Friday, October 29, 2010

How can a hexagon be so addictive????

What do you do with these?

You make these of course!!!

I have been intrigued by hexagons for a while. I have read about them many times - mainly from the Film in the Fridge Blog. It seems everyone is making hexagons. There are flickr groups dedicated to them, and upteen blog posts and links. I think before I actually got started, I read most of them.

Most of the blog posts refer to precut papers that you can buy. Well the only place that I seemed to find them (in any sort of decent quantity) was in the States and they wanted four times the cost of the papers to post them. You can download graph paper here. One of the reasons I searched so many blogs and every link was I was trying to find out what type of paper you use when you cut out the heaxagons. I really didn't find anything concrete, but one place said to use thicker than normal photocopy paper - well I couldnt find any, so I used normal photocopy paper and it has worked really well.

Here are some tutorials to get you started - here and here

You will find that they are pretty quick to make and pretty addictive too - but what to make with them?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Scrappy Cushion

I am sure that I am not the only one that has an ever growing collection of scraps. I covet my scraps and I actually find it quite hard to go through them and cull anything - even the tiny scraps that would never be good for anything.

I guess they are the connection to the fabrics that I have loved, to the memories of the clothes that I have made, that have been given as gifts, or now too small for Ella, or of favourite fabrics, that all I have left of them is the scraps.

I came across this pillow and I knew that I had to make one. It would be perfect for my scraps.

I have made my strips too big though. As they are so large and take up most of the height of the cushion, I think that each of the fabrics get lost amongst the others. Next time I will need to make them quite a bit smaller, and have more of the linen showing.

This is such a quick project - it was destined for a friend who wants to learn to sew and loves my fabric stash nearly as much as me, however, Ella found it and has claimed it for herself. So I guess I will be making another one soon.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Take Two

Yesterday I made the O+S Ruffle Halter Top. I love the top, but just was not happy with the finish of it. As it is still crappy weather, and me being me, I decided to make another one with the changes.

This time, rather than having one large top front piece, I added a bit of extra length (1.5") and then I cut the top front piece where the pattern had said to stitch on the ruffles. That way I would have all the seams on the inside rather than the front of the top.

The top is a little shorter than I would have liked - I am sure that I will fix that next time, but I still love how it has turned out and I love the finish of it.

The fabric is from Spotlight - it is quilters cotton, but it is not as thick as normal quilters cotton that I buy - feels cheaper, which is disappointing, as I love the pattern.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Calling the sun.

It seems that ever since we put our pool in (which is now two weeks ago) the sun has gone awol. Thankfully we have not been having the same weather QLD has been experiencing, but we have had overcast skies for the last week or so. Where is the sun??? Where is the warm weather???

Hoping, that I could tease the sun out of behind the clouds, I thought I would make some summer clothes for Ella.

This is the O+S (I don't think I make any other patterns) free Ruffled Halter Top. It is really easy to make, and even though I hate doing ruffles - even they were not too painful.

I did not like the fabric when it arrived from the USA. Sometimes fabrics look very different in a photo as what they do in the flesh, and this fabric was one of those. I bought this fabric in two colour ways - one with baby blue spots (for Harry's cot sheets). I was really disappointed with this one, as the pink was really dirty and it did not appeal. I love it in this ruffle top - and happy that the pink is not too pink.

This top is great for a skinny minny like Ella as the back is elasticated.

My only gripe with this pattern, is I dont think the top is as neat as it could be.

I usually love the details in the Oliver+S patterns. They are finished so nicely, that quite a lot of the time you do not need to use your overlocker as the seams are hidden. This time, I think it could have been finished a lot better. I do admit that I was lazy and did not change the overlocker thread. The bottom of the ruffle only just covers the top of the lower ruffle, you get a glimpse of the stitching, which I dont like.

I will make this top again, but I think it needs a few tweats so that it looks more professionally finished.