Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Me-me gone?

Ella will be turning 2 on 3rd December - so it is just on a week away. Ella has always been a big fan of the dummy and she was given her first dummy when she was in Special Care Nursery soon after she was born as she had a tube down her throat. Since then it has been a regular occurance and shows up in many photos.

We always said that by 2 the dummy would have to go. It has been greeping up on us and she is still pretty dependent on it. She uses it to sleep and when she is upset and as we generally have about 5 or 6 kicking around at one time, she will find one in the house and have it in her mouth at random times during the day.

This week all of those dummy's went missing. For some reason or another we searched and searched, but could not find any. So what a perfect time to stop using them.

So we have told Ella that me-me has gone. She walks around saying "me-me gone" and we say that it has gone. So far we have gone three nights without the dummy and doing pretty well.

Hopefully by Ella's birthday we will be totally dummy (or me-me) free.

Handmade Kids Giveaway

I used to post about giveaways all the time. I am yet to win one, so I have not entered for a while, but this one is a great one, and must be entered and blogged about.

Handmade Kids are having a giveaway. Two prize packs one for the boys and another for the girls.

Make sure you check out the Handmade Kids blog and leave a comment to gain an entry.

Monday, November 16, 2009

From England to wake

*** Warning! Image heavy post! Warning.!***

It will be 7 years on Boxing Day since Mat and I arrived in Australia to start a new life. I had lived in England for nearly 2 years with him, so I was looking forward to returning home to an Australian summer. So much has changed in that time. We have gotten married, had a baby, moved more times than I care to count.

In England Mat would not have counted himself as a strong swimmer. In the time that he has lived in Australia he has changed into a beach regular, trying his hand at surfing and body surfing. This weekend was another weekend for firsts for not just for Mat, but for Ella too.

Ella is obsessed with water. She has been on the ski boat before and loves the waves and especially when the boat jumps over waves. This was her first time of being in the river and being on the tube.

All dressed ready for a day on the water.

A few false starts

Starting off gently

A bit more speed

Give Ella a few more years and I am sure that we will have her out on a pair of ski's.

After the fun of the tube, it was down to the serious task of learning to wake board. I would have loved to have a go, but being pregnant, I had to sit it out, but I am waiting for next summer when it will be my turn.

Firstly, to start on the knee board, just to get the feel of the water and to learn some balance. Mat took to this quickly and soon enough he was having a duel with Dave on tandem ropes.

Then after an exhibition from Jason and Dave how wake boarding was done, Mat had a go. It certainly was not as easy as he thought it would be. He tried quite few times at trying to get up. He was just about to give up, and said that he would have one more go, and then he was calling it a day.

He got up, and stayed up. I could not have been more proud, screaming from the back of the boat as he went down the river. He fell a couple of times and got up each time again. I am sure that next time, he will be learning to jump the waves with the best of them.

For the time being, I will post some pics of Jason showing us how it should be done.

Thanks to Jason for the weekend out on the boat. We had a great time! Looking forward to doing it again soon.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A little bump

I have been quiet of late. I can no longer blame the morning sickness, as that has finally left (about 14 weeks) but I have been slack and I am out of the habit of sewing. I have made some progress to get back into it, cutting out 4 pairs of O+S Puppet Show shorts, which Ella desperately needs with summer hitting us.

On the baby front, I thought I would post an update. Probably not the most interesting thing for everyone else, but when I was pregnant with Ella I only took photos from 35 weeks onwards. This time I am determined to take more photos.

Here is my little bump at 16 weeks. You will have to excuse the quality of the photo - it was taken on my iphone - with a grubby mirror (note to self to clean it before taking photos) My hand looks huge in this photo (which I swear is of normal size)

I have been having flutters for the last couple of weeks and a few little thumps here and there.

The countdown is on to find out what we are having..... only 20 days to go.

Wordless Weekend - the cool kid