Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I'm a Rocket Man

At the beginning of January one of my friends son had a turn at daycare that required a trip in a hospital in an ambulance and quite a bit of testing.

As soon as I found out I knew that he might have a little stay in hospital - and hospital means pyjamas!!! Perfect time to try out my new Oliver+S  Sleepover Pyjamas pattern

I love how it turned out!!!  They were such an easy pattern to make - I love the contrast of the red against the flannel. I have left the pockets off - probably for this reason as the red does stand out so much.

We have been having the worst summer. Today is the last day of summer and yesterday was the first day that I have put on my airconditioning the whole summer and yesterday was the day that I finally finished these pyjamas - the hottest day we have had so far. Not a day for giving flannel pyjamas.  

I know, I started these at the beginning of January and only finishing them end of February. The reason...BUTTONS.  I don't know what it is about button holes. My machine does them automatically, but I hate doing them.  So these have sat in my WIP box waiting for buttons for nearly 2 months. Thankfully they are now done and gifted to a happy little boy, who has been given the all clear from his health scare.

One more little detail I thought I would show you - look at the tag in the pants. Isn't it cute. I have been wanting labels for a long time and can't decide on what to have on them. I found this cute twill tape at Typo. I bought a girly one for Ella and they are perfect for clothes - cheap too at $10.00 for 10 metres.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Deja vu

Harry had his latest hearing appointment on Friday. These are three monthly and now I don't think too much about them.

We go into a sound booth, they play sounds, he plays with toys and when he responds to sounds he can see a puppet pop up from the other screen. Sometimes it is Dorothy the Dinosaur, Elmo, Bananas in Pyjamas. I get very excited every time Harry hears the sounds and turns to the puppet.

This time, he didn't turn that much. I thought he was too distracted with the toys he was playing with.

Turns out after closer inspection of his ears that it wasn't the toys.

Both his grommets have fallen out (which we knew back in November) but they are both still stuck in his ear canals and yet to fall out completely.

Both his ears have a lot of fluid and neither of his ear drums are moving at all.

He has hearing loss in his right ear, his left has normal hearing. Today, he is testing as having hearing loss in both ears.

Next step - another set of grommets!!!  The last set lasted 7 months, hoping the next set will last a little longer.

His ENT appointment is on 14th of March. Ella is joining him as she may have to have her golf ball tonsils taken out.  I am scared to know my out of pocket for two operations!!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Moving Right Along, Lets Get The Show on The Road!!!

Speak to the Solicitor - CHECK
Speak to the bank - CHECK
Find another place to live - CHECK.

These were the biggest concerns of mine before I agreed to sell the house. It was a Sunday, everything was closed.  So far it has all been going pretty smoothly, no one has nearly died when we told them our plans.

Want to see where we are going?

OK, well there is no house at the moment, so we have to rent somewhere (thank goodness we have found somewhere already) until we finish building, but it is a piece of land big enough to build the new house I want.

It is all starting to feel more real.....

I need to start planning my sewing room. Wait, maybe I need to pack first!!!!!  OK the packing can wait a bit, I need to seach Pinterest!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's more O+S

I am a sucker for an O+S pattern. They always turn out so nice and very neat - so not 'homemade'

I made these O+S Sailboat Shorts back in November. I showed them along with the Swingset Tunic, but didn't really blog about them.

I have had the pattern for nearly as long as I have been sewing. I have made the top a couple of times, but never the shorts. I don't know why - as they are so so simple to make.

Ella is pretty slim - OK she is very slim.  These are size 12-18 months, which is a great fit for her. I shortened them as well to make them shorts, but I love them so much, I think she needs a pair of these as jeans - so I will have to add it to my list.

Another great thing about these shorts is they are as neat inside as out.  The inside exposed seam I have covered in Innocent Crush bias binding.

I have read that people have trouble with the rise in these shorts. I took a picture of Ella from behind (not the best photo) just to show that I have no trouble with the rise and for Ella fits really well.

The only problem that I have with these shorts - and it is with the denim, not the pattern. It is really nice and thick and is great for shorts, but even after washing the colour runs. Her undies were white before wearing, they are not white anymore.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Remember this post about moving on. I wrote that last Monday 6th February.  Oh my goodness how quickly things change.

Thursday 10th February - get a call from the real estate agent. Is my house  ready to put on the market as someone is interested in it.  No it is not ready give us a couple more weeks - the pool paving still needs to be finished and we need turf - lots of turf.  I thought that was the end of it.

A couple of hours later, knock at the door from friendly agent. Please can I show your house these people are desperate!   It was agreed that they can have a look at it on Saturday. This gives me 2 days to clean like I have never cleaned before.

So after 2 days of cleaning and de-cluttering, here are some pictures of our house.

Entrance - notice my Echino chair that always gets comments. 

Office - this is where I am sitting now. Doesn't usually look this clean!

Kitchen/ main living area.

Toy room - major de-cluttering took place before this photo could be taken.  All those storage boxes - stuffed to the brim.

Ella's room. She had a sleep over at Nanny's house - or it would not be as clean as this.

Harry's room - it looks dark in this photo.

My room - yawn - so boring!!!!!  We so needed to decorate and get ride of the doona cover from 2004, but we paid $400 for it and Mat can't let it go. 

The ensuite. Everyone loves the feature tiles - us, not so keen.
Deck free from dog paw prints - can't show you what it looks like now.
Pool looking pretty - and very inviting at  a water temp of 30 degrees
Finally - sorry for all the pictures.

The cubby house - way too cute and too cute to leave. Not sure how we are moving this one.

Saturday we are having lunch - the inspection has been taking 45 mins - these people must be keen.  Call from agent - "they like your house, the wife REALLY likes your house! They have made you an offer"  It was under what we wanted - but exactly what the agent said it would be worth.  No we are not interested - they need to go up.

5 mins later a text message, they will go up, but it is still lower than what we want. Mat and I act cool - we don't need to sell the house yet, it is not on the market etc etc etc, let the people walk away.

5:30pm on Saturday night - they have met what you want (against the husbands better judgement) - will you take their offer? Can you let me know by tomorrow. 

Then the "OH CRAP" began. Have we done the right thing? How has this happened? We have NO WHERE TO GO!!!!!

So there you have it - we have to be out of here in 4 - 6 weeks. I am still in shock. I never expected for it to happen this quick.  Today I am making a lot of phone calls.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Who Are You Calling a Chicken?

Every birthday and Christmas we try to get creative with our presents to avoid more toys.

Ella and Harry have their own toy room, but it spills over into the rest of the house. They probably play with 10% of the toys and the rest just gather dust.

So Christmas last year was no different and we tried to ban all plastic toys. We thought we had a great idea - CHICKENS.   Ella has spoken about having chickens and loves collecting eggs when we go over to a friends house - they would be a perfect present and would not add to the clutter in the house.

We ordered the pen and put it together on Christmas Eve and bought in the chickens after dark so she would not see them.

 Christmas morning came, we took Ella down and she was excited for a minute or so and then asked if she could go back inside - not before naming one of them 'Trencher'

Luckily the name didn't stick, but she still isn't interested in them. Maybe once they start laying, she might become a little more interested, but at the moment they are just name for me to look after.

As they are part of the family, I thought I would introduce them as they all have names now. They are not the old fashioned names that I wanted, Ezmae, Beryl, Maude etc, but they have been named by Ella, and they seem to be sticking

Buffy - the black chicken who is a Pekin

Cheryl the Gold/Black Chicken who is a Bantam

These were named after my mother-in-law's ex-boss and his wife that came out from England over Christmas. We have tried to explain that Buffy is a girl, but the name still stays.

Olly and Hannah

Olly is the son of Buffy (ex-boss) and his girlfriend Hannah. Again we have reminded Ella that Olly is a boy, but these chickens are all girls.

So far we have not found any eggs - but believe me, we are all still looking.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Project 52  5/52

I realised on my holiday last week, that my baby has grown up into a little boy. How did that happen?

Monday, February 6, 2012

Moving On

Saturday was a sad day. 

I am packing up my sewing room :-( 

So far I have 7 plastic tubs that are stuffed full of fabric. I need more.  I have not even begun to pack up anything that is on my desk.

On February 20th we will have lived in our current house for 3 years. It is not a record for us, our longest is 3 years and 5 months, but it is pretty close.  The last time I moved, I said that I was not going to do it again. It was too much hassle and in the 8 years that we have been living back in Australia we have accumulated far to much stuff.  When we first moved back to Aus, we moved 3 times in 15 months. Just the thought of that now makes me feel ill.  

So we have decided to move again.  When I started to pack up my sewing room so that we can get ready to put the house up for sale, it hit me.  Moving it is just like childbirth. You forget the pain once it is over. It is not until you are close to doing it again that all the memories come flooding back and you realise what you are in for. 

As I look around at my sewing room, I know that I am in for a shock.  Can I afford all the plastic tubs needed to store all of my stuff???

So that is the reason for my quiet state.  We have been working hard to get the house finished.

The old deck was torn down a couple of weeks ago and the new one was finished last week

I love it. We have put up with the old one for so long and now looking at it, I wonder why we did.  It is currently pristine. I better remember what it looks like clean, once the dogs return from their vacation with Grandma it wont stay like this.

We have also been paving

Luckily after quite a bit of rain, the weather seems to have cleared. Hopefully it will be finished soon.

We are aiming to have the house on the market at the end of the month.  I know there will be a lot of work in the next month, including removing many grubby child marks off the walls.   However, I keep thinking of the end prize.