Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jumping Jacks

This is the second version of the O+S Jump Rope Dress. I loved making the first one and seeing people were still adding dresses to the Flickr sew-along, I thought I would make another one.

The fabric for this one is Riley Blake Jacks in Cream from the Hooty Hoot collection.

The only thing that I did differently this time was change the colour of the inner placket to red - so you get a little hint of it when the dress is being worn. I also top stitched the placket in red.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nan's dress

When I showed Mat the fabric that I had chosen for the O+S Jump Rope Dress sew-along, he said "it looks like something my Nan would have worn" Thanks Mat most appreciated!

I have had the Jump Rope dress pattern for a while, and haven't had the time to make it up. When I saw that there was a sew-along on Flickr, I knew it was time to pull the finger out and make it.

I actually bought 4 different fabrics to make this dress. I thought I would choose which one to make it with, when they arrived - as fabrics can be a little different when you see them 'in the flesh' rather than in a picture.

The fabric I chose was 'Jenean Morrison, California Dreamin', Malibu in Pink' I also love another print in this collection - Hollywood in Pink, which I would have loved to buy, but it was out of stock at the time. I showed Ella all four fabrics that I had bought (which is the first time I have let her choose) and she chose this one too.

This dress was 3 scissor difficulty. I have never made an O+S pattern that has had that many scissors before. There were a lot more notches and marks to make on the fabric - which is not usually my strong point, but with time and reading the well written (as always) instructions, I think it turned out pretty well.

The front placket is probably the most involved step and I am happy that I got the point at the bottom of it just right.

I love the sleeve detail

I decided to keep the dress using only one fabric and clear buttons as I did not want to overdo it as the fabric is pretty busy already.

You might have noticed the beautiful clip in Ella's hair. Last year, I participated in a bag swap, my swap partner was Chris and not long after this swap, she put her sewing machine away and set up a hair bowtique 4 Lil' Darlins. She has grown from strength to strength over the last year and has a huge following. I just made my first purchase a couple weeks ago and I was blown away when I received my order this week.

This is just one of the clips with a hairband (also bought from Chris) so if you have little girls (or even bigger ones) and you want a beautiful creation from Chris - stop by 4 Lil' Darlins.

The Jump Rope Dress sew-along is still going on - so drop in and have a look at the other creations.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

EB Childrens Clothing Swap - what I made

I was really happy with my swap partner for this swap. Even though I love sewing for girls, since having Harry, I have found some quite nice boy patterns and fabrics around and so it was a nice change to sew for a boy.

Becanne was my partner, and I was sewing for her son Jack. I wanted to make Jack a pair of shorts, a t-shirt and a button up shirt.

For the shirt, the choice of what pattern to use was quite easy - I am in love with the O+S Sketchbook shirt and have made it a couple of times already for Harry, so I thought it would be a perfect choice. The fabric, is Michael Miller Haul It in Turquoise. I had bought this fabric to make the same shirt for Harry, but know it would be great for the swap. I have actually bought some more, so I am sure you will see another one made up for Harry soon enough.

The shorts, I tried making the O+S Sketchbook Shorts, but I did not like the look of them - as they had a pleat at the front, and did not think that they would suit denim, so I went with the O+S Sandbox pants and shortened them into shorts - using the Michael Miller fabric for the pockets and drawstring.

Lastly the t-shirt. I knew I wanted to applique a tshirt - but was unsure how to go about it. I have not been too sucessful in the past, but after looking at one of Harry's t-shirts, where they used knit fabric for the applique, I thought I would give it a go using that.

I hand drew the picture trying to keep as close as possible to the picture in the fabric, and then I ironed it onto double sided sticky stuff (sorry dont know what it is called) Stupid me, the pen that I had used disappears when you iron it, so I lost the whole picture and had to start again. This t-shirt actually took hours to complete, but I love it. Every person that has come into our house has been shown the t-shirt, as it is my favourite item that I made.

Close up of the tow truck. Front of the t-shirt.

Back of the shirt.

As the tow truck wraps around the shirt, here is a pic showing the full tow truck

Bec, Jack, I hope you like the clothes. Here is Bec's blog post, with some great pics of Jack wearing the clothes.

EB Childrens Clothing Swap

I always say when every swap comes around that I wont participate in it. However, every time as the signup deadline looms closer, I end up joining in. This clothing swap was no exception.

I had the choice this time of entering Harry, Ella or both into the swap, but with Harry being quite small, I was unsure of what someone would be able to make for him, so I entered only Ella.

Monday was opening day. We had been in Sydney for the day at the Justine Clarke concert, and got back quite late. I was unable to get some photos of Ella on Monday before she went to bed, and with me back at work, I have only just manged to take some pics of her in her received outfit.

Emma sewed for Ella. What a great outfit she sent. My requests were either a dress or shorts and a top. Emma made a peasant style top and a pair of shorts and threw in some matching hair bands.

Why is it so hard to get kids to pose for a photo???

Ella is a size two, but in the waist she is a size 1 and can even get away with a size 0. Emma has added an adjustable waistband on the shorts - so she can have her size two, but with the smaller waist - so these shorts will last for ages.

I love the details that she has put on the shorts - with the double top stitching around the pockets and with the ties on the band on the bottom.

Both items are sewn so well - no wonder Emma has started to sell her items. Thanks Emma you have done a great job, and all the items you sent will get lots of wear this summer.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hummingbird curls

Do you sometimes feel all sewed out, but still want to sew???? This is what I have been feeling lately. I still want to sew, but dont want to sew anything that will take time or patience.

This skirt was great to sew. Probably took about an hour at the most, three pieces of fabric (I used the measurements from the Make It Perfect Blossom Skirt) Plus it matches the t-shirt that I made in my last post.

Waiting for a nice warm day now to get some wear out of it.

I have been playing around with the photos that I have been taking. I thought I would put in a picture of Ella's hair as that is usually what people comment about most. It is not this red in real life, but loving the colour all the same. People ask me all the time if I curl Ella's hair as they do not believe that it is natural. I have a enough of a hard time brushing Ella's hair, there would be no chance that she would let me curl it.