Friday, February 26, 2010

Undies, undies and more undies

After making one pair of undies for Ella, I couldn't leave it at one. It is amazing how much quicker you can do something when you have done it once. By the fifth pair, you are powering along like a sweat shop.

For the second lot of undies, to make things easier, I took one of the needles off my overlocker and used only 3 threads instead of 4 - what a huge difference this made to the neatness of the seams.

The only problem that I had with the first pair, is that the ribbing would slip and so when I turned out the garment I found that I had missed picking up the ribbing in some parts - to fix this problem, I had a larger seam allowance and made sure that when the ribbing was folded in half, the bottom stuck out a little bit further than the top.

This time I used some of my old t-shirts. Actually these t-shirts have been sitting in my wardrobe for years and have not been worn, so they are still in new condition, and now they are not going to waste.

Too bad they are not a little bigger - or I would wear them myself!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hushabye for the big 6-0

My mum turned 60 in October last year. I offered to send her and dad away for the weekend. I made some suggestions as places I thought that they could go. Mum said she would think about it and get back to me. Fast forward four months and she still cannot decide where she wants to go. So rather than waiting another 8 months - and then it will be her birthday again, I decided that I would make her a quilt instead and then she would have something to use, and something to keep from her 60th.

I wanted to use the same D9P that I had with my previous quilt, however, this time I thought that I would use charm packs rather than cutting out the fabric. It would save on time, and it would also fix the problem that I had last time with my squares not joining up. The fabric I chose was Hushabye from Moda. I saw this fabric some months ago on a visit to my LQS and fell in love with it.

The initial problem I found, as I wanted to have 2 lots of 4 blocks that were the same fabric and random block with the left over charm squares. With the different fabrics in the charm packs, this was not going to work. So I have 9 blocks that are all random and dont follow a pattern.

I am pretty happy with it. My only problem was the Lincraft quilters cotton. My machine hated it. It would not feed through the machine properly and it was all stiff and horrible. I had to wash it twice for it to feed better. Note to self - even if Lincraft fabric is 50% off - DON'T BUY IT.

Happy 60th birthday mum!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Little undies for a little Ella bum

It is toilet training time in our house. Hoping that I might have her out of nappies by the time that the baby comes, but I am not really that concerned and we are taking one day at a time.

My biggest hinderance at the moment is UNDIES! Ella is not big - she still wears toddler nappies (10-15kg) and she fits into size 0 shorts. So my problem is that undies are not made for kids with a size 0-1 bum. They come in size 2-3 and they are HUGE. So what did I do, I thought I would make my own.

The pattern I got was That*darn*kat undies pattern. It goes from size 2 - 8. I know I am in the same boat again, but I washoping that they will be on the small size and Ella will be able to wear them.

I had two sleeping bags from when Ella was a baby. As we are having a boy, I thought I would do what the pattern said and use knit scraps. So the sleeping bags were perfect for recycling.

I have never sewn in proper knit before and it was a learning curve. A lot of swearing and cursing, and I think it made it harder because the undies were so small, but we got there in the end.

Not as neat as I would have liked, but they are not bad for a first go. I am sure the next pair, I will be neater and quicker.

A little modelling shot from Ella. She isn't as excited by her new undies as I am.

So there are three things that I have achieved this month

1. Feb challenge - sewing with knits - DONE!
2. Undies for Ella - now I just have to make a stack more.
3. I never thought that I would be 'one of those' that sewed their own undies - it was something that I was not going to do - but I have done it.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Hawthorne goodness

One of my loves is buying fabric. I am loving Hawthorne Threads and a lot of the time I will have a full shopping basket of fabric waiting to checkout.

We have been painting the house, and the spare bedroom was our latest project. With the feature wall painted, I needed to complete the canvas that I had for the room. I suggested covering it in fabric, like I have done for Ella's room, but there is no point in buying just one yard of fabric, you might as well fill a satchel.

Usually my orders take about a week to be delivered. Which is not bad, coming from the States, but this time it took two weeks. Even Mat kept asking me had my fabric arrived yet. Today, it came, and even Ella's words when she opened the parcel "pretty mum"

The first lot of fabric is from the Timber range by Jessica Levitt. I love this fabric and really should have bought more. I am planning to use some of this to make a nappy bag.

Second lot - the white fabric is for the canvas picture in the spare bedroom and the blue fabric - well I am stocking up on boyish fabric.

Finally, all of the girly pink. How can I go past girly pink. This is a mixture of Amy Butler from the Midwest range and Heather Bailey Nicey Jane range

Sunday, February 14, 2010

EB New Years Sewing Swap - what I received

I love receiving parcels and I was excited to find a big box waiting for me after my trip to Sydney on Monday. So I have had nearly a week to wait until I could open it this morning.

My swap partner was Wilderness. My three things that I wanted making were;

1. A thread catchy thingy for my machine. Mat is forever telling me off that we have cotton thread on the carpet. Our carpet is chocolate brown, so they really stand out.

2. Something for a baby boy

3. Cover for my overlocker - I currently only have a cheap $2.00 plastic one.

I received a little care package for a baby boy.

Firslty I got some wee tee-pees. I have never seen or heard of anything like them, but what a great idea.

Secondly, two burp cloths. Ella was a chucky baby and I went through many burp cloths, so I am sure that these will get a lot of use.

Finally, a nappy bag.

Thanks for all of the effort you put in. Greatly appreciated and all of the items will get plenty of use, in just under 10 weeks time.

EB New Years Sewing Swap - what I made

It seems that I can't resist a swap - this swap is part of the EB sewers first first for 2010. It was a pretty good swap organised by Emma. This swap you had to nominate three things that you want made for you.

My swap recipient was Mel. Her three things were

1. Set of quilted coasters
2. Full length vintage style apron - similar to this one on Etsy
3. Some cushions for her house.

I straight away thought of doing two things for Mel, the vintage apron and the set of coasters.

Firstly the apron - I thought how hard can it be. It is an apron, I have made many and they are quick and easy to do. I trawled through Etsy, page after page looking for a suitable pattern. Nothing!!! I could not believe it, how could there not be a pattern.

OK., apron too hard, lets move onto the coasters, they will be easier and I didnt need a pattern for them. I found a tutorial that was perfect. I set about making a couple of dummy's. Do I keep it simple, do I try to do something fancy (like leaf patterns) How big to make them, what padding to use - all questions that needed to be answered.

Firstly the fabric, a couple of choices, that didnt look right. Finally I settled on Robert Kaufman Leaf Path in snow. I am actually dissappointed that I only bought 1/2 yard of this fabric as I would have loved to make a set of coasters myself and a set of place-mats for Mel.

The coasters are easy to make, but I found that using 2 layers of the cotton batting gave the coasters a fuller look. With all the quilting, the batting goes a bit flat if you only use one layer.

After I made the coasters, I couldn't put off the apron. If I could not find a pattern, I had to make it myself.

The fabric is Timeless Treasures Leaf Stripe in Yellow . I have based the bottom of the apron on the Make it Perfect Flipsy Skirt, and then winged the rest. Not so easy to try it on when you have an ever growing bump.

A final little gift for Mel, with the left over fabric - a makeup bag. Quick and easy to make.

Hope that you like it Mel!

Friday, February 5, 2010

77 days to go.

I am 28 weeks today, so there is not long left until we meet out little boy. Today I had a 4D ultrasound, so that we could check that this little baby was indeed a little boy. There is no denying it - and he is definetly not shy.

I thought I would share some pics from the ultrasound. He is still lying transverse, however, there is plenty of time to turn, but he looks pretty comfortable, so I am not so sure if he will.

Already with an attitude.
Now I know what keeps kicking me day and night.

Such a cutie already
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And some video, just because I can.

Our next thing to do....think of a name!