Friday, August 26, 2011

Preppy Plaid

When I posted about the fabric that I had bought in my last post, I did not think that it would come in the near future. Australia Post has been pretty slack lately and parcels that used to take a week from the States have been taking close to a month. So when my latest Hawthorne Threads purchase showed up today just over a week after ordering it, I was more than excited.

I have been sick for the last couple of days, another bug from daycare that has gone through Harry, Mat, me and now Ella looks like she is copping it too.  However, what is a head cold, when you have 9 yards of fabric to sew with. 

My first project - Sketchbook Shorts for Harry. When I saw this fabric, I knew it would be perfect for shorts, very preppy, and quite Ralph Lauren-esq. All he needs now is a while polo shirt with the collar up.

I have had this pattern for ages and have made many of the shirts, but I have never made the shorts. I don't know why I never have. As usual it is a great pattern, but it does have one thing that annoys me.   There are erratas in the pattern.  OK, I know there are mistakes in patterns, but the O+S patterns are premium patterns and they are not cheap.  Nic alerted to the errors in this pattern when she made them last year and I kept this in mind before I made these. I have never thought to check the errata before - thanks Nic for the tip. There is an error in 3 of the 5 pattern pieces - the seam allowances are missing - not a major drama to add them in but still annoying.  

While I am talking about Nic - do you notice the body suit Harry is wearing? I won it in Nic's raffle in the QLD flood appeal auctions.  Harry is finally big enough to wear it!!!!!   It looks great on him. Thanks Nic!

One part of the pattern I did change - I made them flat fronted intead of having the elastic around all of the waist. This is really simple to do, but I think it gives a nicer look to the shorts. 

Can you believe my little boy is walking. First teeth, now walking - how did that happen? Where did my baby go?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More fabric

I always like to think up a snappy title for my blog posts - today my brain wont extend past 'more fabric'

I discovered Children at Play by Sarah Jane there are 52 prints in this collection. I have only bought a few, but I think I might have to add some more.  Here are the ones I got.

a sketchook shirt for Harry as seen here

just because

Summer dress for Ella.

Sketchbook shorts for Harry
Another collection I stumbled across and I just had to add it to my shopping cart. It is Going Coastal by Emily Herrick.

Sketchbook shorts for Harry and shorts for Ella. 

Shirt for Harry.
I can't wait for this fabric to get here - I have lots of summer sewing to get started on.  Australia Post has been pretty slack lately. I have a package that I am waiting on from America that was sent on 26/07/11 and still has not arrived!

Monday, August 22, 2011

The journey

I have been sewing, but I don't have anything to show for my efforts at the moment. Missing buttons and thousands of threads to cut off.   Apart from my WIPS I have been occupied by something else this week.

Mat, he loves caravans. He has fond childhood memories of caravaning holidays in the UK, I have memories of staying in caravans as a child as being in a family of 6 there were too many of us to stay in a hotel.  Mat wanted to re-live those memories and get a caravan, I wanted a nice overseas holiday that involved hotels.

Our friends have a great caravan, expensive too - at $60,000. It has everything. "I will have a caravan if we can have one like their one"  knowing we would never get one like that - $60,000 can buy so much more than a van.  Never say never!!

So back in April, Mat was searching on the internet for a caravan in England and happened to stumble on a caravan exactly like our friends - for a fraction of the cost.  It was on the Isle of Anglesey - more than 400kms from where Mats dad lives and a lot more than that from Australia.

First task was getting it to Brighton - which is at the bottom of England - two trips by two different people of over 400kms - and then once the import papers were received, getting it to Southampton to the shipping docks - this took 2 months and included a tow truck and another 100 kms.  Finally it left England on 1st July and arrived in Australia over 17,000kms away10 days ago. 

Before I could get it, Customs needed to do their thing and charge me a lot of money, Quarantine needed to inspect it to determine that we were not harbouring any English nasties (funny thing is they cleared it, and then when we collected it, a spider crawled out of one of the compartments) Finally I got to take it home - another 400 kms.

At the docks - Port Kembla

So there is my $60,000 caravan for a fraction of the price. It has travelled over 18,000 kms in order to get here.  Mat is ecstatic - he is already planning many trips away. For me not being a caravan lover, this one is pretty nice. I think I will be able to get used to this style of camping

I am just hoping with all it took to get it here (and actually getting it from the docks to home was the hardest part of the whole exercise) that my effort is rewarded with lots of fabric.    On that note - I have been buying more. I will share that in my next post.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Its Black. Its White

Scrolling through Facebook one morning a couple of months ago I came across this image.

I didn't have a clue what it was. It was posted by Robbie Williams and being totally naive thought it might be the cover artwork for an upcoming album.  Whatever it was - it would look great as a quilt.

841 2.5" squares later and all the blocks are complete.

I have since crawled out of the rock that I have been living under and have found out that it is a QR Code which is basically a barcode that is readable by smart phones. This QR code is for Robbie Williams.  There is actually a QR code website that you can go on and generate your own QR codes.

I wish I had found this out before I started making the quilt as I would have made it up for my own blog.


Now I just have to cut off all those loose threads before I can baste and quilt it - and believe me there is a lot of them.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Back flips

He thought the chair was crap. Typical man couldn't see the potential.

He liked it when it was finished. Usually he will say things I make are nice, but I am sure that is just to keep me happy.

Sunday was wet, he was stuck inside helping me de-clutter the house. Musical furniture was the order of the day.

Thanks to Mat, look what takes pride of place at our front door now

Four words "I told you so"