Monday, August 30, 2010

The Owl and the pussy cat

We seem to go through so many t-shirts in our household. For some unknown reason they either go missing, shrink or get covered in stains that can't be removed.

Rather than going out and buying a t-shirts for summer and them suffering the same fate as all the previous t-shirts, I thought I would buy some in-expensive ones and applique them. I have tried applique before and had little success, but this time with a help of a few items, I am proud to say that they have turned out pretty good - and seem to be very popular at the moment.

The fabric is Saffron Craig - Owls on Trees Red I love this fabric, as there are a couple of different owls, smaller and larger, which will make more t-shirts for summer and will be great for accents for other clothing.

This has to one of my favourite fabrics. It is Etsuko Furuya Spring 2008 Scooters in Pink. I have used this fabric before in the natural and was excited to find it in the pink - as it has been discontinued. If you can find the Spring 2008 prints - snap them up as they wont be around for long.

Finally, my last t-shirt is made using Patty Young's Humming Bird in Turquoise. There is a skirt to go with this t-shirt - which I will post about in a couple of days. This shirt was so easy to make. I used a CD as a template to get the right size and a perfect circle.

There you go - three quick t-shirts made in about an hour. Total cost for the t-shirts $14.00.

Monday, August 23, 2010

4 months

Harry is 4 months old today. He is giving everyone many smiles and laughs all the time. He loves looking at himself in the mirror. He currently weighs 5.5kg - which puts him in the 10th percentile for weight.

He is still wearing size 0000 clothes, but he is fitting into some 000 and even a few 00's (that must be really tiny)

Harry had his specialist appointment at the hearing clinic 10 days ago. I had a barrage of questions relating to the pregnancy and it was determined that apart from my tachycardia (long story) my pregnancy was normal and would not have caused the hearing loss.

In the time between Harry's hearing test and his specialists appointment I have found out that Mat's brother was rejected from the police force because of a failed hearing test in one ear and Mat also told me (you think I would know in 10 years of being together) that his hearing is also not as good in one ear.

So they think that Harry's hearing loss in genetic. Mat has to have a hearing test before we go back to the specialist in a couple of months, and Harry has to have an ECG, blood test and catscan to rule out any other reason for the hearing loss.

We have had the ECG. Harry was so good during it. He laughed the whole way through (which was a hinderance more than a help) and all the nurses fell in love with him. This Friday we have to have the catscan and the blood test. Not looking forward to these as they will most probably have to sedate him for the catscan.

On other notes - he is still not sleeping through the night. Ella starting sleeping through at 10 weeks, so at 17 weeks I am not impressed. I put in my order for a good sleeper.

Just like Ella he is a catnapper in the day. This kid was born with a clock. He will sleep for 40 mins at a time during the day. I can put him down and without fail, basically to the minute he will wake up after 40 mins.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Smoke on the water.....

A couple of weeks ago it was a special little mans second birthday. He is the son of one of my closest and oldest friends. Fiona and I have been friends since we were in third grade, so more than 20 years. We drifted apart when I moved to England (2001) and really only had minimal contact in the last 9 years. We recently got back in touch, and it feels like we are catching up after a holiday rather than the years that we haven't really spoken. We both have two kids, who are basically the same age.

Liam is obsessed with guitars and will play air guitar and use just about anything for a guitar. When I saw the Michael Miller Jam Session in Black fabric I knew it would be perfect.

I ordered this fabric last Saturday and didnt think that it would come in time for Liam's visit today. However, on Friday (6 days from ordering) I got the package of fabric. So that gave me a couple of days to make his present.

The pattern is O+S Sketchbook Shirt. This is size 2. This shirt took me much longer to make than I anticipated. Firstly I was doing the final button hole as I finished the shirt. Half way through the cotton snapped, and then I had to unpick that button hole and start again. Then the machine made a terrible button hole on my next attempt. I was so un-happy, but did not want to jinx myself and make it worse. Then, when I was using the unpicker to cut the button holes, I pushed too hard and sliced 1cm past the button hole into the placket. There were more than a few choice words that were yelled. After many attempts to fix it, which just made the shirt look worse, I unpicked the placket and sewed a new one on. Funny thing is, when doing the button holes again, the thread broke in the same spot on the last button hole. I had to take a breath and walk away. I am happy to say it worked out OK

Got to love the matching of the pocket to the main fabric. Thanks Novy

Not wanting to only give a shirt for a present, I decided to do an appliqued t-shirt as well.

Then I thought, why not make a whole outfit, so it will need a pair of pants to go with it. I started cutting out the shorts last night and made them in a couple of hours this morning before he arrived.

The pattern is O+S Sandbox Pants, however, I changed them into shorts. I added the extra pocket detail on the front and used the Michael Miller fabric for the accents.

So, I am sure you are wondering why the title 'smoke on the water' It was a song that kept coming into my head whilst I was sewing. Actually it was the guitars on the fabric that did it to me, songs that had great guitars in it kept coming into my head the whole time.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Spring in my step

I know it is not spring yet, but it has started to feel like it. We had a terrible July with there only being two dry days for the whole month - I was starting to feel like I was back in England, and the irony of it, is that in England they had a dry July. Today is the 2nd day of August, and the second dry day of the month, so things are already better than July.

I have lots of fabrics in my stash that I love and that I really would rather keep it just to look at it, rather than cutting them up. This is how I feel about the fabric for this dress

I got this fabric from Lincraft last week during their 50% off fabric sale. It was a remnant piece of 1.5m and only cost me $4.50. I loved it as soon as I saw it, very summery, very retro. It is a satin type fabric, which I have never sewn with before. I would really have loved to keep it and not use it, but I cant do that with every piece of fabric that I love.

The only problem with this fabric is the positioning of the flower. It is in the middle or right on the edges - so to make the dress for Ella, I used the whole of the 1.5 metres and there was a massive amount of wastage.

The pattern is the Oliver+S Icecream Dress - I have made it before, but this time, I made a few changes to the pattern. Firstly I have taken 2 inches from the bodice of the dress. I thought in my first go that it was too bulky in the front and really swamped Ella. I am sure it was just the denim that I used first time around, but I didnt want too much gathering as that would take away from the flower print.

Secondly I added extra length to the bodice piece and did not have a separate bottom piece. This for the reason of the print again, however, I did use one lot of the bottom pieces so that I could hem the bottom as the pattern calls for.

Overall, really happy with the dress - love the changes that I made. It was my first time sewing with satin fabric. I thought it would be really hard, but I used the walking foot on my machine, so there was no slippage with the fabric.

I have been buying fabric lately. Shhhhh dont tell Mat....... I will have to blog a picture of it later - some lovely spring/summer fabric that I cant wait to get sewing with.