Thursday, April 28, 2011

Take Two

I said in my last post that the Make It Perfect Downtown Boy jacket was really easy and that I did not think it was going to be the last one I made. Well that was Sunday and actually that day I made another one.  I would estimate 2 hours from start to finish.

Isn't it just so cute. Made out of Echino Nico Helicopters fabric. I have had this fabric for some time and finally built up the courage to cut into it.

Again it is lined with my favourite wool. I am going to be very disappointed when I run out of this stuff!

No great modelling pics today. Harry did not want to play fair and was more interested in pushing the chairs around than posing.

Did you notice the eye???  It was an accident around Nanny's yesterday.  Ella told me that Nanny was naughty hurting Harry's eye (he fell over onto a large plastic block) and that she needed a smack on her bottom.

I think we will let Nanny off just this once. I am sure she feels bad enough already without getting a smack too!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Birthday dude.

I haven't made many things for Harry. I don't know, there doesn't seem to be that much out there for boys. I have made a couple of Sketchbook Shirts for him, one of which he wore yesterday at his party. 

Winter is not too far away, even though it does not feel like it is as the weather over the last couple of days has been fabulous with Mat and Ella still swimming with the pool temperature at 27 degrees. 

With my jacket success of a couple of weeks ago,  I have jackets on the brain. Harry could do with a couple and when is there a better time to start.

I have made the MIP Uptown Girl jacket a couple of times for Ella, but even though I have had the MIP Downtown Boy jacket for over a year, I have not gotten around to make it.  Perfect timing with Harry just big enough for the smallest size.

I finished this on Friday - right after I finished making his birthday cake. Maybe it was all the fondant I ate, maybe it was all the buttercream icing, but something gave the energy to complete this jacket for Harry's birthday.

Fabric is Michael Miller 'Dino Dudes'. The trim is Riley Blake My Minds Eye 'Wheels'. It is lined in the cream wool as Ella's Elk Jacket. The great thing about this jacket, it is super fast to make.

You make two separate jackets and as they go together there is no finishing off seams. No need for the overlocker here. This jacket is supposed to be reversible. The only problem it is not an easy feat trying to find a reversible zipper in Australia. So, this is not reversible. Lining it with the wool makes a quick jacket even quicker as the warmth comes from the wool, so you dont have to add the pelon layer (as the pattern calls for).

I was worried that this would be too big for Harry, but it is a good fit (just roll up the sleeves) with some growing room, so hopefully it will fit him next year too.

I love this jacket!! I now have many more fabrics in my stash that I can see as a jacket. Watch this space I am sure this one is not the last.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy birthday little man

Today my little Harry man turns one.  This is a happy day for me, as I know that we have had a trying year, but also a sad day as my last baby is no longer such a little baby. 

Just looking back on these photos brings a little tear to my eye. I can remember how I felt at this time last year. I was starting to get nervous of my upcoming caesarian, but also looking forward to meeting my little Harry boy. How little did I know what an eventful year we would have with doctors appointments, the number of them I have lost count.  So here goes - a year in pictures.

Last time with my belly. Got to love a bump

Now this is the way to give birth

So not impressed!


How tiny. His 0000's were too big

About the only time he would take a dummy.

This wouldn't happen if I was an only child!!!

Pondering life

It has been a long year in some respects, but I finally feel after one year that we have turned a corner. For the first time my little boy looks happy and healthy. He looks rested and he does not cry as much as he used to. He is not pulling at his ears and he is crying when he hears loud noises. This sounds silly, but it is a huge deal for him. 

He is not walking yet, but it will not be long. He is pushing anything that he can, dining room chairs, anything left on the ground, however, so far he has not managed the sofa's (not through lack of trying)

In the last week he has started to eat!!!  Finally we are past yoghurt, and now he is happy to put most things in his mouth and give it a go. This is a huge weight off my mind.  

Happy birthday Harry boy!  We love you bigger than the whole wide world - and here is to a great year going forward and a lot less painful than the last. 

P.S. Please Harry, just one favour to ask now you are a big boy.  Please start sleeping at night. Mummy really could do with a full nights sleep. After one year of no sleep, she is starting to feel it!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Cake done!!

Yesterday I baked! 13 eggs (one was lost in transit from the supermarket) 750gms butter, 6 cups of sugar, 6 cups of flour, 3 packets of dark chocolate melts and some other ingredients went into making 6 cakes!  This morning after making the buttercream icing and rolling the fondant for what felt like forever and working tirelessly for 4 hours, I came up with this.................

Ollie the Octopus! Isn't he just so cute. Around the time of attaching the head this moring, I started to think that I had bit off more than I could chew, but thankfully he turned out OK.

I went through 3kgs of fondant to make this cake - I was a bit worried that I would not have enough for the legs. I thought I would have to make only 6 or 7 legs, with the explanation that he had been in a fight and had to have two of them amputated.  Thankfully Ollie has all his legs and there is quite a bit left over.  So if you need any, let me know! 

Mat likes the cake - thinks it looks close to the original picture, but thinks a 'dump truck' cake would have been better.

Oh, and I didn't swear once. Maybe I am getting better at cake making!!! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's not my fault

I am trying to be good. I promise I am. I tried to resist for as long as I could, but the inevitable happened. 

The full set of Sherbet Pips is coming to live in my stash. I bought the whole fat quarter bundle (27 fat quarters) plus a few yards.

I just had to. It was so pretty!

Monday, April 18, 2011

The madness of a mother.

It is only 5 days until Harry boys first birthday.  How did that happen? Even though I have been awake for quite a lot of it, it still feels like it has flown by in the blink of an eye (and doctors appointments)

Are we having a party for him - well we have to. I don't want him to feel like the second child and not get a big party. It will be a quiet affair to celebrate that we have all survived a year. A year without sleep! How quiet is quiet? - only about 26 people. 

The cake. Now there was a big debate about the cake. I generally do go a bit overboard with the cake.

Ella's first birthday cake

Her second birthday cake

Her third birthday

So was I going to make a cake for Harry. Mat said a bought one was cheaper. Actually not. I was quoted $360.00!!! I can't pay that. His other suggestion was a $5 icecream cake from Woolworths (you know the Mcdonalds cakes)   I am sure if I did that Harry would suffer from second child syndrome and end up on a psychologists couch one day blaming me for all his problems as he did not get a first birthday cake.  

So there is going to be a cake.

Sorry - picture is a little crappy. Isn't he just the cutest. I am sure there will be plenty of cursing coming from my house on Friday when I make this little guy - but really, could I buy Harry a $5.00 icecream cake.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The thingame jigger

I bought the Dr Seuss books for Ella for her first Christmas, it was not until the Cat in the Hat started on the Disney channel that Ella really took an interest in it.

She loves it and we are always singing the theme song

So with her new found love (thank goodness something has taken over from Dora) she is obsessed with her Cat in the Hat quilt.

As soon as I finished it, she had declared it 'hers' and that I could have her 'old' quilt (even though I made it for myself in the first place.

I love the bunting on this quilt. The original that I 'borrowed' from Nova had the bunting that you could lift up - as this was a quilt, I thought it was a bit pointless, so they are sewn as part of the quilt.

The binding is 'multi-stripe' from the same Dr Seuss collection.  The only thing that needs to be done is the hand quilting. I did take it to SIT to complete, and I did buy the Perle8 thread but that is as far as I have gotten.

I thought I would just add in an 'out-take' picture. Why do dogs and kids always have to play around you.  This 50kg lump Lily always has to play on top of you or be in your photo. Can you regonise her from here and here. So much for the runt of the litter.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Elk landscape

I haven't made clothes for ages. Well it feels like ages and I am starting to feel like a sewing fraud.

I saw this jacket on Saffron Craigs website over a month ago and I instantly fell in love.  I knew that I had to have it.  I was eager to meet Saffron at SIT as I was hoping that she would bring the kit with her. Alas, she did not (which was probably a good thing), but I took advantage of her 20% off code when I got back.

Lined with wool

Ella loves it.  When Mat came home and saw the jacket he asked if I had been spending money again. I told him I made it - he didn't believe me - he said it is too good to be 'homemade'

The fabric is Elk Landscape in Aqua from the Forests Elements range. It is fully lined with a cream wool. The wool I got from Spotlight on clearance, from $39.95/m down to $2.00/m - I am kicking myself that I only bought 4 metres. It is so lovely and soft.

I have also bought the Elk Landscape in Purple to make another jacket.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

They're what?

They're blocked????

I could only be talking about Harry and our latest drama.

Since Harry's operation his ears have been discharging - I thought this was normal and happy that all this gross stuff was better out than in. He had another hearing test last week and it was only marginally better. His left ear (his good ear) was no better than his right ear (the partially deaf ear). The audiologist had a look in his ears - she could not see the left grommet and the right one was blocked. She suggested a trip to the Ear Nose and Throat specialist for antibiotics. Luckily as we were only around the corner, they fit us in straight away.

Both his grommets were completely blocked - and the discharge, that was not normal. He suckered out both his ears and now he has to have drops twice a day and Hydrogen Peroxide once a day to try and get them clear.  This is Plan B - he has assured me that there is a Plan C and D in order to get Harry happy and hearing better.

So, the plan is for the next 10 days use the drops, then another hearing test at the end of the month, another appointment with the ENT and see if they are working as they should.  Plus we also have an appointment with a Paedatrician to see if Harry is actually asthmatic. They think he might be, which would have been caused by the amount of time he has been sick.  He is still sick from before his grommet operation that did not go ahead - 7 weeks and counting.

It is less than two weeks until his 1st birthday. I was hoping he would be happy and sleeping by then, but it does not seem so.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

SIT - the goodies and more shopping

This has taken me a long time to post - the weeks seem to be flying and they have been too hectic for my liking.

On Saturday 26th March, I left the kids again with mum and dad, and off I went to the SIT crafting day. I brought my Cat in the Hat Quilt so that I could finish the hand quilting (what a meltdown from Ella did that cause as she did not want me to take it) and my bucket of hexies.

When we arrived at the Menzies, we were greeted with coffee (hot chocolate for me) and a lovely goody bag. We were spoilt!!!!

Patterns from: Pink Chalk Fabrics, Clares Place, The Red Thread, Ric Rac, Chasing Cottons, Clares Craftroom,

Fabric from: Retromummy -  a cute fat quarter, Hawthorne Threads - two scrap packs and some sample pieces from Saffron Craig.  

We also received from Earthgirl fabrics a key fob and a button from Posie Patchwork . I can't forget the bag came from Innergreen - which is made from corn.  I dont know about you - but this is fantastic.

There was also a huge amount of prizes to be given away on the day. Everyone got a couple of prizes - I was reasonably lucky to be pulled out pretty early and got

A purse kit from Nicole Mallalieu and some knitting/chochet needles (I am not sure who gave these, as there is no name on them, but thank you very much)

Thank you to all the sponsors who provided items for the goody bags and the prizes - a full list can be found here

A massive thankyou needs to go to Sheridan and her 2IC Donna for organising an amazing weekend for everyone. I am sure we gave her nothing but headaches - constantly adding or decreasing numbers for the different events.

I had a great time, not much sewing was done on the day - even though I seem to have come home with a few more hexagons than I started with, but I think I did more talking than sewing.

The swap. You will remember that I made these  - well this is the great stuff that I received from my swap buddies.

A bonnet from Christy, a pin cushion from Sandy, a lavender bag from Susan, a quilted bag from Leah and a mini quilt from Wendy.   Aren't they are talented bunch of girls.

I was also lucky enough to receive some scraps from Anna of Polly Pratt.  I don't know what it is with sewers and scraps, but I seem to collect them and covet them as much as I do my uncut fabric.

What is a day without a bit of shopping. There was a few stalls and I did a little bit of damage. I am pretty lucky as Mat didn't even ask how much I spent - so I don't have to suffer with buyers remorse on these goodies.

Fat quarters and charm squares from Gillian (Sew Vintage) and Megan  (Edan Rose).

My biggest spend of the day was Saffron Craig fabric.  I love this stuff. It is more expensive than the American Quilting Cotton that I usually buy, but it is so worth the extra $$$ - I love the designs. We were also given a 20% code to buy other things from Saffrons store - lets say I took advantage of that last week.

Overall it was a fantastic day. It was great to meet some of the EB girls (Kayscha, Kirsty, Esther and of course Nic who I met the day before) that I have chatted with over the net, but never met in person.

Can't wait until next year - the word is it is in Canberra.