Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sailing stripes

I have been quiet of late, but it is not because I have not been sewing - I have sewn quite a bit, but it is the finishing that I have been slacking on. Finally I have gotten around to finishing all the little fiddly bits that I put off doing (cutting off threads and sewing on buttons)

I have had the O+S Sailboat pattern for close to a year now. I bought it just before I got pregnant with Harry and while I waited for the morning sickness to go away, this pattern was put aside. I also bought quite a few more patterns since then, and this one got forgotten

One of the things that I was a bit sceptical about with this pattern, was making it using quilters cotton. I did not think that it would make for a very nice top, and so that was probably one of the reasons that it got put aside. On my searches through Flickr, I found that a few people had made the top using knit fabric. I intended on my next visit to Spotlight that I would get some knit, but actually found some when I went through my fabric stash that I had bought on a trip to the local op-shop for 50 cents.

Love the O+S finishes - so neat

This top was sooooo easy to make. It was quite quick too - maybe two hours including the cutting. I was really surprised that the knit was easier to work with than I thought. With such a success of my first go, I thought I would make another one.

This knit on this top is quite thin, so it was a little harder to work with than the other one as it had so much more stretch in it, but still easier than I thought it would be

The only problem that I have found is finding nice knit to buy. Most of the stuff at Spotlight that I saw was terrible and you would not want to wear it, so I am now on the hunt for some nice knit to make some more tops for Ella and some for Harry.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Scooters and stripes

They say that mimicking is a sign of flattery - or something like that, can't remember the exact phrase - still suffering from baby brain (that is what I am sticking with anyway)

I am always surfing on Flickr for inspiration. One day in my travels, I came across this version of the O+S Sketchbook Shirt. I knew as soon as I saw it, I had to make one the same.

Firstly I had to get the fabric - most of the Echino fabric I found was in the US and the cost of getting a yard sent to Aus on its own ended up too expensive. I eventually found it in one of my favourite stores - Kelani Fabric and it worked out the same price as what it would have been in the US (without the postage) and it arrived a lot quicker in the post.

Once I had the fabric, I had to be brave enough to cut into it. This fabric has to be one of my favourites and I could have easily put it into my fabric stash only to be looked at and admired.

I dont know what it was, but even though I have made this shirt before, I couldnt work out the placket and ended up having to unpick the whole thing (after I checked the other shirt to see what I had done) Then, Harry came down with broncilitis the night that I started sewing the shirt and I ended up leaving it for a couple of days until he had started sleeping again - and I felt less sleep deprived.

I loved the original shirt so much, and wanted to replicate it so that it was as close to the original as possible, however, I failed to notice that the back pleat had been done the wrong way around - so my shirt also has the same inverted pleat as the original.

Did you notice the pleat was inverted????

I love love love this shirt - I swear I am going to have to make one in every size. It already has been ear marked for Harry's first birthday party. I love the fabric even more, and need to order some more so that it can be put into my stash to be looked at and admired and touched every now and then.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Its MY dress

We have been having quite a bit of trouble in our house lately with the word 'mine'. Everything, whether it is hers or someone elses its 'mine'. I am not sure where she picked this up, but I am sure it is the latest daycare thing, so if I find that little kid that taught her that word, I will give them a kick up the bum.

Another issue of late is that Ella is getting increasingly fussy with what she will and wont wear. She keeps bringing out her summer dresses to wear, and with the weather getting colder, there seems to be a mountain of tears when she cant wear what she wants. Therefore, when the MIP Sprout dress pattern was released, I knew it would be a great dress - which would make Ella happy and it would keep her warm, which would make me happy.

I have made a couple of MIP patterns - The Flipsy Skirt and the Uptown Girl Jacket, so I expected that the pattern would be well written and come together easily. It did not dissappoint.
When Ella saw me making this dress - she immediately said "my dress.... it's mine!" When I was making it, she kept coming into my sewing room asking whether I had finished her dress yet - which makes me happy, as I know that she will wear it and it wont end up in the wardrobe gathering dust.

The fabric I used was Riley Blake Umbrella Tops in Pink - the pattern called for 1.5 metres of exterior fabric for the size 2, and I bought 1.5 yards, and I used about a yard, which is good that I used less fabric and I have some left over for another project - but annoying when buying fabric. The internal lining fabric is plain white flannel from Spotlight.

The only things that I found was that the dress was bit too long. I took about 3 inches off the bottom. The other thing was that I think the head hole is too small. Ella does not have a big head and it is quite hard - and quite an ordeal getting it on and off.

I have received quite a few comments about the dress. A few of them have said that it looks like a coat - which it does a bit. If I get time, I would love to turn the pattern into a long coat - I think it would look great.

With Harry's arrival, Ella has regressed back into a baby - bottles are part of that regression.

Apart from that - a great pattern and I am sure there will be quite a few more made.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

6 weeks

I know I said this last time when posting about Harry, but where has the time gone!! He is six weeks old already.

We have had some major changes in the last few weeks and some major scares.

On our first visit from the health centre nurse at 3 weeks, she said that the fontanelles on the back of Harry's head were too big - she said that he needed to get to a GP asap to get them checked out. She would not tell me anymore, but said I had to get there asap - turns out, it can be a sign of brain swelling. Starting to panie..... I got an appointment for a couple days later at my GP (which is 2 hours from where we live) and he sent me to a paedatrician - who said that they were normal and better off being larger than smaller. One scare now resolved.

As I mentioned previously Harry has become quite unsettled. After a week of crying, I took him to a GP up here - long long appointment cut down, rather than reflux, she thought that Harry was being starved and losing weight. Even though he was being weighed on a weekly basis, her scales did not match the weights I had given, and so she thought that they weren't true. So even though we had been feeding every two hours - or most of the time even shorter than that, I decided to top him up on formula to see if that helped and then I would have him weighed bare in a couple of days time at my follow up health nurse appt. So panic all weekend thinking I was starving Harry and that he was losing weight. Only to get to my appointment and have him weighed to find out that he weighed 70 grams heavier without clothes on, than what the GP's scales said fully dressed - yet she didnt believe my weights and it was her scales that were out.

So I thought it was plain sailing - the crying had stopped and the formula was filling him up - however, at the health nurse appointment, she said that he did not engage with her, so she thought he may have a problem with his eyes - needed to get that followed up on - and was there a history in the family of blindness - OMG!!!! Panic starting to set in.

Smiling - was not smiling at 5 weeks - this is a problem and was duely noted in his blue book

Tounge tie - well it was picked up as soon as he was born. Health nurse at initial appointment said he would have speech and dental hygiene problems - was told to get it snipped asap. Paed said it was not an issue and not to get it snipped. Now health nurse tells me that she does not agree with the paed and I should get another opinion to get it snipped - appointment and mood going down very quickly.

Testicles - one larger than the other - need to get that looked into. Paed checked all his little bits the week or so before and everything fine.

Hips - apparently he has lose hips too. He has been checked out by two paeds, two GP's, two midwives and two health nurses and only one says that he has lose hips. I have been told I need to follow up on this.

So at just over 5 weeks - according to the health nurse, my little Harry is falling apart.

To make me feel a whole lot better the next day, he gave me a couple of cute smiles, he is following you around with his eyes and engaging with everyone.

So, my answer to all this - get him checked out by a paed or GP only and leave the health nurses alone as all they do is scare monger. Luckily Harry is my second baby and I am a relaxed person, or I would be in a mental institution by now.

Anyway, onto the good stuff.

Terrible photo I know - you want to see the out-takes, they are worse

He is loved by Ella. She is still besotted with him and constantly asks where he is. She does not like many people holding him (0ther than immediate family) as she thinks that they are going to take him - and she will burst into tears at the thought.

He slept 8 hours in one go at exactly 4 weeks. I didnt sleep those 8 hours, as I woke up and had to check that he was still alive and the monitor was working properly. We have done a couple of 7 hour stretches since then, but nothing consistent.

He is in size 0000 clothes still, but with rolling the sleeves up, we can wear 000. Now only buying 000 clothes as I am sure he will not be in 0000's for long.

He was born at 3.320kg and 50.5cm long - which had him 50th percentile for weight and height. At 5 weeks 3 days he was 3.820kg and 54cm - which now has him in the 10th percentile for weight and 25th percentile for height. I was checking Ella's blue book and at 5 weeks 2 days - she was 3.800kg - so they were only 20gms difference at 5 weeks.

So there you go - 6 weeks gone in the blink of an eye and I am sure it will feel as quick as that and I will be back posting about his first birthday.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Little man shirt

Usually I am more accustomed to sewing for girls. One of the things that I thought when I found out I was having a little boy, was that I would not be able to sew for him. I find that there are not many boy patterns out there, and the majority of them are pretty boring.

I bought the O+S Sketchbook pattern a couple of weeks ago, and it was sitting a few positions down on my 'to do' list - seeing that we are going into winter, and the size of the pattern started at 6-12 months. However, when I saw the version that Claire had made, it was bumped to the top.

Like usual this is a great pattern. Actually I am love love love this pattern. It was easier than I thought it would be, and I only had to get the un-picker out a couple of times. I have never made anything with a collar before, so this was a new skill that I learnt.

The pattern called for light interfacing in the collar and the placket - however, with the collar, to add a little stiffness, I put two layers of interfacing in the collar - which I think works well.

I love all the details that make it look more professional - and less home made. Yesterday, after I had finished the shirt, I was yet to cut all the threads off it. I showed it to my mother-in-law and she loved it. She asked what all the threads were - I said "I have not had a chance to cut them off yet' - to which she replied "why would they sell a shirt with all threads hanging off". When I told her I made it - she actually did not believe me. Now that is the best compliment that you can get.

I love shirts on little boys - so I am sure that this pattern will be well used.