Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Baby Jack

One of our good friends was pregnant with their third child. Now they are one of those inconsiderate type who did not want to find out before what sex the baby was.  I know people like the surprise, but for people making gifts, it is a bit inconvenient. 

My friend Vicky is also not the type of person to have a long drawn out labour either, she is one that can pop these babies out in a couple of minutes and lucky to get to the hospital at all.

As I like to give/make gifts as gender specific as possible, it did not leave me much time for a complicated present.

Baby Jack was born on 13/03/13, my predicted date, and he was 8 days overdue. As Vicky was only planning to stay in hospital a couple of hours I had to make something that was quick.

Do you remember this picture?

It was one of the pictures that I painted for Harry's nursery. I love this picture and wish that he could keep it in his room forever. OK maybe that is going a bit far.
When I was thinking about what quilt I could make for Jack, this picture popped into my head.
I blew up the picture using the photo copier until it was a couple of A3 sheets in size.  They were appliqued onto a solid piece of Kona Cotton.
I was a little concerned that the animals were a bit too lost on all the white, so I added a borded of fabric, the same as the elephant.
I again used my new found skill of free motion quilting and quilted inside the border with a random star pattern including a few 'Jacks' written in the quilting. 
The border, I added a second style of free motion quilting. I was unsure for the outer part of the quilt whether to keep it the same quilting as I had done inside the border, or whether to do  something different. I ended up going with a pebble pattern on the outside.   My goodness, pebble quilting takes so long and uses so many bobbins of thread. I dont think I will be doing that again any time soon.
For me, I was given a bit more time to complete the quilt as Vicky contracted Strep A from the hospital when she gave birth and ended up getting very very sick and needed a blood transfusion.  She spent 7 days in hospial on the high dependency unit.  Thankfully she and Jack are a lot better and she is out of hospital.  Not that I want any of my friends to get sick, but I underestimated how long the quilt would take to make, so I was grateful for the extra time to get it done before they arrived home.
I hope they like the quilt. I always worry when I gift anything that I have made.  Do you feel like that?


rachelmp said...

The quilt is wonderful! I hope your friend is recovering well too

scgoble said...

I love the quilt and continued good health to your friend.

Amy said...

Beautiful quilt, Jen! I'm the same, when I make something to give as a gift I quite often worry that it's not good enough, or they won't like it. I think we judge our work too harshly sometimes! xx

Peta Sutherland said...

I completely adore this Jen, might have to steal this idea if that's ok with you.