Monday, December 31, 2012

Take a Bow 2012

As 2012 closes today, I am looking forward to the year the lies ahead for my little family.

Ella turned 5 at the beginning of the month, not sure how that happened. Remember my little girl when the blog first started

She thinks she is all grown up and she is ready to go to school in the new year.  I have found her school visits to be quite surreal that I am the mum of a school age child.  I am excited for her to be going, but quite nervous as well. I am sure she will thrive.

She has been well and truly spoilt this year. A quad bike for her birthday from her Uncle Mike

And an iPad for Christmas - how times have changed.

Harry, apart from the wrist breaking,  we have turned a corner with his hearing.  He had a checkup with his ENT and the best news we could have been given.  His grommets are still stuck in his ear canal, but they are OK and not doing anything anymore. There is no more fluid in his ears and he does not need to go back to the ENT for 2 years.  He still has his hearing issues, but it does not effect his daily life and his speech has exploded.

He had his plaster removed early December. He was a trooper having it taken off and took it all in his stride

We are grateful that the weapon has now gone and pets and people are safe once again.

He is a little monkey, so I am sure this is not the last of his scrapes

The house, well it is coming along slowly.   I am a little discouraged at the moment with it.   We finally made it through council and started the 'construction phase' on 31/10/12 - the day that Harry broke his wrist.  We have now been under construction for 62 days and only had tradesman on site 14 of those days.  When we first started we were promised the frames complete and waiting for bricks by the end of November and fully bricked and half the roof on by Christmas.  We had a slab only by the end of November and currently we have frames completed and waiting for brick layers.

I have no doubts that we will have a stunning house at the end of it, and it will be worth the wait and the anguish, but it is hard to see it sit there day after day without anything being done to it.  If you have a look at the top storey of the house - back right, that is my sewing room. I cannot wait to get in there - the view is lovely and looks over the backyard

Talking of sewing, my machine and I took a break from each other. I think it is not having the dedicated space to sew that was putting me off.  A week before Christmas my sewjo came back with a vengeance and I have been sewing up a storm.   I have since made 6 dresses for Ella and a couple of iPad covers (all of which I will blog soon) however, it is my WIP quilt that has caused me just a little bit of pain this week.

Yesterday I decided to baste and finally finish my flying geese quilt. It has been sitting in the linen cupboard for months.  The basting it was OK.

The quilting not so good

I took my eyes of quilting for a second and ended up with the needle through my finger.   Yes it hurt and I am glad I did not see it happen or it would have been worse.  Mat had to pull it out with a pair of pliers - that hurt more than actually doing it.    Thankfully all it needed was a bandaid and I went back to finish the quilting.  I am up to hand sewing the binding and I will blog it when it's done.

Well that is my year.  I hope you have a good new years eve no matter what you do.  We are out tonight, with the kids I am sure we will not last until midnight, but that is OK - I would rather the sleep anyway.