Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm Not Stressed.

It has been 6 days since our house settled. To say that I am exhausted is an understatement. I still feel the need to sleep 24 hours a day, but I have an excuse. 

They say moving is one of the most stressful things you can do. I knew we had the buyer from hell, but I really did not think that I was that stressed, but it turns out that I was.  Last Tuesday, the day before the house settled, I was told by my Dr that I had SHINGLES.

I had been to the Dr the day before Good Friday. I had a really painful lump that had come up on my temple and the top of my head. The Dr thought they were bites, possibly from a spider. Told me to take anti-histamine's and to take an antibiotic if I developed a fever or my face went red.   I didn't get a fever, nor did my face go red, but my eye drooped like I had had a stroke and it swelled shut. More bite like things appeared on my face. What was the most painful thing was the shooting pains that I kept getting in my head and eye and my skin felt like it was crawling.  

Shingles is brought on by stress. I didn't think I was stressed, but I guess my body thought differently.  So last week I crashed. I have been taking antibiotics for the Shingles, Panadiene Forte for the pain.  My mum took the kids for 5 days - she is a saint and without her I don't know how I would have coped.

My buyer from hell - he has caused me nothing but stress. 

Wednesday - 10:30am (final inspection)  Hates the house. Hates the pool pavers. Says that there is no point in complaining about them.  Says if he ever gets hold of Mat he wants to grab him by the throat and beat the crap out of him. Says that this is the worst purchase that he thinks he has ever made and is holding his wife to blame.

Wednesday - 3:30pm. House settles 1.5 hours late as there was a problem with one of the cheques, that has to be re-drawn.  Torrential rain starts (Karma is not always friendly - torrential rain not good for moving)

Wednesday - 5:00pm. First call from disgruntled buyer.  Wants to know what we have done to the aerial as they cannot get a signal.  The aerial never got signal - we watched Foxtel.  Oh by the way they are not happy as the internal garage door handle fell off.  It has fallen off since we bought the house, we just put it back on - big deal.

Thursday - 10:00am - Another call from buyer (each time to the real estate agent - we just get agents call) Buyers son has been running around the pool and has fallen over. This must be our fault and if the kid had fallen a different way he might have been killed!

Thursday - 1:00pm - Visit to the agent to go and pick up the deposit cheque.  Buyer has been on the phone again.  Thinks we have deliberately cut the pool cleaner hose to make it too short. Thinks the pool does not comply to council standards (it was only signed off 2 weeks beforehand, so it complies) Thinks the pool has not been put in properly. Thinks the deck has not been done properly as there was water under the deck (I think he forgot the torrential downpour that happened the night before) Wants to know the name of the carpenters that did the deck. The best one was - he wanted to know why the deck was wet when he did his final inspection.   

I have two dogs - and they are pretty big. OK one is a normal sized Boxer, the other one is a Ridgeback that was supposed to be the runt of the litter - someone forgot to tell her that and she has grown 1.5" bigger than a male should be and she weighs 50kgs.  They are big - with big feet and they make mess.   I washed off the deck to get rid of their paw prints.   I thought I was being nice. Obviously I am just dodgy and trying to cover things up.

Thankfully the agent has told him that she will no longer speak to him.  She said he had perfect opportunity to do something at his final inspection and he chose to do nothing.  He can't rely on any inspections as he did not have any. People are shocked at this, but it is true, he had no building or pest inspection. Silly silly man.

Luckily for us, you can't return a house.  What annoys me the most, we had a beautiful house. Everyone was shocked when we wanted to sell it as they thought it was lovely.  Now this stupid man is running down my house. It is not even 4 years old, it sounds like a crack den when he describes his hate for it.   Would he return it if he could - probably not. I think he just likes to whinge, but not to me. My ears are closed!