Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Are you there?

Yes I am here. Silently going mad. OK, maybe not silent in real life, but silent on my blog.

So much for my quick sale.  The people buying our house mucked around for 17 days before exchanging.  They have made the real estate agents life miserable with their constant badgering for an early settlement. They exchanged 29th February, they wanted settlement on 12th March. We agreed 2nd April, they told us where to go - so we now wait until the full 42 days on the contract are up, which is two weeks away.  Our purchasers pleasantness doesn't end with wanting an early settlement. They have also been throwing threats out for the last 4 weeks demanding that one thing cannot be out of place when they do their final inspection or they will not settle.  To say I am over it is an understatement.

The sale is not the only headache. The block I thought we were buying - the agent (a different one from our selling agent) decided to try and play dirty buggers with us.  They were not happy with the purchasers on our house pulling out on the purchase of one of their houses to buy ours and they thought they would take it out on us.  This got as bad as the agent ringing our purchaser to make derogatory comments about our house.  Lets say, we didnt proceed with the purchase of the land.

It actually worked out well in the end. The agent selling our house found us a block of land. It is cheaper than the original block and it will be cheaper to build the house we want.

It is a much nicer block of land and I am getting impatient. I want to start building.

At the moment, I am packing up the house. It is not fun at all. Actually it is a bit like childbirth. You totally forget the pain of it until you are about to go through it again and all the memories come flooding back.

So forgive me if I continue to be quiet for awhile. I have been sewing, but as far as finishing anything off, that is another story.