Tuesday, July 26, 2011


You have to love any mail that is not a bill. Frankly I don't get nearly enough of this mail.  Today I got a phone call at work from Mat (who is on nights this week)

"You have a parcel"
"Is it big?" I replied
"yes it is pretty big"

Now usually I would think "crap, I've been busted ordering more fabric" but this time, I was more concerned about the size of it. Mat knew about this one before I even ordered it. So I didn't have to suffer with buyers remorse.

When I got home this afternoon, this was waiting for me.

What excited me the most, and by saying this, I am sure I am a major dork, but there was a whole BOLT of fabric just for me.

There is 15 yards of Kona Cotton in White. I love this stuff. Very excited that it came all wrapped in plastic - an unopened bolt.

I also got some 11 yards of other Kona Cotton, plus what I was really looking forward to

The Kona colour card.   

All this came from Hancocks of Paducah. A couple of times a year they do free shipping and it also includes international shipping.  This package weighed 6.5kgs and their website calculated it at $70.00 of shipping costs. To add to their free shipping, their Kona Cotton if you buy over 3 yards is only $4.78 per yard - the cheapest I have found.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A touch of masculinity

I was right when I said that Mat would think my little chair was a piece of junk. The first thing he said when he walked in the door, was it was a piece of rubbish and hopefully I got it for free.  I told him it was $5.00 - it was actually $8.00, but knowing my husband all too well, he thought it was too expensive at $5.00.

I wasn't planning on re-upholstering this chair so quickly, but yesterday afternoon while Mat worked on his car and Harry napped, I got stuck in.

My original thought was to use some Ink and Spindle fabric to cover the chair, but at $96.00 per metre and this chair needing over a metre. I am also impatient and I hate waiting for mail to arrive. So I scrapped that idea and used the fabric that I had in my stash. 

Do you remember what it looked like before?

Here is my little chair now.....

I just love it!  I had originally intended to paint the wood a lot darker grey. I sanded back the wood and painted it using house paint we already had. I don't know what happened to the paint, on the walls it is almost black, but on the chair it is charcoal.  I used matte floor varnish over the top of the paint so it wont chip.

The fabric is Echino helicopters. I have used this fabric before for Harry's Downtown Boy Jacket and had bought 3 metres of it on sale to make a shirt for a friends birthday.  Hopefully I still have enough fabric left over to make the shirt.

What do you think?  

Now I have to decide where it goes. I would love it in our bedroom. Our bedroom needs a major makeover. I think this will fit into the new colour scheme that I want, however, Mat is fighting me on it.  He wants to keep the brown scheme we already have, and the $400 doona set that we bought in 2004 (as it is perfectly fine and was expensive) and I want to chuck it all out and start again. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Snail mail

 I ordered four 'Sew Lisette' patterns from sewingpatterns.com at the end of March.

They arrived two days ago.  That is one week under 4 months.  

Now I know the mail system can be slow, but not this slow!  It took the company 3 months to post out the order, and that was after many un-answered emails and excuses that the patterns had been on back order. 

Hmmm, I think they need to work on their customer service.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Opportunity knocks

My job is generally office based, but every now and then I venture out to run errands for work. Sometimes on these errands, there might be some shops that I detour past.

Today happened to be one of those days and I stopped in the local Salvos.   I am wanting to re-decorate both my bedroom and the sewing/spare bedroom and I think the little chair I found will be perfect.

It looks pretty shabby now, and actually reminds me of a chair my grandpa would have owned.  I am sure Mat will think it is a piece of junk, but with a bit of TLC, it will have a new lease of life.  Now I just have to work out what to cover it with.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wheeze bag

Harry has asthma. Ella probably has it too, but we are waiting for the diagnosis from the Paedatrician.

Currently I carry around their asthma paraphernalia in a large zip lock bag. Yesterday I used some of my new Pooches and Pickups fabric and made something a little better.

The outside is the Big Trucks in Spring and Kona Cotton in grey.  The inside is lined with Small Trucks in Spring

Perfect for all the asthma crap, and much nicer than carrying around a zip lock bag. Now, I have to make one for Ella.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Candy stripes

My ironing board was disgusting!! OK, maybe it was not that bad, but it was pretty gross.

This is the original cover that the board came with in 2004!!  It does not help that when my mother-in-law lived with us for 3 months she left the iron face down rather than putting it up when she was not using it - so there are many burn marks.    It has really been past its prime for years.

I am a procrastinator I know that. I have been putting off making a new one for ages. Stupidly it did not take that long - about 20 mins from start to finish. It didn't cost me anything either as I had everything in my stash.

I took the original cover off and took out the cord, traced around the original cover, overlocked the edges and sewed a casing seam.  I added a layer of quilt batting to the foam that covers the metal.  I used the original cord back in the new cover. 

Much better don't you think!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Little rocker

I know what I said about buying knit fabric in Australia. It is usually expensive and not very inspiring. I actually found some (in Spotlight would you believe) and it is a boy knit - win win!!! I only bought a metre - which I am kicking myself about. I might have to go back and get some more. 

I am sorry, but I don't think this could be any cuter. It is the Heidi and Finn Urban Hoodie, the size is 6-12 months, but it is TINY!!!  

I bought this pattern awhile ago and I actually started making one for Harry in this size as he wears 00 hoodies, only to realise that his arm wouldn't have fitted in the sleeve.  So I have made him another one in a size 2.  So just to warn, this pattern runs REALLY small. 

I originally bought this fabric for Harry, but thought it would be a great gift for Dylan. I only need to sew on the buttons and it will be ready.  

Oh my goodness I saw him again yesterday, and he makes my uterus ache.  I think with finally getting a full night sleep, my clucky-ness has returned. Does it go away???? 

Apart from running small, which believe me it does - so if your child is over a size 3 normally, I would steer clear (Ella is in a size 2 and I have started a size 4 for her and it is snug), but apart from that it is a great pattern. The instructions are good and it comes together really quickly.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thrifty business

Those that live in Australia will understand when I say that you can't get any decent knit fabric in Australia.  You can get plain colours, but there is not a lot of pattern knits. If it is nice, it is expensive and if you buy it in from overseas the postage is a killer. Usually I steer clear of knits for this reason.

Flickr surfing I came across Sophie from Cirque du Bebe she is also in Australia and upcycles knits from clothing handed down or from op shops.
So yesterday, whilst I was supposed to be working, I went to the local Vinnies. I grapped a few items, which I thought were pretty cheap at $4.00 each, but the lady behind the counter must have thought that I looked needy that day (my roots aren't that bad) and only charged me $2.00 for each item.

So here is the before shot.......

Mens size L rugby jumper - maybe she thought I had a large husband at home?
Drumroll please........................................

The after shot.....

Isn't it just so cute!

The  pattern - well I didn't work to a pattern 100%. I know I wanted to keep the collar and the placket detail (is that the right term?)

I started out with the O+S Nature Walk Pullover. To be honest, I am not a fan of this pattern. Shock horror I love O+S patterns, but this one, it really didn't inspire me. The reason why I bought it was this version. With some thick knit fabric, I could make some rugby tops for Harry.

The pattern is cut so that you can have two different fabrics and it also has pockets in the front. I didn't want those details, so I cut the sleeve, back and front as single pieces and then cut it out with the original placket in tact.

The sleeves on the O+S pattern are a bit too wide for my liking, so I have narrowed them down quite a bit. 
When I showed Mat this morning my handy work, he asked where I got it from. When I told him I made it, he said "it is actually really good - show me" When I told him that I had made it all apart from the placket, he was still impressed, but not as much as before. I should have shut my mouth!!!

No good modelling shots from Harry today. I can't even bribe him at this age - so here are the out-takes.

nope I wont sit up
Take my picture like this
Or how about one like this?

Ohhh is this what you want, it will cost you though.

This modelling gig, it wears you out!
What do you think? Cost $2.00, nothing else was used (apart from thread) in the making of this top other than the original jumper. I think it is pretty cool and one that will get some wear.

Monday, July 4, 2011


It has taken one year, two months and 8 days to get to this point. I am scared to even write this just incase I jinx myself.  

On Friday night Harry slept through the night! I woke up in the morning and for the first time since he was born and realised that I had not had to get up all night.  OMG!!!!!

Hoping this was not a once off, I crossed everything that I had he would do it again Saturday night.... and he did, and last night too.  That THREE nights in a row. Holy crap!!!

It has been hard work to get to this point. A couple of months ago, I had come to the end of my rope. His ears were good, he was well, but the sleeping, well it was still crap. We were back to waking hourly most nights.  Working 3 days a week and with Mat working shift work, I couldn't do it anymore.

So I got tough. I didn't know what else to do. I let him cry. I shut his door and I shut mine and I lay in bed with tears streaming down my face as he cried. The first night it went on for 20 mins and then he went to sleep, gradually over the weeks it got less and less to the point that I was getting up once to still give him a bottle.

I knew the time was coming where I was going to have to get really tough with him and not give him a bottle through the night. I didn't want to do it when Mat was on the early shift as I thought it would be a major fight, so I kept putting it off.   

Lucky for me, he seems to have done it on his own. Thank goodness for that! I love this little boy more than life itself, but bloody hell I need some sleep.  I have a over a years worth to catch up on. 

Saturday, July 2, 2011


I don't know what your idea of bliss is, but after a week of sickness in the house, work and having to make the house all nice and smick for the valuer, my idea of bliss is both kids in bed and asleep before 6pm (yes that is correct, before 6pm) and shutting myself away in the sewing room with Adele playing on the laptop and sewing without any interuptions.

Sewing away to Adele,  I finished my Prints Charming quilt top.  I am so in love with this quilt.

I was tempted in the beginning to give it away, but I know that I will never manage to be able to do it.  It is mine all mine.

I have actually ordered another Prints Charming panel, so that I can make one for my mum - I know that she would love this quilt. 

I was a little daunted by this quilt to start with. I have never made a half-square triangle before, but I followed Rita advice from Red Pepper Quilts of trimming all HST's to 4.5" before you start sewing and then they are all the same size. Once you get all the cutting and trimming out of the way, it is not too complicated and comes together pretty quickly.

Now onto quilting and binding. I have them both picked out - remember I said my quilt was a copy of the original from Red Pepper Quilts - so you don't have to think too far out of the box to work out what the backing and binding will be.

Friday, July 1, 2011

One day..... One day.....

Do you remember this scene from Kindergarten Cop?

It used to always make me laugh - little did I know that I would be hearing the same things from my own kids. 

Ella: I have a gina mum
Me: Yes you do.

Ella: Harry has a willy
Me: Yes he does

Ella: You have a gina too
Me: Yes I have a gina too. 

Ella: Daddy has a willy too
Me: Yes daddy does have a willy

Now this is quite normal, we often have this conversation, but it never leads to this

Ella: One day mum I will have a willy. 
Me: Aaaahhhh no Ella, you are a girl, you have a gina and you wont have a willy. 
Ella: No, one day, one day mum, I will have a willy.