Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Heart and Soul

Do you remember this post . I started on a heart quilt for one of Ella's day care teachers.  I ended up getting all of the hearts sewn on, but didn't get any further than that.

I wanted to free motion quilt it all over, but as I have never done it before, I was a bit overwhelmed with it all and so put it to the side.

A couple of weeks when Mat was on nights I bit the bullet and started to quilt.  

I am quite uncoordinated and I am blaming it on being left handed. I have practiced stippling, but I can't seem to get it, so I made up this all over pattern which included loops and hearts.   To say that I love it is an understatement.

I am super proud of this quilt, more proud than I have been with any quilt that I have made.  I know it has to do with the free motion quilting, as I actually overcame one of my fears and it worked out.

Another reason I love this quilt so much is it has some of my favourite fabrics in it.  My favourite heart of all is the small liberty one.  This is the first (and only) liberty fabric that I have bought, but I love it so much that I want to buy many many yards of it.

The backing and the binding have a little story to it.  My friend Fiona gave me a pillow case a couple of years ago.  Her sister had burnt one of the pillow cases and so she gave me the other one for me to cut up and use.  Fiona was out shopping one day and saw a doona set the same as her pillow case. She got me a set and I have been keeping it to use for a quilt backing.

I am hoping that the teacher will love it.  I have since found out more of her story and can't believe that she has given all of her love to the kids when she is going through a marriage breakup and has had to return to work for the first time in many years in order to support herself and her two daughters.


justmejay said...

This is a really beautiful quilt, Jen - the FMQ is just perfect. Such a special present

Sara said...

I think it turned out great. I'm not a fan of fmq either, and I avoid it if possible!

Claireabell said...

Just gorgeous! I love your quilting, it looks like it took ages!

Fiona @ Brave New Vintage said...

*drooling*! Oh you have to make another one!! This is stunning. Yes your best yet (not just because of the backing hee hee).

I'm in love with it. Oh and I was serious, I totally need you to help me overcome free motion quilting nerves too. I've tried and it just doesn't want to do it for me.


Annwes said...

What a wonderful quilt, I love the collection of hearts, those colours pop! I don't quilt myself, but I'm really impressed, must have been a time-consuming piece of work! I found your blog through another blog I found and have already forgotten what was called. But it was fun taking a look at yours!

With love, Annwes from Norway