Friday, July 30, 2010

Tutu many toys

We are under siege at the moment with all the toy sales that are currently being held. The last couple of years, I have gone pretty silly at the toy sales buying so many toys for Ella. Two years ago (Ella had just turned before Christmas) I bought for her a plastic play thing that had a slide and a swing. The problem with that was it perished in the sun and only lasted a year before the plastic broke up and we threw it out. Another large gift that she also got that year was a large jumping castle. She hated it from the minute we took it out of the bag, and even now, 18 months later if we bring it out she will start crying and go and hide in house.

With a toyroom full of toys and most of them are rarely looked at, I decided to by-pass the toy sales this year. This means no new toys. She truely does not need them. I want her to have things that are going to inspire her imagination. So I am starting with dress ups.

I have wanted to make a tutu for ages - I have just never gotten around to it. Today as Lincraft was having a 50% off sale, it was a perfect time to buy tule, and it would not cost too much to make a tutu.

There are so many tutorials or Youtube videos how to make a no-sew tutu - so I wont post any links. I used 2 metres of baby pink soft tule - I could have done with at least a metre more to make it fuller.

Ella loves it. It is her fairy princess dress that she can dance in (or slide around the floor)

So my question to you, how many toys do your kids have????? Too many???? What do you do with them all???? Do you keep buying more???? Do they play with them???

Friday, July 23, 2010

3 months.

Harry is three months old today - yes time as always is flying by. Our weeks have been filled with appointments and might I say, I have a feeling that things are only going to get busier as I prepare to return to work at the beginning of August. Actually, I have been working the whole time I have been on maternity leave, but from next month, I will actually be working in the office as well as at home. Not looking forward to it, but the bank manager requires my return.

Where do we start with the update.

With Harry getting broncilitis in early June, we were unable to get his vaccinations on time, and they had to be delayed for a couple of weeks. It was at this time that we arranged for him to have a repeat SWISH hearing test, this time with a different machine - hoping that he would have fully recovered and that they would be able to get a pass in the right ear. He was given the all clear by the GP, but unfortunately again, he passed his hearing in his left ear, but failed again in his right. We were referred to the Audiology unit at the Childrens Hospital.

After 2.5 hours of testing - which required Harry to be asleep the whole time - we found out that Harry has perfect hearing in his left ear - actually his hearing is probably a bit better than perfect in that ear. In his right ear, he has what they describe as significant hearing loss. He can hear loud sounds, but cannot hear softer sounds and his ear-drum does not move much. The ear drum not moving does baffle the audiologist.

We have now been referred to see an ENT specialist and Harry has to have a blood test, Xray, ECG, Catscan and any other test that they feel appropriate to work out if there is something that can be fixed, or why his hearing is like it is. We have been told, that there probably isnt anything that can be done and there was no cause for the hearing loss. Harry with his hearing so good in the other ear, will have normal development and he will probably only have to sit at the front of the class at school as he will not be able to filter out sounds around him if other kids are talking in the classroom.

I am happy with that, and dont want to make a big deal about it. I have been referred to a deaf playgroup for Harry, but being able to hear in one ear, I dont want to make it bigger than it is, nor do I want him labelled as deaf, when we have been told that he can hear what we say, and he resonds to us. So it is all good.

In the last 7 weeks, we have had plenty of this

but also plenty of these

He is changing so much, he has started to laugh - which cracks me up and melts my heart. He is a true little man.

He hit the 5kg mark last week, and we have been out of newborn nappies for a couple of weeks. Not sleeping through the night yet - I am eagerly waiting for this, however, he is only waking once per night and sleeping roughly 8 hours from 7pm to 3am - so I guess I cant complain there.

So there you have it - my perfect little boy - 3 months old already.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Coffee, Tea, Me????

Why the title for this blog post???? When I was living in England, a couple of our friends worked for British Airways as flight attendants, or trolley dolly's as they were called. They used to tell us stories from their flights, one of those being that as they walked through the aisles pushing their drinks cart, they would call out "coffee, tea, me??" Don't think it ever worked, as most people probably thought Liam was gay, but always got a laugh.

As soon as I saw this fabric, and Claire's great skirt, it straight away reminded me of this story, and I knew that I had to buy it and make something for Ella.

The pattern I chose, was the Make it Perfect Blossom Skirt. This pattern should come with a health warning. I am sorry, I love Make it Perfect patterns and I have made a few of them, but this skirt nearly drove me to drink!!!! If you hate making ruffles and gathering STAY AWAY, you have been warned!!!!

I started on Friday afternoon thinking it would be an easy skirt to make - the first tier and first ruffle ended up in the bin as it would have taken longer to unpick than to remake. The pieces that you needed to gather were so long that the cotton kept breaking mid gather and I had to pull it out and start again. I ended up leaving for a few days, which saved me from throwing it in the bin.

One thing I did do, which saved a bit of my sanity, was to hem the bottom tear before I joined it to the skirt, thought that that would be easier than trying to hem it afterwards (as per the pattern instructions)

Another thing that I did that differs from the pattern - is the third tier (the tea pot print) There are supposed to be two different fabrics that are patchworked alternately. I didn't want to take away from the main focus of the skirt, so I only used the one print, which I think works better for this fabric as it is pretty busy on its own.

Once the skirt was finished - I have never had so many threads to cut off - as I am usually slack at finishing things off - the skirt lay with all threads attached for another week waiting for these.

Thankfully, this skirt is finished. Ella like usual, loves the skirt, hates having her photo taken.

Not sure if I will make this pattern again - I think if I do, I will need a gathering or ruffling foot and a glass of scotch in case of meltdowns.