Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pea in a pod

When Ella was born, I was lent a Baby Bjorn baby carrier and we tried it a couple of times, but Ella hated it and my back hated it too.

I really wanted to give 'baby wearing' a go with Harry, but I also wanted something that was going to be a bit more back friendly.

One of my friends had used a Peanut Shell Sling - I liked the look of this, but I didnt want to spend $90.00 on something that might hurt my back in 5 minutes and would be useless. So, I went about searching for tutorials to make my own.

I made the sling a couple of months ago using this tutorial. It was a very easy tutorial to follow, especially with the You Tube video. The only difference that I made, was the fabric was quilters cotton and I only had a yard, so I have two joins in mine - not one.

The only problem I had in making the sling - I do not think it is deep enough - but I thought that this might have a plus to it, seeing that you would always be able to see the baby's face and therefore would eliminate some risk of suffocation. As they were so easy and quick to make, I thought I would hold of making heaps of them until I tested it out on Harry. I would hate to waste some of my fabric stash if it hurt my back or Harry hated being in it.

In the last week or so, Harry has changed into a unsettled baby in the day. He cries a lot and is battling from some degree of reflux. I tried him in it as a newborn, but thought it was a little small - and it was put away. In desperation this morning when I was trying to do a million things at once and Harry needed comforting - I brought out the sling.

He seems to be going brilliantly in it. I have managed to do a couple of hours of work this morning with Harry happily sleeping in it. It does press on my back a little bit - but I will see how I go for the next couple of hours.

It Harry continues to settle in it - then there could be a couple more in the pipeline and they are just as pretty and a fraction of the cost of a real one.

Friday, May 21, 2010

icecream, icecream, we all scream for icecream

With the weather turning cold, it is probably not the appropriate time of year for icecream, but Ella is obsessed with icecream, so there wasn't a more fitting dress to make for her.

What am I talking about - the new 'spring' (too bad we are going into winter here in Aus) patterns from Oliver+S.

Just before I had Harry, O+S released three new patterns. Like all O+S patterns, I had to buy all three and wanted to get them before I had Harry as I thought that they would be the perfect thing to keep me occupied while on maternity leave. The patterns were released at the beginning of April, but it took a bit longer than that to get them into the retailers and get them shipped to me. So no patterns unfortunately before he came, but there was one waiting for me when I got home from the hospital after having Harry.

Feeling good when we got home, and Harry being a great daytime sleeper (note daytime here) I quickly cut the pattern out - and that is where it sat for 2 and a half weeks. Last Friday, when both kids were sleeping (I thought one sleeping child was great - two kids sleeping at the same time is priceless) I starting sewing.

Well I can tell you it is great to be back sewing. My brother, when I had Ella said that she took half my brains and I can tell you, that it felt like having Harry took my sewing ability. I don't know how in the short weeks that I have not been behind a machine, I have lost it. I dont think I have sewn anything so messy for a long time. This dress is a like a 'Monet painting'' - far away it looks good - up close it is a mess!!!!!

The dress is the 'View A' - however, I left the pockets off the front. I thought with the dark denim it might look a little too much if I had the pockets on it. The fabric is Heather Bailey Nicey Jane - Lindy Leaf in Pink.

I know the photo is blurry - but a photo of Ella smiling is a rarity

Check out the hair - when the curls fall out it is half way down her back

As usual, the pattern is great - the only thing that I would do when making this dress again - with the denim, it does not really fall right and it has too much volume - I would take out this excess fabric and lose the gathering.

I have a few pieces that I made before Harry came along - that I still need to blog and I have 5 patterns winging their way to me as we speak - so stay tuned for some more sewing related posts coming up.

Friday, May 14, 2010

3 weeks!

Where has the time gone???? The last three weeks have flown by so quickly.

Harry is still a content little boy - wind bothers him quite a bit, but being a typical boy, he finds a way to push it all out and quite loudly most of the time.

Ella is still besotted with him and is always saying that he is 'sweet' and 'cute' and that she wants to play with him. She does however, get bored of him at times - and tells me 'to go and put Harry in his cot'

He enjoys his bath, hates having his nappy changed, or his clothes changed for that matter, but seeing that he has in the last couple of days started to chuck after every feed, we are needing to change his clothes more often, which is frustrating for him.

He is a pretty good sleeper. Waking up twice per night - which is not too bad, but we seem to get one good block of sleep (3-4 hours) and then after that we are down to 1.5 and 2 hours. I am finding the night feeds so much easier with Harry than what they were with Ella. With her, I would watch the clock for 20 mins, counting each minute until I could go back to sleep. I felt very sleep deprived and was so grateful when she started sleeping through at 10 weeks old. I guess with your second, you have survived for a couple of years on less sleep, so waking up more than once per night is much less of a shock to the system. So now, I basically do not watch the clock, I am enjoying the one-on-one time, the night time cuddles - even though I like this time together - I am still looking forward to the longer sleeps and hoping that it will not be many more weeks until he starts sleeping through the night.

my little milk drunk

Luckily for me, with him being a good sleeper in the day, it means that I also have some free time, so I am looking forward to resuming normal programming and getting back behind the sewing machine. I already have a dress cut out - which was done the day after getting out of hospital, so just waiting for a spare block of time so that I can get that one sewn up.