look after Ella two days a week for the next month or so while I looked for a job. I just started to feel uneasy that she would be looking after her for 11 weeks for 2 days a week. I felt that I needed to leave work right on 4pm and get to daycare and get Ella's spot back.

I rung mum when I left work, explained what happened and asked her if she was happy looking after Ella. She was silent and then asked if I could get my spot back. I said that it was on the board this morning, but not sure. She said that she would call me back in 5 mins after she had a think about it. I couldnt believe it, this is her granddaughter - we are moving away and this is her time to spend with Ella. Anyway, I decided to put her back into daycare no matter what mum said, as her reaction was enough to tell me what she wanted.

I went into daycare and luckily her place was still available, so she is still going to daycare. All of the women were really excited that she was not leaving. It really annoys me that my own family is not like that, yet complete strangers are - they are really excited to have Ella. What annoyed me the most was that, over an hour after I called mum she rings me and asks whether I had been to daycare and whether Ella had her place back. I told her not to worry as Ella was going to stay at daycare and she was supposed to call me after 5 mins. She said it was a really big decision that she had to make. She wanted to come over and talk about it, but I told her not to bother, there was nothing to talk about as she had made her decision and the message that she was sending was loud and clear. Why am I made to feel that her looking after Ella is such a burden.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

9 days to go!

Only 9 days to go until we move. I went and checked the mail box on monday and had some mail for the girl that is buying our house - it was a little sad as it really hit home that this was not our house anymore.

Truck is booked - Michael has the time off work. Next Wednesday night it is all happening. Scary!

TTC # 2

Cycle 2 - BFN - oh well, it was not to be this month. I did not think it would be the case, but that does not matter - I am OK with that. We can only try again.

I had my Gyno appt to try and get clomid - I am still annoyed over it, so cant be bothered to go over it at the moment - will have to remember to fill in about it later.

Ella Update!

Ella is trying to walk! She has gone past just standing. Over the last couple of days she has been taking the odd step, maybe two or three at a time and then falling over. Last night, she was walking around the coffee table (holding on) and then walked off the end and kept on going - she must have done at least 10 steps to not far off the tv cabinet before falling over. Then afterwards, she walked between Mat and I. We were only 1.5 - 2m apart, but she did it. So exciting, so upsetting. So not long now and she will be walking properly. I dont know if we will make another week without her walking. I am almost afraid to leave her now incase she walks and I miss it.

My little baby is growing up. She is such a little character - I love her to bits.

How quickly things change

Last Tuesday night we went to Jim and Lyn's for dinner. We were talking about Marlaina who Lyn told us had been made redundant when she returned to work after Christmas and had been given 3 months pay. I was talking to them about my plans to keep coming down for work etc and I was pretty secure in my job. I also told them about all of the fighting that was going on at work between Brian and Peter.

The next day (last Wednesday) I went to work and shit had hit the fan. It was really eerie and Peter pulled me aside to say that things were terrible on Tuesday and he had resigned that morning. I was shocked. How did it go from him wanting to buy the company off Brian and Julie, to him resigning and giving 6 weeks notice? He was going to leave mid-March, so that gave me 6 weeks to also find something. I was also told that I was going to be pushed out as Julie wanted to come back in and take over control of the company. Shit - I need this job.

The next day it got even worse. Peter again pulled me aside and asked if I wanted to organise with Brian a payout for me. How did it come to this. I was blindsided! Never has anyone said a bad word to me here, there has been nothing but praise, and now I am being pushed out and trying to work a payout so I can get some money. Peter said to think about it and he would call me in the afternoon.

Peter went out for an appointment and Julie came in. She had been to the bank to change the signatories on the accounts and she came to cancel all of Peters payments. She was also going to work out a payout for him. When Peter called in the afternoon, I told him what had happened, he said that he was sorry, but things had gone too far for him to do anything for me and they were going to push him out that day and he would not have time to work anything out for me. He said that through no fault of mine, I was public enemy number 2 and I was going to be pushed out. I thought that I would give 6 weeks notice, hoping that they would pay it out to me and tell me to go - Peter thought that that was a good plan, however, he called back again in the afternoon to say that he was not going to get his 6 weeks and they were only going to pay him 2 weeks notice, so my plan was not going to work. I decided that i would keep looking for a job and that i would work and pretend that nothing was happening.

So I came into work on Monday - things are a bit creepy. Everyone is looking for a new job (Rob should be, but is lazy about it). Nothing was said, Peter came to collect his things and his payment chq. I think that they are not going to say anything at the moment and they are going to keep things sweet and rosey until they go away and have their holiday in May for a month and then things will change when they come back.

I gave daycare notice on Monday that Ella would be leaving, so her last day is next Monday. It was very sad, and the ladies at daycare were sad to see her go too, but it will save money and maybe some illnesses for a while. She will be going to mums on a Monday and Tuesday until I can get a job where we are.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another pic of the black eye
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Its a black eye!

Well as the title suggests, yesterday Ella scored her first black eye. We got home from daycare and we went inside and I was busting to go to the toilet, so I put her in her cot while I went to the toilet. She overbalanced as I put her down and hit her face on the top of the cot. I could watch it bruising and swelling up. Usually when Ella is upset, taking her out to see the fish will stop her crying. Not this time. Only an iceblock stopped the tears. Poor little bugger!

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Ella update!

Ella can stand up on her own. :-( Time is flying too quickly for comfort. Yesterday she was playing in the bathroom again. I am digressing from what I was posting about, but this really needs to be told so I can remember for a 21st story for Ella. She is obsessed with the toilet and the toilet brush. Many times if I have left the door open, I will go to look for her and she will be playing with the toilet brush - which is so gross. Yesterday I went to find her and she was in the bathroom, this time she was standing up next to the toilet and she had the brush in her hand and it was down the toilet and she was pushing the brush up and down like she was scrubbing it. She must have been doing it for a while as there was no water left in the toilet bowl.

Ok, so I took her out, washed off her hands and we were walking out of the bathroom with me holding her hands for support. We got out of the bathroom and I let go of her hands and she usually falls bum first onto the tiles. This time she went down a little bit, her knees bent and then she straightened herslef and stood up! I couldnt believe it, I just stood there. She stood there for probably 5-10 seconds and then plopped down on her bum. Tears started flowing. I was too shocked to even tell mat what was happening.

I dont think that it will be long until she walks. We are hoping that she does not walk until we move and then we will not have to worry about the pool, but I am not sure she will last that long.
Well the colling off for both properties has finished and so they are both final as of Friday 30th Jan 09. I am happy about that, but a little apprehensive too.

I am excited about moving into a new house, and I am looking forward to more space and a lovely new kitchen, but I am apprehensive about moving so far from where I have lived all of my life. I am sure it will be fine, and I like it where we are moving to, but I am still apprehensive. Friday was a bit of a shock for me, I drove home and there was the SOLD sign. It was really scarey. I felt like we were not playing around anymore and this was really happening and we were moving. There was no coming back to the little house that we love. I know that it has its downfalls and I know that it is small, but we have done a lot of work to it and made it our own and it will be sad to think that it is not ours anymore. Another thing that made me sad was realising the fact that we could not afford to buy our house back even if we wanted too.

I have been going in the pool too - I did not go in it all last year and this year I have been in it 3 times. I know - even Mat nearly fell over when he came home on Friday and Ella and I were in the pool. I will miss the pool - even though we will have Jan's pool, which is always warmer than mine, it is not the same as seeing your own in your backyard and it will be a long time before we can afford to put one in.

On Saturday we moved the spa. It was not as bad as I thought that it was going to be. Mat got up quite early and woke me up with all of his banging outside the window. When I got up about 20 mins later, he had already taken the fence down. We had already drained the spa and so Mat took the wooden covers off the side and we could move it a bit the two of us. Michael came down at 11:30am and with Dad, Tim (who arrived when most of the work was done) Ian and Jim, it was lifted out of the undercover area. Once they got it out, they tipped it on its side and put it on a piano trolley to move it. Mat had cut a large panel out of the fence and taken one of the hedges out and so Ian put some corrugated iron down and it was rolled through onto the driveway. It required a little bit more effort than that, but you get the drift. It was then lifted onto the back of the truck that Michael had borrowed from work and strapped down and we were set. Both Mat and I were amazed that it was as easy as that to get out and we thought that it would be a pain in the bum. When we got to Mat's mums place, we had 6 guys help lift it off and put it in her back paddock. They made it look like they were lifting a box of air off.

Yesterday afternoon we got a phone call from Jan to say that the neighbours tree, one of the large branches had fallen down and had landed a few metres from the spa. Lucky - that would have been a big insurance claim!

This week it is more packing and on Friday Mat has a job interview for a dealership in Newcastle. 18 days to go!