Tuesday, March 29, 2011

And exhale...........................

It has been a whirlwind of a week, to say I am exhausted is an understatement.

Last Tuesday Harry had a Doctors appointment to check his progress. We were told that he was doing really well and he should be fine to have his operation on Tuesday 29th (today actually). I was so happy and thought that in another week all would be fine.  Fast forward to the next day, which was a hectic day at work as I had to attend a course and was only there half a day anyway.  I get a phone call from John Hunter Hospital saying that there had been a cancellation and Harry could have his operation tomorrow.   Now this was HUGE!!!!   This is a public hospital - the waiting period for this operation was over 12 MONTHS!! - this meant that he had gotten in for the operation in 1 month and 13 days!! Not only was he going to have the operation, but it was going to be free and save me $2,500.00.  

Panic stations!!! Trying to call the GP to find out if he could have the operation, panic that I would not have enough time to get everything done.  The GP gave him the all clear to go ahead with the operation and we were given our instructions from the hospital to be there at 7:00am the next day.

Harry was not really that well on Thursday and panic started to set in. He was coughing and wheezing and the anaesthetist was not sure if Harry could go ahead. My heart sunk. I don't think I could have handled two cancelled operations.   They checked his oxygen saturation levels on two machines and as they were not far off 100%, we were given the OK to have the operation after a debate with a couple of anaesthetists.  Usually to go under a general you need to be well for 6 weeks - in Harry's case, I don't think he has ever been well for 6 weeks at one time. So they decided that this was a good as Harry gets, so they would risk it, but he might have to stay in hospital over night on oxygen.

Harry was first to be operated on for the day. We went in at 8:30am. After they had put him to sleep, I was told to go and wait in the family room as it would be 10 minutes and he would be out.  10 mins passed, 20 mins passed, I started to get very nervous, 30 mins passed, my heart started racing as I thought that something must have gone wrong. I nervously walked to the reception of the operating theatres, they told me that Harry was fine and the operation was still going.

40 mins, 45 mins, 50 mins passed and finally the surgeon came out.  "You told me 10 mins - you were 50 mins!" I told him.  Both the surgeon and the anaesthetist were there and they said that it was a very difficult operation. Harry's left ear was the worst (which this is his good ear for hearing) and both his ear canals were very narrow and they had a hard time getting the grommets in, plus they had to suck out a lot of gunk that was in there.

Once he came out of theatre, he was in recovery for 40 mins and we were discharged 20 mins after that.  His ears are really swollen inside, however, he seems happier in the day and not crying as much.   The night time is a totally different story and there really has not been much change, however, he is still pulling at his ears, so I don't think that they are pain free yet.

We have noticed a difference in his hearing, as he started crying when I turned on the vacuum cleaner, I am sure the hearing will improve once the swelling goes down.

So there we go, the operation has finally been done. I need a holiday!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Autumn Hopscotch

The weather so far has not turned to reflect the new season - the days are still warm, pleasantly warm, which is a nice relief from the summer heat.  I am thinking of colder days and planning a winter wardrobe.

On a recent visit to Spotlight I came across the nicest charcoal knit fabric - turned out it was 'marle'. I thought it would be perfect for a winter dress for both Ella and myself.  Ella first, I need to find the right pattern for me.

Pattern is Oliver and S Hopscotch Dress. I actually won this pattern, I have tried it once, but was not happy with the result and it is currently sitting in  my WIP box.

My brother thought it was a boring colour for a little girl - tie it up with a bright pair of tights (only have leggings on hand) and I love it for a subtle autumn/winter look

This is actually a really quick dress to make - I am impressed and will me making more of these in the long sleeve version.  

Friday, March 18, 2011

Dodgy ears and eyes

On Monday my body crashed. I was only focused on Harry's operation and when it didn't happen I was shell shocked.  Monday night was not a good one with Harry and I ended up in the spare room with him only managing a handful of hours sleep.  Tuesday morning I woke up with an ear infection and an eye infection.   I think my body gave up!

I have not had an ear infection since I was about 6 years old - I have not had one since I had grommets put in my ears. Aparently the scarring in my ears tells the tale of many ear infections over 20 years ago. This ear infection is a good one and according to the GP, the ear drum is about to burst.  So I have been hiding at home, lying in bed and watching trashy foxtel.  

There has been no sewing for me, but I thought I would share what I made (actually one of the things I made) last weekend.

Aren't they lovely. They are not very practical according to Mat - they should have been in a colour that hides the cup stains, but I don't care, I am in love.

They are one set of five for the Sew It Together sample swap.  I have made two sets so far, using Amy Butler Love collection - I have three more sets to go.  

I am really under the pump now. 1 week! SREAM!!!! until SIT - so I better get my butt into gear!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011


The operation did not go ahead today. We went to the hospital, we waited for two hours (there was a delay with one of the operations) we got as far as me getting into scrubs and the Anaesthetist looking at Harry.  He is sick again, he has his usual cold, but he is too sick for an operation, it would be too dangerous to put him under to have the operation. 

What could I do but burst into tears?  I am shattered. I want my boy to be safe, I also want him to be happy and pain free.

I am not sure when it is going to happen, we just have to wait for him to be well.

Thank god you're here.

Thank goodness it is Monday. Thank goodness it is the 14th of March. Thank goodness that it is Harry's operation today.

We have to be at the hospital at 12:45pm - 30 mins before his operation.  We have everything crossed that this will work and we will have a happy boy at the end of it.

Wish us luck!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Quilts for Queensland

Do you remember the blocks that I made for Quilts for Queensland? They are here and here.  They were not the only blocks that I made. There was one more, however, I neglected to blog it.

The block is straight - it is my dodgy photo rather than a dodgy block.

The block was made using a Badskirt tutorial. I have never even dreamt of attempting something like this, but it was pretty easy - it was time consuming, but pretty easy.  I love the look of it and would love to make a quilt using more of these blocks.

Now I actually have to get around to posting these off to Retromummy so that they can be turned into quilts.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

We are clean, but for how long???

I cleaned up my sewing room today. My brother is staying for the weekend and my sewing room doubles as the spare room. Last time he came I couldn't be bothered to clean it, and so he pushed everything off the bed onto the floor so he could actually sleep on the bed.  

Now that it is clean, I thought I would show you what it looks like, now that I have done some more organising.

My desk is in the built-in wardrobe - so at least if I need to pack it away, I can shut the doors and it looks like a normal spare room. We have not had guests that stay longer than a few days, so I am not sure what we would do if they stayed long enough to need the wardrobe.

My fabric buckets - the ones on the left, the bottom two are scraps (bigger nicer pieces on the top and the smaller not so fond-of pieces - which Ella uses on the bottom)  the top bucket is for WIPS.  The buckets on the rights are for non quilting cotton, flannel, wool, anything like that really. They are both busting at the seams - as you can see by my makeshift fabric storage.

Really need some more storage in here - as I am seriously running out of room to hide purchases.

I love the new set up of my desk. It is small, there is no denying that it is small, but with having the shadow board on the back of the wardrobe, I can utilise the extra space there.  Another good reason for using the shadow board is that I have only had to secure it a couple of times to the wall, so if/when we move, there will be minimal damage to the wardrobe wall. The vacant area top right - I am going to have a shelf made and have storage jars there for buttons and trims etc - haven't gotten around to that yet.   The two notice boards are magnetic.

I am trying to convince Mat to let me have a TV in the sewing cupboard - on the right hand side wall a small plasma that will swing out on an arm - how perfect would that be. He is not so enthusiastic about my idea.

Last but not least - my fabric.  Love love love!!! Not much room in there now. It is mostly quilters cotton, but on the right hand side there is knits and linen. 

So there you have it - a rare moment when you see it clean!  Now I just need to do some sewing to mess it up again. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Its only two weeks away

Last year when I booked my place for Sew It Together it felt so far away. I can't believe how fast time has flown and it is now only two weeks away.  I am getting excited - not just for going to SIT, but for the weekend away on my own.  Slap me if you want to - but I am so looking forward to not having kids for two whole days - it is going to be bliss.

I took part in the SIT name badge swap. I admit it, I procrastinate and usually leave most things until the last minute. Much to my horror, I received my name badge from Hilary before I had even thought about making mine.

Isn't it great (photo not so great) 

This is my effort - actually I starting making the hexies for mine and gave up, made another badge and wasn't happy with it, and so I went back to making the hexies. I am glad I went through with it, as I really like it.

I was actually shocked that I had so many fabrics with yellow, orange and brown - where I thought I didnt have many.  These are all scraps, so got to be happy with that. My favourite part of the badge - the little turtle near the bottom -  I love this fabric.

Now I just have to get cracking on the other swap of SIT - a sample swap. I have to make 5 of the same items. Like usual I am dragging my heels.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Cat in the Hat

I have been sewing. It probably does not feel like it, as none of my blog posts recently have involved sewing, but I have been quite busy behind the scenes.

Do you remember this fabric? It arrived and I have been playing with it.  Ella was so excited when it came in the post and expected us to make her quilt that night. Tears and tantrums followed once she was told that she had to wait a couple of days as I was at work and she was at daycare.

I dont get the time to sew on my days off like I used to, and with us potentionally putting the house up for sale, I have been using my time to clean up rather than sew.   With limited sewing time that I have had, this has taken me a couple of weeks.

I can't take credit for the design. I found it whilst Flickr surfing and instantly fell in love. If you have not been over to to Nova's blog - it is well worth the visit.

Now I just have to quilt and bind it. Ella wants to use it now - luckily the weather is still warm as I don't think it would do much for her at the moment.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A tenner

 There is a 'Vinnies' shop around the corner from work.  I generally don't leave the office once I arrive, but yesterday I had to go to the post office, so I stopped in.  I tend to only look for fabric. Most of the time there is nothing there, but yesterday I walked out with two bags.

I don't know how many metres there is, but there is a few.  How much did this lot cost me - the bargain price of $10.00.

I am not supposed to be spending - we have an operation to pay for in 11 days (not that I am counting) but as this was from Vinnies,  this is not spending - it is donating to charity. I wonder if donations of this kind can be used as a tax deduction?