Monday, March 30, 2009


We got our first virus on the computer. I could not believe it. On Wednesday (2 weeks ago) I went and got on the computer. I had been downloading a movie and it was going slow and so I shut the computer down and I thought that that would make it go faster. When the computer came back up, it was running like a bullet. The movie downloaded in 30 mins, however, there was an error that kept coming up when I went on the internet. I kept clikcing OK, but the error kept coming up. I went onto Google to find out what the error was and it said that it was a virus and to download some programs to delete it. I tried to download the programs, but it would not work and every time the internet page would say 'jump' and re-direct me to another page. I tried and tried, I called dad and he gave me suggestions, but the computer kept freezing and I kept shutting it down and when it came back it was worse. Ryan came over, he tried and it got worse and worse. Michael came on the weekend, he tried to fix it, but it got worse and worse. I found out what virus it was - which turned out to be the new super virus and all of the things that it was doign - changing my toolbar back to the default, not letting me open programs, re-directing pages and no sound were all what this virus did, however, I could not understand the first instruction on how to clean it up. I called a computer person and he cleaned the computer - unfortunately he could not save the D drive and I lost all of my photos - except for the Ella photos.

i had transferred all of my Ella photos to my iphone when I got it. Mat thought that I was nuts, but it worked and I had to download a program to get them back onto my computer - but I have my 1,000 odd photos of her back. I have lost all of my other photos, which i am dissappointed about. I have lost all of the photos of Stella and we only have old ones of her and all of the photos of us doing up the house at Galston.

So lesson learnt, get a good computer person - our one is a bit of a muppet, but he seems good and is cheap! Plus back your computer up! Plus make sure that your antivirus is updating. that was the problem with ours - our antivirus would not update and in the end we ended up losing most of our computer.

Another black eye

Well, I think that the title explains everything. Ella scored herself another black eye, but this time it was more than a black eye.

This time, she decided that she could run before she could walk properly and she ran in the house to me in the office and she hit the corner of the wall. The noise that she made when she hit the wall, and she cried so loud. She was choking she was crying so much. Poor little bugger. She had a red mark from her forehead to the bottom of her cheek from the wall. When we went out that afternoon we got the weirdest looks from people - and the excuse that she walked into a wall, does not really work. The photos were taken a couple of hours after she did it, the next day the bruise that came up was horrendous. I am sure that there will be plenty more bruises along the way

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Too Much

Too much has been going on, and I really feel like I need a break. It is silly really, that we have only come back from holidays 2 weeks ago, but I feel like I am worn out again and need a break. Maybe to check out for a bit and not worry about anything for a while.

My last entry was about work. I had my last day at work on 3rd March - and I was going to have 2 weeks off, which I was really looking forward too. It had not been a good last day week at work as I had been late to work on the Monday due to picking up Ryan and co from the airport, which made me 3 hours late. So Julie had the shits for both days. She also told me that I would have to fill out a time sheet from now on to make sure that I was doing my correct hours.

On Monday when I came back to work, I walked into my office to find that everything had been moved. My computer was in a different spot and everything was different. I had a long list of notes of things to do, with a due date of when they were required. I was told that I had to do the FBT return, which the year does not end until 31st March, but I was told to prepare it anyway. So when I was doing this, I looked into Peter's employee file to find his km reading for the return, when in my file I saw a letter addressed to me, dated 24th February to outline my new employment conditions. It clearly stated that I was doing 2 days per week, and I was to make every effort to be at work on the last day of the month and that I was no longer being paid for public holidays. I had not seen the letter before. It was signed by Brian, even though I knew full well that Julie had written it. I took it to Brian, who got me to sit down, who tried to tell me that I had deliberately chosen Monday and Tuesday to work so that I could get the public holidays. They were only going to pay me for the time that I was there and not for public holidays. Even though we went round in circles with me telling him that I had a contract, which stipulated when I worked and that I was a permanent employee, he then changed his tune and told me that Julie wrote it and he did not know what he was signing..... he said to speak to Julie about it.

When Julie came in that afternoon, I could not be bothered to speak to her about it. I wanted to get some help regarding the situation and I thought that I would look it up on the net when I got home. Julie left early and Brian went into a meeting, so I went on the on-line help for the workplace ombudsman. They were not that helpful, but said that if I felt that I had a case, then I should call them and speak to a consultant.

The next day, Julie dropped into work, and i thought that there was no time like the present and I asked if I could have a chat to her regarding the letter. She asked if I had been looking in my employee file. I explained how I found it. I could not believe how she was behaving. She wanted to know why I felt why I had a right to be paid public holidays. She said that my pay rise was 15% and I could not expect to also get public holidays. I explained that everyone else got pay rises too and so I was not the only one, and I was most annoyed that nothing was said to me, that it was only written in a letter and put in my employee file - they did not have thee decency to come to me. I explained that I would still have to pay daycare, and I would have to come down two days and try and find care for Ella. So after a lot of bitching (i cant really be bothered to go into all of it now) Julie decided that I would be paid for Easter Monday and in return I would work the end of April (which is not my day) and then I would not be paid public holidays after that.

i dont know why she is behaving like this, they are planning to push me out after they come back from holidays, so you think that they would keep me sweet until then, and then I have a smaller chance of walking. She has me writing out procedures of how do things - like paying the Super with each individual person "in case she ever needs to do it"

So I am now looking for another job. I have come to the realisation that I need another job, whether it be part time or full time, I just need another job, and really I dont have too long to find one. I really do not want to work full time, but I think that I do not have a choice in the matter and I was looking this afternoon and there are a lot more full time jobs than part time jobs - so I think that that will be my best bet and Ella will have to go into care more - and the extra $$$ will always come in handy.

Monday, March 16, 2009

TTC # 2 - Cycle 3 - BFN

Cycle 3 is a BFN. I really did not think that we were in with a chance this month. My temps were a lot lower than they usually are post O, so I was not convinced that I O'd, but if you take FF saying that I O'd on day 20 (which is the usual for me) and getting AF on Saturday, it is spot on.

Here is to cycle 4 - this will be the last to have a 2009 baby

Monday, March 2, 2009

Ella update

A quickie, as I arrived late at work today and the bosses are not impressed. Will update later about that one.

Ella is WALKING! I cant believe it. She is getting really good now. Mum counted 38 steps in a row, but I think that she has done more than that in one go. She is still crawling alot, for the speed factor, but she is walking like a champion. It really happened last weekend when we moved into the house. So we are grateful that she waited until we moved.

So we can say that she started walking at 14.5 months!

She is 15 months old tomorrow! The time has gone so fast. She has no teeth yet.

New word - Naa-na - for banana. She has been saying it as soon as she sees a banana. I will peel it for her and give it to her with the skin on for her to hold and she will eat at least one in a sitting. She keeps repeating naa-na. So cute.