Sunday, May 29, 2011

Piecing pips

This weekend I have been busy piecing my Sherbet Pips charm packs. I have two and have been wondering what to do with them. 

This quilt top has been pretty quick so far and I have found with this one that my piecing is more accurate than what it used to be.

I am really loving the quilt so far and so does Ella. Like usual she has already claimed it as her own.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Confused Downtown Boy

In my last post I was deciding what fabric to use for a new jacket for Ella. I asked Ella what fabric she wanted, and the Sherbet Pips won. 

The pattern the Downtown Boy by Make It Pefect, which I have made a couple of times for Harry and I thought it would also work for Ella.

While I love the fabric and I love the jacket for a boy, I am not sold on it for Ella.

I made a size 3. Maybe that is the problem, it is too big for her, so atleast it will last until next winter. 

There always has to be a hair shot when it comes to Ella. She loves her hair probably more than anyone. We get comments on it all the time.  Last week I was watching America's Next Top Model and it was the makeover episode.  When the girls were having their haircut - Ella asked in complete shock what was happening.  I told her that they were getting their haircut.  She burst into tears and said "I never want my haircut"

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lazy Wednesday

Usually I can say that my Wednesday's are anything but lazy. It usually involves waking Ella up (Harry wakes up usually before 5:00am) and then getting them over to their Nan's before 7am so I can get to work. Work consists of generally 10 - 11 hours, then it is home, dinner, baths, bed.

Today is a little different. Work is very quiet at the moment (any one want a house built???) and so my boss told me to come in late today.

Harry woke up at 4:50am, Ella at 7:45am, get them dressed, bags packed and around to their Nan's for 8am and then I have come home - cleaned the house while the kids aren't here to mess it up and down to the good stuff.

I have traced and cut out a new pattern today.  Well its not new, I have made it a couple of times for Harry, but I thought that I would make one for Ella.

I was going to use this fabric

but then I thought that this might be lovely too.

I love this Sherbet Pips. I would love to keep it forever and never cut it up, but I thought it would look divine as a jacket.

Which one would you use?

OK skive over - I best get dressed and head into work. 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

School days

Remind me never to let any of my children wear something I have made them before it has been photgraphed.  

 I finished the O+S School Days jacket over a week ago. I thought I would let Harry wear it when we had a shopping and lunch date with Nic last week.  What was the worst that could happen?????   It could be covered inside and out in vomit!  Stinky formula vomit.  Yuck!! Lets say a trip in the washing machine with two colour catchers to make sure the wool didn't run and it is back to its original glory.

It is size 6-12 months.  I was worried that this was going to be a bit small for Harry and with the work that is involved in this, he would not get too much wear out of it - but no need to worry. There is plenty of growing room for my little Harry boy.  

All in all it is a great pattern. It is an easy coat to make and using the wool it is forgiving if you are not the neatest sewer and it does not require an overlocker as all the seams are hidden. This jacket takes a lot of work. There are A LOT of pattern pieces. This jacket took me one night to cut out alone.

Don't you just love the camo leggings and Volleys - too cute!

I made the arms shorter than what the pattern called for and I have had to roll them up - but I actually prefer it with the arms rolled up so you can see the argyle print lining.

Harry doesn't appreciate all this modelling - we have so far perfected the crying look and with this photo the homeless puppy look.  Maybe next time the happy look?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Are we going to the snow?

No we aren't going to the snow - Harry is having a bath.

Excuse the dodgy iphone photo

Don't you love the new head gear to keep his ears dry.  Ear plugs and a fancy red headband to keep them in place.   

Harry was so excited to be back in the bath and being able to splash around to his hearts content!