Friday, December 9, 2011


December to everyone is manic enough. I am tired and really hanging out for the 21st December when I finish work until 16th January. For us, December not only means Christmas, it means birthdays.  We have too many birthdays.

Ella's is on the 3rd, then one of our close friends 6th, nephew 9th, step father in law 10th and then to finish mine is on the 12th. I can't concentrate on anything Christmassy until all these are out of the way.

Last week was going to be hectic. I had a normal working week (which is long) Ella had swimming lessons, Harry had ANOTHER ENT appointment and there were cakes to make (one for her party and one for daycare), presents to buy and a house to scrub to get ready for her party.  Add a smashed iPhone into the picture and you get a mummy that is ready for a meltdown (or a stiff drink)

How many times have you dropped your iPhone. Too many times to count. This time it was in my back pocket and I bent over. It fell out and smashed. I dropped it the following day - and the screen fell out, so now it is covered in sticky tape.  Luckily my boss (with a little hinting from my mother-in-law and his wife) offered me one of the work iPhones as a replacement. At least I have cooled down about that one.

Usually I go totally overboard with my kids cakes.  We had this for Ella's first birthday

 her cake last year

and lastly, Harry's first birthday cake

I promised Mat, I wouldn't go overboard this year.  I didn't have the time (or energy) to make a fondant cake (even though I have many pinned) I would make a simple rainbow cake - how hard could it be......

Let me tell you, it was a pain in the butt. I will take a three tiered fondant cake any day of the week!!! This cake took too many ingredients and there was way too many swear words.  Just to give you an idea of the ingredients - 4 cups of white sugar, 600gms of butter, 500gms cream cheese, 1.5kgs of icing sugar. Definitely not a cake to eat when you were on a diet.   My main problem with the cake - on the outside it is not pretty!!!

OK - it is past not being pretty - it is UGLY.  I was so concerned about actually bringing it out of the fridge (it had to be in there for its safety as it would have toppled over - this bugger was heavy) I went down the local shops and bought a cheap icecream cake as a backup.

I don't know if Ella was shocked or excited when I brought the cake out.  I will go with excited.

Everyone commented that it was a bit below my standards until we cut it, then they forgave its appearance.

So it does look pretty good inside.  Another problem with it - too sickly. I love cake, I mean I love it, I love everything sweet, but this was too sweet and I never realised (until this cake) that there was such a thing. 

The day after her birthday, I was exhausted. The kitchen was piled high with dishes, the last thing I wanted to make was ANOTHER cake. I had to. I had promised Ella that she would have cake for daycare. Another pinned cake that I had shown Ella before, that now I wished I had never shown her and just bought a cake.

He was not too bad to make. It was pretty quick. Made in a couple of hours before Mat and I went to see Elton John. He was a hit (the cake - Elton was pretty good too) at daycare and all the teachers were shocked I had made it.

So there you have it. My birthday is in 3 days and like every year, once I get Ella's out of the way, I can't be bothered to do anything for mine. I am still cleaning my house and finding random empty beer bottles. I think I need a nap.

I think Ella has the right idea!!!