Monday, April 26, 2010

When Harry met mummy and daddy

We were told to get the hospital for 12:00pm on Friday 23rd April 2010. We live 1.5hours from the hospital - so we needed to leave home at 9:30am in order to get to the hospital in plenty of time, plus allow time for pre-admission bloods. Luckily we did leave early, as just before we got to the Freeway to Sydney, there was a warning sign that said that there was an accident and to expect delays. I was floored! What was going to happen if we were delayed too long and I missed my caesarian. Luckily the accident was not that old - and not too serious and we were only held up by about 20 minutes.

We arrived at the hospital at 11:45am - waddled to pathology - where the room was locked with a sign saying "back in 5 mins" - what the........... After waiting 5 mins, I quickly had a blood test and it was down to admissions. We made it with a minute to spare. No time for nerves.

We only had to wait 5 mins and we were called in. Told to change into hospital gown for me and scrubs for Mat and then to sit down and wait..... for nearly 3 hours!!!!!

Mat looks more like a fish monger than a surgeon

Such a fashion statement

As we were second on the list, we were not scheduled to go in until 3pm (should not have really bothered rushing) so Mat and I made the best of the time by taking happy snaps. This birth was turning out to be a million miles different from Ella's birth. From when we finally managed to get to the hospital, it was a relaxed day.

A few seconds before we were called in, I felt my nose drip. I went to wipe it and realised it was blood. As I started to try and stop the bleeding, we were called up. I felt so very attractive in my hospital getup with a tissue stuffed up my nose, walking to the operating theatre. We were put into a room just outside the operating room, where I had drips put in and they explained the procedure of the caesar.

No going back now and not the most flattering angle- luckily my nose had stopped bleeding by then - that would make an attractive photo

Mat had to stay in the waiting area while I went in to be prepped and have the spinal block put in. I think that this was my most nervous time. The butterflies were having a field day in my stomach, but as soon as I was wheeled through the operating theatre doors, saw the OB, and saw that they were all chatting away, my nerves melted away.

Spinal in, Mat sitting down (so that he couldn't see over the curtain and pass out) and within minutes my little boy was born

waiting, waiting, waiting.....

It's a boy!!!

At 3:40pm Harry Alec was born weighing 3.320kg (7pd 3oz) 50.5cm long (don't know where he got the height from) and head circumfrence of 35cm. He got apgar scores of 9 and 9 - so a happy and healthy boy with no signs of being early. The OB predicted that he would be bigger than Ella, which I doubted as she had had longer cooking time, but he was right - with Harry weighing in a huge 70 grams heavier than his bigger sister and a full 3cm longer.

After being stitched up- where I did ask the OB if he would give me a tummy tuck while he was there, and he was gracious enough to say there there was no tummy to tuck , we went to recovery, where I had a quick feed and then proceeded to the maternity ward.

In all, I am so happy with how everything went. I am really grateful to the staff of the hospital that made me feel so relaxed and I had my mind more on joining in the banter that was going on in the room, rather than focusing on the operation that was taking place. This birth as I said before could not have been any more different than Ella's. In one respect, during the operation I had a little tear for the birth that I had finally been allowed to have, the birth that I had had with Ella, and the birth that I had missed out on with Ella. While I am not bitter in any respect with how her birth went, I am grateful that I got to choose the birth that I wanted for Harry. I am glad that I had the courage to stand up for what I wanted this time. While I know that caesarians are not everyones dream birth, but for me, I could not have asked for anything more perfect.

Harry is divine. I am so in love with my little man. He is quiet and contented, and in many ways is so different from his sister, but in other respects is a spitting image of her - you can already see similarities in their mannerisms. While I had my heart set on having two little girls before I got pregnant as really thought that Harry would be a girl. Now that he is here, I cannot imagine having another girl.

Ella, so far has been great with Harry. She is so gentle, always kissing him and stroking his head. She thinks that he is "too cute". She always asks where he is, and her face lights up when she sees him. I am sure she is going to be a great big sister.

Not a good family photo - but try getting a 2 year old to sit still and keep her eyes open

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The evolution of bump

Today is my last day of being pregnant. I am booked in for a caesar tomorrow afternoon, so I am trying to savour the last time that I will have this bump and the last time that I will feel a baby move in my belly.

I thought I would give a picture tribute to my bump - how it has grown and changed over the last 6 months or so. You will have to mind all of the great facial expressions - I usually cut off my head for these photos, but thought I would post them for once.

17 weeks

19 weeks

25 weeks

28 weeks

31 weeks

33 weeks

35 weeks

36 weeks

38 weeks

Today - 38.6 weeks

Got to love the outie!

I am going to miss my bump - I love all of the movements that I feel - and believe me this little boy is very active. He gets the hiccups, but not like Ella used to get.

However, I will be happy to get this little boy out and to get my belly button back to being an 'innie' and being able to bend down without having to groan like an old lady. Too bad you can't video and keep for later what it feels like to be pregnant. As this is my last pregnancy, I want to savour these last kicks and movements so that I can remember them for a lifetime.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ella dig too

Ever since we have moved (which is now 14 months ago) I have been meaning to take Ella to Oakvale Farm and Fauna World. On Monday I was feeling pretty energetic, so we packed a backpack full of drinks, camera's and everything else a toddler needs and off we went.

As soon as we walked in, Ella was in heaven. She loves animals and kept yelling out the name of the animal as she saw them. We walked through the snake enclosure first (not my favourite animal in the world) and Ella said "oooohhh yucky snakes" - yep, very much agreed on that one.

The animal nursery was a hit, and it led us to the animal feeding exhibition. At first Ella was more interested in playing in the playground, but once I dragged her over, she was given a bottle to feed the baby animals and she did not want to leave.

Next was the tractor and trailer ride - which led us to the kangaroos and it is what happened here, that is the reason for my post.

We have two dogs at home. Lily (the ridgeback puppy) and Paris (a 6 year old Boxer) they are very accomodating with Ella. She loves nothing more than to lie down with the dogs and read them a story. She also has the habit of sitting on them when they are lying down - and here lies our problem.

As we walked up to the kangaroos at Oakvale, Ella could not contain her excitement of seeing 'roo's and joey's ' Many of the kangaroos we lying in the sun and Ella thought that she would go up and sit on one of them, just as she does with the dogs. I am sure this roo has never had a small child - or maybe any person sit on him/her before and shot up so quickly. Ella didn't realise what had happened, but she happily went off to pat the other roo's that might be more friendly.

Shortly we came across a roo that was digging a hole to lie down it. Ella said "Ella dig too" and proceeded to get next to the kangaroo and also dig a hole.

It actually took a couple of moments for the kangaroo to work out what Ella was doing, and it also got the shock of its life and jumped away.

Ella was not too concerned and thought she would help the kangaroo finish its hole

Next it was on to the ponies. I have always said that I will try to steer Ella away from horses. From as early as I can remember I was horse mad. When I was 16 my parents moved to acreage and I got my first horse. 12 years later and after spending way too much money on horses and all the gear that went along with them, I sold them as Mat could not fathom the money that I was spending on my hobby. I was determined that we would not go through the same hobby with Ella - however, I think that might be in vein.

Ella was drawn to the miniture ponies - how could you not. They were so cute and very tempting to put in the car and take home. One of the ponies that Ella was taken with was a 7 month old foal. This foal could get out of her paddock and would follow visitors around for food and for a little cuddle.

When I got home - I showed Mat the photos of Ella with the pony and even he thought it was cute - and said that it was small enough to keep in the backyard - as it was actually smaller than Lily. I am not sure what the neighbours will say about that......

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A little man is coming

I am now into my final countdown for the arrival of my little man. One of the things that I love to do is decorate the nursery. Ella has been in her 'big girls room' for the past four months, so the nursery has been lying empty for us to decorate.

Now, I know for some people, knowing the sex, the date that the baby is coming and also knowing the name is missing out on a surprise, but believe me, I am like a kid waiting for Christmas and I am counting down every day.

I thought I would let you in and see the nursery - while there are a few bits to add, the majoirty of it is complete. I was going to keep the nursery a surprise, which also keeps the name a secret, but seeing Mat has already loaded the photos on facebook for the world to see, I thought it would be fitting to put them on my blog too.

Cot sheets still to go on

I don't like nursery's that are too bright, I like them quite simple, but also classic and I feel that we have achieved that with the nursery. Our colours are light blue, brown and white - which ties in with the carpet and the furniture which we already had.

The artwork has been painted by me. I am far from an artist and my ability is limited, but I think that they work well in the room. I have two paintings completed, but need to do a couple more to finish off the walls.

The cotton has since been replaced with ribbon - looks a lot better.

I have fitted sheets made (they are an additional post) as it has worked out cheaper buying the fabric in from the States and making them myself, rather than buying them already made, plus I can keep to the colours that I want.

The drawers are full with clothes and tiny newborn nappies. My hospital bags are packed (well the one for Harry is), now I need to sit back and wait for the scheduled arrival of this little man.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Secret Storks

I signed up to take part in the EB Due in Group Secret Stork. My recipient was Kirsty, who wanted hand made items. This was fine, but what to make, seeing Kirsty does not know what she is having (it is a baby yes, but the sex is unknown at this stage)

My fabric stash is pretty much all girly. I did manage to find a couple of fabrics that would be suitable for both boys and girls.

Firsty, I made some burp cloths. Ella was a really chucky baby and I always had a terry towelling nappy for cleaning up her (or myself) so hoping that these will come in handy for Kirsty. They have quilters cotton on the front (Amy Butler and Alexander Henry fabrics) and backed with towelling.

Another thing that I always needed was decent sized bibs. Most of the nice ones are pretty small, and pretty useless, so these ones are backed again in towelling.

On a trip to Spotlight, I found the nicest boy flannel. I bought a couple of metres for myself to make some wraps, and then I went back the next day and bought a couple more metres to make something for Kirsty's son 'B'. I know that the new baby always gets presents, so I thought it would be nice to make something just for 'B'

They are O+S Bedtime Story PJ's. Such an easy pattern to make and they are so cute. Ella calls them the dragon pants and she wanted to wear them herself. So I am sure that I will have to go and get more of this flannel and make another pair for Ella.

I hope you liked the presents Kirsty - they were a pleasure to make - and makes it more real that this little boy is going to make his entrance very soon.