Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lady in Red

When I was 16 I worked in the local fish and chip shop. The radio would be set to 2WS FM, for those that don't live in Sydney, it is a radio station of easy listening music.  One of the songs I remember well was 'Lady in Red', it came on quite a few times a day. 

That song entered my head a few times whilst making this coat. It is the Oliver and S Secret Agent Trench Coat.

I have owned the pattern for awhile, I don't know why I didn't make it earlier - actually I know why I didn't make it sooner - it was the tracing of the pattern that put me off.  I don't know I go through moods where tracing the pattern seems a lot of effort, and this pattern has quite a few pieces. Actually I think tracing and cutting take nearly as long as the sewing part.

I was a little bit worried when I was making the coat that it would swamp Ella. It is a size 3T, but during its construction it was looking very boxy and I was set on it sitting in the wardrobe until she filled out a little bit.

I am pleased to say that it doesn't look boxy now that it is finished. Ella loves it. She has been wearing it all day and wants to wear it when she goes to gymnastics (she doesn't do gymnastics, but I am sure she pictures those that do gymnastics would wear a coat like this)  I love the trench with the skinny jeans and ballet flats - will be lovely for spring.

One thing I did was sew the belt to the back of the coat along the back centre seam. I am sure if I didn't the belt would be lost in no time.

One of the things I love about Oliver and S patterns is their finishing. This coat is no different. As the coat is not lined, the pattern suggests using bias binding to finish off the seams. I wasn't going to bother, and was going to buy red thread for my overlocker, but I am glad I went to the extra effort with the bias binding. I love the red polka dots.

The fabric - well it is my $3/m denim that I used for Ella's Figgys skirt. This coat does use a bit of fabric. I think I used about 2 metres, which is quite a lot for a small coat.

Luckily I bought another 3 metres, as I am loving the coat so much that I bought the pattern in the larger size and I am going to make one for myself.

If you haven't made this coat already, you need to. I think the most tedious part is the cutting out, sewing it is really simple and it comes together quicker than you think it will.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Do You Hear an Echo?

Today was one of those days when you want to sew, but can't be bothered to make anything big. A quick and easy project that doesn't require any tracing. So a new pattern was out of the question, as that would require tracing. As it is only 24 days until Spring, I went to a tried and tested pattern the Oliver and S Sketchbook Shorts. I have made this pattern more times than I can remember.

These shorts are so quick. I think they take about an hour from cutting out to cutting threads - a great quick project that look pretty good as well.

The fabric is from Lotta Jansdotter's Echo line. I held off for months buying this fabric and when I finally did quite a few of the different prints had sold out. Lotta's new line Bella is due to come out soon and I wont be so slow in buying it.

Have you noticed my new photo wall. Not so white as in the old house. Got to love a rental house, light pink/beige walls and berber carpet, my kind of heaven.

I love the little taxi tag. I usually use this as a tag inside Harry's clothing, but this time I thought I would put it on the outside this time.  I only bought one roll of this tape, but I should have bought more, as Typo no longer sell it.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Hat is Back

Thanks for your comments about Harry's missing hat.  I think Becanne's  comment was priceless about putting up a poster for the hat and adding my contact details in case anyone wanted to purchase one.  What a genius idea!!!

Thank you also to Tinsker who left a lovely comment offering to send me some of the same fabric so I could make another one. The generousity that is found on the www is really touching.

Luckily I didn't have to put up and posters at daycare - the hat was returned!!!!   I didn't realise until I got home after picking the kids up and noticed that it was back. Very relieved - I really didn't feel like making another one.

Now every blog post has to have a photo or two, so I thought I would post a couple of photos of my H man taken at the beach when Ella was in her pyjamas

I just love these photos - he is growing into such a boy now

What happened to my little baby?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Its Black its White

Last weekend I finished my flying geese quilt.  I just need to square off the bottom and give it a good iron

I am thinking that it is a bit wide - it measures 157.5cm - 63".  I am not interested in having it as a quilt for the bed, so I am thinking it might be a bit too big for a snuggle quilt for the couch.  I am also thinking about backing - I like a solid rather than a pieced backing, and if I loose a couple of inches from the width I will be able to do this.  What do you think?

It came together easier than I thought it would, and I am glad I moved out of my comfort zone and tried something new.

Making this quilt has also been a learning curve and a revelation on how to correctly use a rotary cutter and ruler. Previously I would always use my cutting mat to measure. I couldn't work out how you would use a ruler to measure. When I worked it out - I was shocked how easy it was, and a little miffed that I had been doing it wrong for such a long time.  Hoping that this will help with accuracy.

Being a lefty, things are a little bit difficult for us, so if you would like some pictures and instructions on how I do it, then let me know.  I always find learning from a fellow lefty works better.